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Annual General Meeting 2009 Minutes
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Thursday March 5 2009
Upstairs at the Royal Inn on the Park, 111 Lauriston Road,
London E9 7HJ
Meeting started at 7:30 pm


Bert Vandermark, President


Rizwan Siddiqui, Chairman


Tim Castle, Secretary

Old Fallopians

Peter Hollman. Fixtures Secretary


Nigel Richards, Treasurer

Victoria Lounge

Tim George

Bengal Tigers

Kevin Cook

Bengal Tigers

Saj Rehman

Caledonian Conquerors

Gary Horsman

Chats Palace

Colin Michael


Layton Worgs


Ray Damaze

East London Community

Iqbal Miah

East London Community

Abu Choudhury

East London Community

Tanjeem Chowdhury

Island Community

Steve Hill

Island Community

Ben Sanders

London Fields

Tyrone Graham

London Fields

Jawar Ali

London Tigers

Rob Morgan

London Wanderers

Graham Hall


Adnan Majid


Philip Barrass

Old Fallopians

Ed Greening

Old Ranwellians

David Field

Old Ranwellians

Anna Whiting

Old Ranwellians

Alan Hick

Rose & Crown

Zia Hussain

The Ducks

Sibet Hussain

The Ducks

Rob Waugh

Tower Cavaliers

John Challinor

Victoria Park Juniors

Mark Laurie

Victoria Park Juniors

Bobby Hillman


Allan Young


Rita Vandermark




1 - Apologies

Paul Williams

Tower Ravens

Muhammad Shahid

GM Brothers

2- The previous year’s minutes were approved

3 – Trophies

Tim Castle explained that last year’s League and Cup winners Goodmayes would not be playing in the League this summer. Their captain Mohammed Imran was in Ireland on a business trip but had promised to return them to Bert at the weekend. 

The trophy for best batting figures was presented to Chairman Rizwan Siddiqui of Sky for scoring 406 runs at an average of 81.2 

Khizer Rehman of Goodmayes was not present to receive his trophy for best bowling, 26 wickets for 14 runs (27-0-143-26). 

4- Officers’ reports 


The Chairman thanked all teams for the disciplined way they played last season. He said he thought it was the best season he had been involved in at Victoria Park. The President added that it was the best season ever.

The Chairman congratulated the winners of the three divisions, Goodmayes, Tower Ravens and Tower Cavaliers.

He said he was glad that all the new teams had grasped the league’s community spirit, and thanked the committee for their work. 


The Secretary thanked teams for entering their results promptly via the website results page and asked them to continue doing this in the coming season.

He said all teams would need to have one set of spring stumps for play on the far pitch (Pitch 3) where there are no holes for ordinary stumps. Previously the President had provided spring stumps on request, but would not be able to so this year.

He thanked teams for keeping disputes to a minimum and for, in the main, resolving among themselves the minor ones that did arise.

Five teams would be dropping out this year:

Central London, Goodmayes (too few players), New Boys, Vallance (no funds) and Vauxhall Cavaliers (prefer to play weekends). 

Fixtures Secretary 

This year’s league competition will start with three conferences, as last year, moving to four divisions. Teams who move to the same division will not play each other again but will carry over the points from their match in the conference. Three divisions will have six teams, and the fourth will have five or four, depending on whether 22 or 23 teams play.

Written report:

Last year the league structure continued in the same vein it has since 2004 whereby the season is played in two phases. First there is the conferences stage with teams’ final places determining which division clubs will enter for the second half of the season.

Last year there were 21 teams but unlike previous years points gained from conference results in the first half could not be brought forward into the 2nd phase.

This was because it was the best way to maximise the number of games played by each team. Although this was discussed at the AGM the change was not picked up by all teams. Some were disappointed to find that points were not being carried across, as it meant some end of conference games were not important for divisional placings as they had thought at the time. The Secretary kindly circulated the precise structure once prompted by the Chair.

To recap, the 21 teams were allocated by seeding into 3 conferences & then 3 divisions. This year, we are currently looking at 23 teams which means a minimum of 10 league games for most sides as opposed to 13 last year. I've raised a first draft with 23 teams. Starts Wed 29th Apr. Finishes Thurs 6th Aug. Minimum 11 games per league team. Provision for up to 28 cup teams. This means just one Friday (29th May) with 3 games thereby avoiding Thursday 7pm matches & keeping April matches, when the light is poorest & the temperature coldest, to a minimum.  I will again continue to spread games across the days & pitches as evenly as possible. On this basis 153 matches are therefore scheduled for 2009

The Thursday evening youth cricket remains as in 2008 which means 2 pitches are out of commission until 7pm that night, so until sunset is after 9pm, I am not factoring them in.

I would again take this opportunity to remind teams to take it upon themselves to cross-reference the fixtures once circulated which they are given against those published on the website. Any inconsistency should be flagged to me ASAP. Please remember that this final responsibility lies with the team representative or Captain. Teams have 7 days to request any changes in dates in the 1st phase & 3 in the 2nd.

If you do have any issues or dates to be avoided then please let me know at ASAP as I need to draft the fixtures ASAP & circulate them.

Stats Corner:-

The 2008 season saw 157 (158 in 2007, 140 in 2006) games scheduled including re-arranged cup matches.

There were 5 forfeits as opposed to 13 forfeits in 2008 & this despite issues with non-league sides in the cup, which are being addressed.

Unlike 2008, we were unlucky with the weather. 10 games rained off + 1 abandoned due to bad light.

