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Minutes of 2003 AGM, Tuesday February 18, 6 pm
Held at the Function Room, Pub on the Park, Martello Street, London Fields, E8


Bert Vandermark President
Nigel Richards Victoria Lounge / League Chairman
Tim Castle Old Fallopians / League Administrative Secretary
Peter Hollman Pacific / League Fixture Secretary
Don Bodie Grasshoppers
Nozmul Hussain Sky (new name for Mola Jutt)
Red Saunders Caledonian Conquerors
Rob Devaney Chats Palace
Mick Reid Rose & Crown
Iain Heaphy Rose & Crown
Edward Maris Reuters
Neil Beard Reuters
Mo Chowdhury Tower Ravens
Paul Williams Tower Ravens
Michael Biggs Tower Ravens
Dan Bird Victoria Lounge
Mian Siddique Hackney Falcons
Ijaz Shaffiq Hackney Falcons
Rizwan Ahmed Hacney Falcons

Meeting commenced 6.40pm.

NR addressed those present reminding all how the meeting should be conducted & everybody introduced themselves

Subject                  Time Limit


TC announced the following apologies:- Mike Hinchlea (Dover Castle), Valance CC, Sabi Rashid (Newham CC), Joe Phelan (Treasurer).

  1. Matters arising from previous AGM 
    Nigel Richards read through last year's AGM minutes without comment except that Mick Reid wished for it to be noted that Rose & Crown had apologies for their absence but this had not been recorded.

(Click here to see AGM 2002 minutes)

  1. Chair’s Report     
    Nigel Richards began by saying that he had nothing to report but rounded off by wishing the league's members all to have as successful a season in 03 as in 02 & called for a vote of thanks acknowledging Tim Castle's hard work in respect of the website & administrative efforts.
  2. Secretary’s Report            
    Tim Castle said he was grateful for all teams complying to his requests to provide results as soon after the match is played & urged club reps to continue to do so whether that be the result, basic details, a match report or a full scorecard. He referred to the importance of an up to date contacts list, which was being circulated throughout the meeting, & that the website was being regularly accessed.

Peter Hollman then circulated the following report 
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VPCCL Fixture Secretary Report 18/2/03

Structure 2002

Due to the vast majority of teams wishing to play in the 2nd division at last year's AGM, it was agreed that a single division with everybody playing each other once would be used. It was fairly straightforward to draft this, & fixtures took place on Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays.

Due to the nature of the fixtures being drawn in this fashion, I decided to tag the cup to the end of the season.

Pacific's own feedback was that it was refreshing to play & meet all the sides but I do understand that there were complaints about disparity in levels & mismatches. A 2 divisional structure should address these issues.

Tower Ravens

I was concerned by Tower Ravens' late late application last season & that there was not enough time at that point to redraft all the fixtures fairly. I would hereby again like to thank Tim Castle who was able to pick up & resolve the issue with comparative ease once all teams had been approached & were agreeable to their application & then to playing matches against them on Mondays.

The Cup

From the feedback I have received regarding this, it was not entirely popular playing the cup at the back end of the season. This year, I anticipate a return to a 2 divisional format with sides playing each other twice, consequently, I intend to revert to the 2001 formula & insert the cup in mid-season after all the sides have played each other the once. This will ease rearrangement of weather affected cup fixtures, & subsequent league games affected can be postponed if necessary.

Tube Strike.

Another logistical nightmare.

Some teams were unaffected, others not so. Following ECB/ICC style deliberations including the added complication of 1 team wanting a match rearranged yet failing to respond to alternative suggestions, this was ultimately resolved. I would at this point like to thank Jim Davies whom for no fault of his own volunteered to help, as both Tim & myself were away at that time. However, he was so exasperated by the experience & lack of co-operation by 1 club in particular, that he wishes to stress that he would never wish to do similar again. As we are trying to attract new blood to positions of responsibility, I would appeal to clubs to give their full co-operation upon request in future. Additionally, I would like to see all teams make known any date that is not convenient to the Fixture Secretary ideally within 14 days of this meeting but at the very latest before the season gets underway.

Wray Crescent & other non-Victoria Park Park pitches.

