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Annual General Meeting 2017 Minutes
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Victoria Park Community Cricket League

AGM 2017

Chats Palace – 9th February 2014



1. Apologies 

2. Minutes & Matters Arising of 2016 AGM 

3. Reports:  

a.    Chair (incorporating Trophy Presentations) 

b.    Treasurer 

c.     Results Secretary 

d.    Fixture Secretary

e.    Secretary

f.      Webmaster

5. Election of new teams 

6. Election of Officers and Committee

·         Chair

·         Treasurer

·         Secretary

·         Results/CricHQ Secretary

·         Fixture Secretary

·         2 members 'without portfolio'


7.Any Other Business


In attendance:  Best Nationals, Broadway, Camel Lights, Crossrail, Homerton,

London Fields, Mad Morracas, Masiha, Mile Tailenders, Old Fallopians, Pacific, Regents, Rose & Crown, Sky, Stokey Scoundrels, Technosys, Victoria Lounge


1. Apologies: London Tigers


·         Did not Attend: Millwall & new teams: Goodsir Commercial, Royal Strikers

(note: Millwall & Goodsir sent apologies the following day – Royal Strikers are no longer invited to join)


2. Minutes & Matters Arising of 2016 AGM


    Minutes were accepted –no matters arising


3. Reports:  

a.    Chair (incorporating Trophy Presentations).

·         Generally a good season – better than previous seasons, in terms of spirit of the game.  Despite this we had to eject Royal Sovereign for continued bad spirit throughout the season.

·         All competitions won by first-timers, which is healthy

·         Standard seemed to even out throughout the league

·         Call for members to feedback to the committee on any issues of foul play or behaviour not in the spirit of the game.  By reporting, we can see who are the repeat offenders, and give early-stage warnings.

·         Cric HQ renewed for 2017.  Despite certain issues, still the best option on market.  It gives back what you put in.

·         Balls poor quality… we’ve invested better for 2017.




b.    Treasurer

·         The role was ‘assumed’ by the Secretary, due to handover problems between last AGM and lack of communication with newly elected Treasurer (AGM 2016).

·         See separate accounts

·         There has been confusion caused by reporting financial year from April to March, as we have received income for coming season, but not main expenditure.  It has always, therefore, seemed as though we had healthy reserves, but we haven’t.  We could have a deficit of £1500 by end of season 2017.

·         2017 fees set at £375.  This may well cover the deficit, but possibly this will happen over two seasons.


c.     Results Secretary 

·         CricHQ went ok, although one or two still struggled

·         Firoz is always happy to advise – he’s only a call away.

·         If anyone changes a submitted scorecard, it won’t be updated until Firoz sanctions, so you always need to notify him

·         All teams must load up squad players at beginning of season

·         All teams must present their team to opposition before match

·         Teams are encouraged to submit a full scorecard, but teams are not required to do so

·         Teams must ensure they have registered administrators before beginning of season

·         There will be an email reminder before the start of the season


d.    Fixture Secretary

·         Season worked out well, with equal number of league matches for all

·         Fixtures format depends on final number of teams (now known it will be 20 for 2017)

·         Will bear in mind teams’ wishes to optimise the number of fixtures, whilst having as many ‘similar ability’ matches as possible.

·         Teams must get to Peter as soon as possible with any requests for ‘date avoidance’ requests

·         No fixtures scheduled during Eid

·         Cup replays will not be prioritised over leaguer fixtures

o   Opposition captains are requested to make plans ahead of cup matches, regarding how to determine an outcome of an unplayed/unfinished match

·         Depending on availability of pitches, replays will take place on the Friday of the same week, or on the nearest available date (subject to committee approval)


e.    Secretary

·         Stumps/scoreboards:  Everyone seemed happy with them

·         The pub is happy to continue to store and give out

o   They suggest a signing out/in sheet

o   This would also help teams know if someone has already collected theirs

·         All stumps are damaged.

o   They will be repaired or replaced

o   Please report any damage at time of noticing.

·         Grass: it can’t be cut too much in early season, but do report any incidences of it being uncut

·         Balls: Problem with ‘home’ teams not bringing balls.  In such cases they ‘borrowed’ a ball, but never return it.

o   Teams will be allocated the correct number of balls

o   No matter the reason why, any further balls will be charged for

o   Teams are urged to inform the committee of whenever a ‘home’ team turns up without a ball



·         Dress Code:  Teams reminded that all players are expected to wear full whites

o   Again, teams encouraged to report other teams not playing within the spirit of this particular will of the membership.

·         Rained off matches/refunds

o   We need to keep a better record of rained off matches to ensure we don’t over-pay pitch hire

o   Discussion ensued about whether teams receive a refund/credit for rained off matches.  There has always been a provision for teams to be refunded for opposition cancellations (with oppositions being fined), but we’ve never refunded for rained-off matches. 

This would cause an awful lot more work for Secretary, Fixture Secretary and Treasurer.

It was the feeling of the meeting to pursue this.


4. Motions: None submitted


5. New Teams: Two new teams applied: neither at the meeting. 

Secretary to follow up; committee to make final decision (see apologies section)


     6. Election of Officers and Committee

·         Chair: Riz, the current Chair gave notice to stand down, he is continuing as Acting Chair for now; The Secretary was charged to appeal to the membership, by email, to come forward to Chair the Committee


·         Treasurer: Current board member, Saj Rehman, was elected


·         Secretary: Gary Horsman, agreed to carry on for another year stating, quite clearly, that he will resign at the next AGM


·         Results/CricHQ Secretary: Firoz Husein, agreed to a further year


·         Fixture Secretary: Peter Hollman agreed to a further year


·         2 members 'without portfolio': Two new members elected

o   Hassan Khan (Old Fallopians)

o   Iftekhar Muntakim (Technosys)


·         Webmaster: not in attendance – Secretary to follow up


7. Any Other Business


·         LBTH Sports Facilities Users’ Survey

o   Riz to follow up on behalf of the league


·         Most Valuable Player

o   Request to re-introduce this for next year

o   The Award is circumstantial, in that it only reflects data from full CricHQ scorecards.


·         End of Season Survey

o   Request for this to be re-introduced after the coming season

o   Secretary apologised for not doing one this year



·         Fair Play Award

o   Discussion regarding this idea

o   Secretary thought it would be another level of added administration

o   An opinion was expressed my one delegate that ‘most teams don’t play within the spirit of the game’

o   Application (or absence) of LBW laws being a particular problem

§  No-one could think of a way of regulating this

o   Teams invited to advise committee of oppositions that play particularly fairly and unfairly.

§  From feedback over the season, we can look at a team FP award

o   Secretary will advise all captains ahead of the season.





Meeting closed: 8.45pm (having commenced at 7.15pm



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