Other statistics I compile are teams’ averages for the best bowler & batsman of the season. Please can you endeavour to record your stats accuratley whenever possible. Team sheets should be exchanged & wherever possible a list of club’s players’ names for the season should be sent to your opponents & copied to me please. A recent discovery revealed that 1 player admitted representing 3 different clubs in 2008 so it is unlikley that Goodmayes were the sole benfactors of rule 5 (players appearing for more than one side)

Finally, many thanks to all teams who took part last season, to the new teams who gelled so well. The lack of arbitration needed, excellent conduct, positive attitude & approach by teams should not go un-noted.

I do hope that you all had good seasons & enjoyed the format but as ever, I do welcome any constructive criticism either before or during the season in the event that I should be re-elected.


The Secretary asked why teams are not given a refund for rained off games, given that the league gets a credit for them from the council, in the same way that teams get a credit when their opposition cries off.

The Treasurer said it was not in the rules and could be difficult to administer. 

Treasurer’s written report: 


1. Teams generally paid on time
2. Late payers were MUCH less late than previous years!
3. Bank Balance up £300 


Two League matches were not fulfilled meaning two League teams owe fines - 2 out of 160 ish - not bad 


1. Two Cup teams not paying or turning up - leading to double loss for League as it had to re-imburse those who missed out (three League Teams)
2. One team played but did not pay.
3. Although - One team paid and did not play!! 

Other matters

1 Need to sort out signatories- only me and Pete at present
2. To collect arrears
3. Could have kept fees at £300 for 2009 but increased by 3% to £310 to avoid a potential huge increase next year.


Accounts for Victoria Park Community Cricket League


1 Mar 2008 - 28 February 2009




















Cash at Bank B/F












League fees












League Fees arrears












Cup Fees












Missed Matches












Joining Fees












Lost Balls








































































Website Charges










 **covers 2001-05

Refunds for forfeited games
























Hall Hire












Bank Charge












Sundries (postage etc)












Balance at Bank c/f



























1. Debtors - Total £42 -definately due!







plus credits for pitches - plus possibly £129 due from defaulting cup teams

i) 2 League Teams with fines outstanding: £35* each plus one £7 for previous year

(one team not competing next this year.)





ii) 1 cup team Darji owes £24 cup fees for match played




iii) 3 cup teams owe £35 each for not fulfillng matches




iv) We are also due some credits for rained off pitches from LB Tower Hamlets

2. Creditors - Total  £150 approx







i) Amounts due to clubs re missed matches to be deducted from 2009 fees:£80

£20 Chats Palace; £20 Masiha; £20 Contenders; £20 Goodmayes



ii) Amount due for Trophy engraving to be deducted from 2009 fees: £26 (Sky)

iii) Website Hosting Fees are £33.77 - to be deducted from Old Fallopians 2009 fees.

iv) Highgate are owed £11 refund of cup fees in 2005




3. Other Notes








i) Bank Interest stopped in lieu of bank charges













4. Pitches pa









 £170 ??

ca £170

ca £150












Vote of thanks

Gary Horsman proposed a vote of thanks for the Committee 

5- New Teams 

A representative from each team introduced themselves and their side to the meeting

Wrong’uns – Allan Young
East London Community Cricket Club – Iqbal Miah
Old Ranwellians – Ed Greening
The Ducks – Zia Hussain
London Tigers – Jawar Ali
London Wanderers – Rob Morgan

TC proposed, PH seconded, all teams were unanimously voted in 

6 – Motions

There were no motions 

7- Any other business including a discussion of the rules 

Rule 4: start times

Saj Rehman (Caledonian Conquerors) asked whether the specifiedl reduction in overs applied just to the team arriving late. The Chairman clarified that it applied to both teams, as the aim of the rule was to ensure games could finish normally, not to penalise one side or the other.

Rule 6: umpires

There was a discussion of leg side wides. The league follows the standard of international one day tests where any leg side ball is given wide, except where a batsman has moved across the wicket and the ball passes the wicket where his legs would have been. 

Rule 9: White clothing

Teams agreed that this rule should be enforced, and should not be subject to variation by agreement between captains. 

Orange Balls

It was agreed by a 13 – nil vote, 4 abstentions, to experiment with orange balls this season to see if they were easier to see than red balls. Each side will play with orange balls in their first game in the conference and divisional halves of the season, to test how visible they are in early season low light and the better light of mid-season.

Rule 17: rain

Rob Waugh asked if a second new ball could be provided when rain reduced the first one to a sodden pudding. He was advised that the rules of cricket allowed the substitution of a ball of similar age, rather than a new one.

Rule 18: Dangerous bowling

The rule says a ball that pitches and reach the batsman higher than the sternum will be a no ball. Steve Hill of Island clarified that in the wider rules of cricket this would not apply for a slow ball, where the limit would be the shoulder. However, the meeting agreed to stick to the stricter League rule, for safety, even for slower balls.

Rule 24: Under-18 players

Gary Horsman advised the meeting that no player or captain could agree to an under-18 player fielding in a dangerous position. Even if the under-18’s team said it was OK, any player aware that it was dangerous would be legally liable should an accident occur.

Action: GH and Steve Hill of Island to email the Secretary with a detailed explanation, to be circulated to teams

Rule 27: Team lists

The Chairman noted that teams had not exchanged names as requested last year, and asked that teams did so this year, to aid accurate scoring.

Action: The Secretary to email teams ahead of the season asking them for a list of possible players, not for registration, but to help scoring and the compilation of batting/bowling figures. 

8 - Election of officers

Gary Horsman stood down as a committee member
Saj Rehman was elected in his place, Gary Horsman proposed, John Challinor seconded.
Committee Member Paul Williams, although absent, had told the Secretary he wished to serve again.
All the other officers and committee members also said they would stand again, and were all reelected. 

The meeting closed at 9:05 p.m.


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