It is also my understanding that the groundswell of resistance to playing fixtures away from Victoria Park has heightened. I fully agree that in the main VPCCL matches should & will be played at Victoria Park. However, it is my opinion that even with 3 fully functional pitches, that for the league itself to expand a more expansive view is required & that new teams of similar standard could & should be accommodated at alternative venues. That said, unless any team would specifically not like to do so, all this year's games will be scheduled at VP.


Going on information about 2 weeks old, I drafted a 2 divisional set of fixtures with matches commencing on Tuesday 29th April & ending on Thursday 14th August. This is based on 2 divisions of 7 teams in each - anymore sides would mean using Mondays (not Bank Holidays) & each side would play once a week in a div of 8 if we are only using the 2 available pitches at Victoria Park. This would contain the dates to within the aforementioned parameters.

  1. Treasurer’s Report (in absentia)                    
    Tim Castle said that Joe Phelan was in South Africa but had sent a spread sheet to Tim Castle which showed a credit balance of £50, however, after accounting for monies owed the actual balance was a debit of circa £150 which was due to the undersetting of last year's fees. Iain Heaphy asked about how pitches were charged & Tim Castle advised that we only pay for the ones we use.
  2. Election of Officers                             

Chair Nigel Richards confirmed his resignation but that he was standing for Treasurer. Mick Reid was proposed by Bert Vandermark & seconded by Don Bodie. Elected unopposed
TreasurerNigel Richards proposed by Peter Hollman seconded by Don Bodie. Elected unopposed.

Secretary Tim Castle elected unopposed.

Fixtures Secretary Peter Hollman elected unopposed.

Executive Committee member Rob Devaney proposed by Peter Hollman, seconded by Red Saunders. Elected unopposed

Executive Committee member Paul Williams nominated by Mo Chaudhury seconded by Dan Bird. Elected unopposed

  1. New Teams (and teams retiring)                     
    Tim Castle advised that Mola Jutt would now be known as Sky & that although there had been rumours that there would be 2 Sky teams, Nozmul Hussain confirmed that there would be only one. 
    Two Reuters's reps were present as were three from Hackney Falcons. 
    Tim Castle also indicated that Vallance were committed but that Newham were 50/50 due to payment/insurance problems outside the college term period. 
    Don Bodie confirmed that Grasshoppers were reverting to the one team & that based on the personnel available they wished to play in the 2nd division. 
    Stoke Newington's departure was also mourned but Peter Hollman advised that they will be included in the cup unless otherwise notified. 
    At this point Tim Castle submitted his suggested breakdown of the two divisions.
    Division 1: Sky, Pacific, Victoria Lounge, Hackney Falcons, 008, Caledonian Conquerors, & Tower Ravens. 
    Division 2: Dover Castle, Chats Palace, Grasshoppers, Rose & Crown, Old Fallopians, Valence & Reuters. 
    Thereupon a lengthy debate followed & it was evident that not all teams ere happy about where they were playing in particular Tower Ravens & Caledonian Conquerors. 
    Tim Castle  proposed that there should be a vote between those in favour of 2 divisions of 7 or 1 division of 14. Peter Hollman seconded the motion. 
    Votes were 4 for 1 div, 5 for 2 & 2 abstentions.

Drinks break 8.05pm - 8.15pm.

Following discussion during the break, it became clear that Tower Ravens & Caledonian Conquerors placed in Division 1 were prepared to opt out of the division & Red Saunders in particular believed he had been mislead into voting for two Divisions, as he wanted Caledonian Conquerors to be in the 2nd division. 
Nigel Richards averted the crisis by agreeing to revisit the issue & to the taking of a re-vote now that it was apparent that with 9 in div 2 & 5 in div 1 was popularly agreed was unworkable with both Pacific & Victoria Lounge adding to the dissent. 
Consequently, a re-vote on the same motion was taken with 5 in favour of 1 division, 3 against 1 abstention.

  1. Contact List update                            
    A new updated contacts list would be circulated by Tim Castle ASAP after the meeting

9. Tower Hamlets Council liaison volunteer – someone required to work alongside Bert to ensure that the pitches are in a fit state and that the third pitch is usable again.                         
Bert Vandermark confirmed that there are 2 re-laid pitches at Victoria Park but that the 3rd would not be available for 2003. Nigel Richards said the league needs a Tower Hamlets resident to add pressure. Michael Biggs volunteered & would liase with Bert Vandermark & Tim Castle , the latter to provide past lobby details if available.

