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Annual General Meeting 2014 Minutes
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Minutes of meeting to come ...

League Secretary's report (Saj Rehman)

The 2013 season was overall an enjoyable season that passed without any major incidents to report.
My only moan and gripe is again to do with submission of results.

All team managers and captains are expected to submit the result of their game within 5 days of the game taking place, This enable the tables to be updated regularly. This will be even more important this season as we are trialling the CriHQ software this year. Please submit your result at your earliest convenience at least within 5 days of the result taking place. We will be doing a presentation at this year's AGM to unveil the new results software.

We did even entertain thoughts and ideas that we could have a dispute free season for the first time in many years however there was one incident that is reportable to the league members.

My team Tawheed CC played in division One last year and the majority of my players play weekend cricket, We do not really have a firm structure in place where it comes to player registration. If I do find I am running low on numbers days before a game, some of my Players will bring a mate along from their Weekend team. In this case a player came to help out in a league game. I did ask him prior to the game in which he helped out that he did not play for another VPCCL league teams and he said he didn't . I took it upon trust and he played.

I learnt later that he went onto play for another team in the league, and did not inform them that he had already represented my team. He batted higher than number 5 and bowled. He had unwittingly put the team in question in dispute.

A few weeks later we learnt that he had also turned out to represent this team in the cup/plate competition. Unfortunately for the team in question one of the league committee members recognised him and this was highlighted to the team captain. They did not, or had not confirmed his status or eligibility to play. Unfortunately the team had to forfeit their tie, where he player concerned had tried to play in the cup game. Their penalty this season would have been suspension from the cup and Plate for one season, however they have decided to leave the league this season.

The moral of the story is - It is the Manager/team captains responsibility to make sure all the players that play for your team are eligible to play for you and have not represented another league side in this year's VPCCL.

We are a voluntary league and do not want to create any more unnecessary paperwork i.e. player registration, however we do expect teams to adhere to the rules . Please check your player status , especially guest players helping out.

My overall view is the cup was a success but the plate seemed a little bit of an anti climax and would suggest it be only open to lower league teams and not to guests as a lot of the guest teams did not fulfil their fixtures.
We do need to vote on the plate competition and its format.

Unfortunately out of the 28 teams only about 4 came back to me with regards to my survey in connection with the cup/plate competitions.

All in all a good season and we look forward to a similar event free season this year.


Treasurer's report (Nigel Richards)

Accounts for Victoria Park Community Cricket League
Thirteen months: 1 February 2013 - 28 February 2014
INCOME 2013-14 2012-13 2011-12 2010-11
Cash at Bank B/F 4,811.32        5,664.96        4,744.81        2,709.51
League fees 7,050.00        6,000.00        8,115.00        8,505.00
Joining Fees 100.00                     -           125.00           150.00
Cup Fees 96.00           120.00           216.00           168.00
Fees (arrears) 1,290.00             55.00           245.00           202.00
 (incl. Fines arrears in prior years)      
Missed Matches Fees 50.00             70.00             35.00           105.00
Sale of balls                     -             36.00                     -             44.00
      13,397.32     11,945.96     13,480.81     11,883.51
EXPENDITURE 2013-14 2012-13 2011-12 2010-11
Pitches 6,017.34        5,624.64        5,855.85        5,821.20
Balls 1,144.84        1,080.00        1,200.00           990.00
Website Charges  35.00             35.00             34.20             25.00
Refunds 40.00                     -           240.00             40.00
Trophies 80.00           100.00             95.00             37.50
Fixtures website fees 485.00           235.00           245.80           225.00
Discounts                     -                     -           100.00  
Alan Floode Expenses                     -                     -             45.00                     -
Club Cricket Conference                     -             60.00                     -                     -
Balance at Bank c/f 5,595.14        4,811.32        5,664.96        4,744.81
      13,397.32     11,945.96     13,480.81     11,883.51
Income and Expenditure is shown gross of "contra" amounts payable / receivable.
Subs payments - Much improved (Except (see below)    
Quite a few matches were forfeited in the year - particularly cup and plate games -
Hence requests for arrears of fines (and reductions for re-imbursements) were issued (four to go)
1. Receivables: Five Teams owe net 135 in fines  (excludes teams who have left) 
- two teams have outstanding balances on their fees due for last season - total  490 due today.
2. Payables - 14 teams are owed a total of 270 (mostly 20 each)  
3. 2014 Website Hosting Fees 24  to be deducted from Old Fallopians 2014 fees
4. Amounts payable for engraving and trophies (ca 100)  
5. The League should get some free pitches to compensate for matches lost last year.



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