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Annual General Meeting 2015 Minutes
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Minutes of 2015 AGM


5th February 2015


Chairman: Rizwan Siddiqui (Sky) 

Secretary: Gary Horsman (Homerton)

Treasurer: Rob Worthington (Victoria Lounge)

Fixtures Secretary: Peter Hollman

Results Secretary: Firoz Hussain (Junoon)

Committee members: 
Charlie Challinor (Tower Hamlets) & Saj Rehman (Tawheed)

Webmaster: Tim Castle (Old Fallopians)


Representatives from: Best Nationals, Bradgate, Chinatown, Contenders, Crossrail, Dynamite Ducks, Homerton, Junoon, London Fields, London Tigers, Mad Maroccas, Masiha, Old Falopians, Regents, Rose & Crown, Sky, Tawhead, Tower Hamlets, Victoria Lounge, Wrong Uns, Former Nightwatchman, Shadwell (applying for membership).


Apologies:  Stirling Ackroyd (applying for full membership)


Not present: Martians; New Boys


1. Minutes & Matters Arising of 2014 AGM:

Minutes were accepted; there were no matters arising


2. Reports: Chair, Treasurer, Fixture Secretary, Results Secretary all gave reports.

Tim Royal of CricHQ gave a presentation & mentioned all the new features.


3. Trophy Presentations:

Awards were presented for all the division winning teams, Cup, Community Cup and Most Valuable Player (as generated by CricHQ statistics).

Div 1 - Dynamite Ducks;   Div 2 - Tawhead;  Div 3 – Victoria Lounge;  Div 4 – Regents

Cup – Sky;   Com. Cup – Night Watchman;   MVP – Tusha Islam (New Boys)




4. Motions

The following motions were proposed, seconded and passed unanimously (with one exception where noted):


(Motion 1)  2015 Fixtures Structure

The following fixture structure was agreed, as one year trial, to be reviewed at the next AGM


     Phase 1

     3 groups of 8 teams (Groups, A,B&C)

     7 league matches per team.


     Phase 2

     The top 4 in Group A will play each twice more in a new Division 1.

     These clubs will each play 13 league games in total (7 in Group A & 6 in Div 1)

     The bottom 4 of Group A will link up with the top 4 of Group B.


     This will create a new Division 2, of 8 teams - that will play each other once.

     These clubs will each play 14 league games (7 in Group stage & 7 in Division 2)


     The bottom 4 in Group B will link up with the top 4 of group C   

     This will create a new Division 3, of 8 teams - that will play each other once.

     These clubs will each play 14 league games.


     The bottom 4 in Division C will play each twice more in a new Division 4.

     These clubs will each play 13 league games in total (7 in Group A & 6 in Div 4)


An outline fixture list was circulated.

The Fixture Secretary stated that teams have until the end of February to inform him of any dates that might not suit.

If a change of fixture date request is received after the end of February, the club requesting must propose the new date & seek agreement with all parties before the change can be considered.


(Motion 2) Captains’ Meeting


Additional to the AGM, there will each year be a Captains Meeting. 

Attendance will be compulsory, it being a condition for each teams’ participation in the league

The meeting will incorporate the following:


Balls distribution

Final confirmation of teams contacts

Reminders of:

Spring-back stumps rule


Guest player rule

Behavior management and expectation (captain’s responsibilities)





(Motion 3) New Points System


The points scoring system to be changed to 3 points for a win; 2 points for a tie; 1 point only for a game cancelled due to rain

Additional to the forfeiting of match points and existing requirement to cover the costs of pitch and match ball, teams who default a match will be deducted a further 1 point.

(Note: there was one vote against this motion)



We are now committed to CricHQ for a further 2 years.

The winning team must submit match results

If winning teams fail to submit their scores within 24 hours they will be sent a 1st warning notice by the Results Secretary.  If they then fail to submit their scores within 48 hours they will automatically be awarded 0 points.   

Teams will be allowed to enter a basic scorecard or full scorecard.


A losing captain who wants to submit a full scorecard for averages purposes, may do so instead of the winning captain within 24 hours, otherwise the winning captain will be expected to submit a basic score card within the next 24 hours.

The web secretary will not consider changes, unless absolutely essential


Late Starts

The issue of late starts and continuous offenders of this will be monitored closely. In order to do this, teams will be asked to log in the start time of their games to monitor teams continuously offending with late starts.

We are currently exploring whether start times (and explanations) can be incorporated into CricHQ match reports.  If so, match reports to include the time of match start and, if late, the reason



Umpires are to be agreed by captains. 

In the instance where one team wishes an unaffiliated umpire to stand, they must do so from the panel of qualified umpires as held by the league. 

It is the responsibility of the requesting team to pay for the full cost of that umpire, unless agreed by both teams to share the cost.  Payment must be made on the night.


The neutral umpire employed must be registered with the VPCCL league committee

League secretary to organize a register of ECB qualified umpires with the VPCCL.



Teams must provide Spring-back stumps as set out in the rules.

Captains are to report back offending teams and committee to take action.

Blue plastic stumps are not acceptable.


5. Election of new teams: Shadwell CC made a presentation, and were provisionally accepted into the league (subject to a place becoming available. (this subsequently came to be, after the resignation of Martians).






6. Election of Officers and Committee: The folowing Officers were unanimously elected, or re-elected:

President - Bert Vandermark; 
 Chairman- Rizwan Siddiqui;  Secretary -  Gary Horsman (Homerton);  Treasurer - Rob Worthington;  Fixtures Secretary - Peter Hollman;  
Results Secretary - Firoz Husain; 

Committee members: 
Charlie Challinor & 
Saj Rehman


7. Cup Draw: was made at the end of the meeting


8. Any Other Business

(i) Teams (who attended meeting) have until the end of February to pay all their outstanding fees – for this season or any outstanding debts or fines

Teams absent from the meeting have until Sunday 15th February

Teams have until the end of February to let the Fixture Secretary know of any dates or days that might not be suitable or convenient


(ii) Firoz offered to help organise umpiring and coaching courses for anyone wo might be interested


ECB Level 1 ACO   - umpiring course

ECB Level 1 UKCC1 - coaching course


For those who already hold a level 1 coaching course, there is also a level
2 (UKCC2) course available).

Firoz will provide

 further detailed info to the league as and when he receives it.


(iii) CCC cup entry discussed but no one volunteered to stand as chairman of selectors so not entering. 


(iv) Pete Hollman drew attention to the availability of either a club or league rep side tour to UAE in October conducted by Sport Arabia at a cost of £1100 per person. More details available from PH. 


(v) Firoz advised all about indoor league at ‘Play On’.  Interested teams to contact him directly.



GH/February 2015




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