  1. Stumps – all teams are reminded to bring stumps to matches – home and away!                  
    A reminder from Nigel Richards that all teams are required to provide stumps.
  2. Non League teams in cup – discussion                           
    Bert Vandermark was against outside teams playing in the cup stating that only league teams should qualify for the cup but general consensus was that it was a good thing to encourage & see new clubs with a more gentler introduction a cup entry has. 
    Mick Reid was unhappy with the perceived exploitation of resources Highgate engaged in last year's comp & a motion was raised that all cup teams should only have players who have not played for other Victoria Park Community Cricket League sides during the same season. 
    Additionally, a cup team who does NOT join the league the following year would be excluded from the cup. Motion raised by ?, seconded by ?. Passed with 8 in favour, 1 against & 1 abstention
  3. Playing at other grounds – to avoid fixture congestion                           

Peter Hollman referred back to his report from earlier regarding this issue. In summary, for the fixtures to be played on 2 pitches on 4 days , only 16 teams can be accommodated at the maximum. With 14 being included this year, this will not be an issue & all games will be scheduled for Victoria Park.

  1. Motions raised by members                            

a) Penalties                          

i. Non Attendance at AGM – Proposed Points deduction from 2004
Mick Reod against points reduction. Don Bodie agreed. Tim Castle withdrew motion.

ii. Late Payment of Subs - Proposed Points deduction from 2004
Tim Castle withdrew motion on same criteria as above.

b) League Fees                     

League fees will be paid by …date tbc
Match Fees, we agreed that £200 should be paid by March 1st, with the balance (probably £75 this year) to be paid by April 15.

c) August matches.                             

August matches to start by 6.15 pm
Mick Reid was against this stating that there was already provision for this in the current rules & a rule change was not necessary. General consensus was not in agreement however & the motion was passed 6 in favour, 2 against, 3 abstentions.

d) Deciding League winners.                          

i) Top place in each Division to be decided by result against team finishing third. If that does not resolve the matter the result against the next lowest team will count until all teams have been exhausted.
ii) Captains of the joint top teams can agree to a play–off for the title – this date will be provided for in the fixture list.
Peter Hollman explained Joe Phelan's proposal but following discussion is was voted by 8-1 that the title should be shared & no other format of decider including play-offs should be engaged

e) Non Availability of Teams                            

All teams will provide the Fixtures Secretary with dates of their non-availability by ... date tbc.
It was agreed that all teams will submit any dates that they are unavailable for to the Fixture Secretary by 4/3/03. 

f) Engraving Trophies                      

The League shall pay for the engraving of the League and Cup trophies. Medals for individual performance will be paid for by individual teams.
MR disagreed & maintained that traditionally the league should pay for engraving & 10 medals for the league & cup winners. Individual honours were not directly discussed. 9 in favour of MR's revised proposal , 1 against & 1 abstention. 

g) Give the rest of the team more of a batting chance (proposed by Red Saunders of Caledonian Conquerors) 
When a batsman reaches 50 he has to retire and can only come back at the end of the innings. The way we do it in the winter indoor league [14 overs] the batsman retires at 25 and come back in at the end of the order; the previous out batsman runs only, It works very well indoors.
Following discussion, 7 passed the motion for, 2 against to introduce this for all league matches.  **Following further discussion by the committee after the meeting, it was agreed that the retired batsman would return at the fall of the sixth wicket (or earlier if more than one batsman had retired). In other words, he would NOT, as in indoor cricket, return after the seventh wicket and bat with a runner.

h) Motions raised on the night-                     
Peter Hollman suggested that this year's Presidents v Champions game should be an unofficial title play off between last years winners. Mick Reid wished for Bert Vandermark to give his opinion who wanted his side to play a combined winners side. 
General consensus was that if Pacific & Sky (Mola Jutt) wanted a play off, they could do this outside the official league fixtures. 
Peter Hollman suggested given the absence of 2 divisions or a decider that play offs could be introduced for the top 4. Again popular consensus was that these should be played outside the season proper & the auspices of the league.

14. Any Other Business

Red Saunders again stressed the importance of punctual starts.

Mian Siddique of Hackney Falcons was presented with the cup.

Meeting closed 9.50pm


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