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Annual General Meeting 2013 Minutes
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Minutes by League Secretary Saj Rehman

1 APOLOGIES: The only apologies received before the meeting were from Tim Castle (Website/Results Secretary & OLD FALLOPIANS). I believe this is probably the first meeting Tim has missed since the league began some 20 years ago !

2. Approval of last year’s AGM minutes (which were distributed before the meeting.) This was passed unanimously.

3. Trophy’s were presented to all relevant winning teams.
Division One Champions: Dynamite Ducks
Division Two: Rose & Crown
Division Three: Victoria Lounge
Cup: London Tigers

4. All the Committee Members gave their relevant reports.
The main theme of the report was an overall enjoyable and successful season was completed in 2012 with minimum disruption from the Olympics with some fixtures falling foul of the weather early on in the season.
There were no major disciplinary issues to report to the league committee which is a credit to all our Member teams – Well done to all teams and their respective players.
Financially we are viable and continuing to grow as a league. The League secretary expressed a need to expand the league, as there was interest initially from 5 new teams and some of these had to be declined, due to lack of time and pitches available.
The Club Cricket Conference and ECB Ethos was relayed to all teams, meaning a proposal to expand the league, however the general consensus was most teams were not happy to expand the league beyond the boundaries of Victoria Park. This would have to be discussed at length in the future if teams decide they do want the league to continue to grow and expand. Our Fixtures secretary has made it clear the maximum number of teams this league can support under the current format is 32.

5. New Teams were elected to the League,
Namely Being – Challengers, Chinatown, Crossrail, and London Tigers

6. Gary Horsman of Homerton proposed amendment to rules 14, 15, 19, and 22 .Gary’s Proposal was to increase the number of guaranteed matches for all teams concerned. This would be achieved by dispensing with the cup competition and increasing the league fixtures by proposing playing each other twice, by incorporating Fridays into the fixtures calendar (from 2014 onwards).
This was declined by a majority decision.

6B However as a result of GH motion,
A new motion was proposed and passed to introduce a plate competition for all teams knocked out in the first round on the cup, to be introduced at the end of this season 2013.
It was unanimously agreed to introduce a Plate competition for teams that are knocked out in the first round of the cup. This would guarantee at least one more game for all teams in 2013. This was unanimously voted in and will be implemented in 2013 season.

7.All OTHER Business- There was No AOB TO REPORT. Only significant proposal was Re:distribution of Balls these will be distributed to all captains during the First week of Fixtures and will be used accordingly. For the sake of clarity for all new teams . Only One New ball is to be used per match. The team whose name appears 1st in the fixture list is Deemed the HOME team therefore Must Supply a BALL.

8. No other new rules or resolutions were proposed or passed.

9. Election/Re election of Officers. All current serving League committee members were unanimously re elected.
Chairman – Rizwan Siddiqui (SKY )
Secretary- Saj Rehman (Tawheed )
Treasurer-Nigel Richards (Victoria Lounge)
Fixtures Secretary- Peter Holmann (Pacific)
Website & Results – Tim Castle (Old Fallopians)
Ordinary Committee Members- Bobby Hillman (Wronguns), Firoz Hussain (Junoon), Iqbl Miah (Nightwatchmen)

10. Meeting was closed at 8.45pm.


Treasurer's report (Nigel Richards)

Accounts for Victoria Park Community Cricket League
1 February 2012 - 28 February 2013
INCOME 2012-13 2011-12 2010-11 2009-10
Cash at Bank B/F     5,664.96     4,744.81     2,709.51   1,499.46
League fees*     6,880.00     8,115.00     8,505.00   7,050.00
Joining Fees                  -        125.00        150.00      175.00
Cup Fees        120.00        216.00        168.00        72.00
Fines / Fees (arrears)          55.00        245.00        202.00               -
Missed Matches Fees          70.00          35.00        105.00        35.00
Sale of balls          36.00                 -          44.00               -
    12,825.96   13,480.81   11,883.51   8,831.46
EXPENDITURE 2011-12 2011-12 2010-11 2009-10
Pitches     5,624.64     5,855.85     5,821.20   5,142.85
Balls     1,080.00     1,200.00        990.00      594.00
Website Charges           35.00          34.20          25.00        40.00
Refunds                  -        240.00          40.00        60.00
Trophies        100.00          95.00          37.50        45.10
Fixtures website fees        235.00        245.80        225.00      240.00
Discounts                  -        100.00    
Alan Floode Expenses                  -          45.00                 -               -
Club Cricket Conference          60.00                 -                 -               -
Balance at Bank c/f     5,691.32     5,664.96     4,744.81   2,709.51
    12,825.96   13,480.81   11,883.51   8,831.46
               -                 -                 -               -  
Notes (13 month accounts to coincide with AGMs)      
Income & Expenditure is shown gross of "contra" amounts payable / receivable.
Two parts of subs payment proved difficult to collect in 2012!    
SEVEN second parts of subs of £170 each not collected by January - FOUR still due
One team also owing £100        
This does not include any paid between 27 and 28 February (ie tonight!)  
Only one further team has confirmed  arrears to be paid at AGM    
Remaining arrears expected at  AGM.        
1. RECEIVABLES - £170  times FOUR plus £100 due = £780    
  FOUR teams owe for forfeited matches (TOTAL £140) plus 1 @ £15 from 2011
2. The League should get some free pitches to compensate for matches lost   
last year, as even some hardy League teams did not play on some days!  
3. PAYABLES - Total £180; Six Teams due refunds for forfeited matches & three for 2011;
* League Fees figure 2012 includes two teams who have prepaid £370 in total. 
4. Amounts due for engraving (ca £100)        
5.Commitments:  2013 Website Hosting Fees £35 (est), "Fixtures updating" £250 (est)
 to be deducted from Old Fallopians 2013 fees      
5. Commitment: £60 CCC subs        







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