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21 February 2001
Held at the Pub on the Park, London Fields

Minutes by Sarah Barnard


Nigel Richards (Vic Lounge) in the chair
Sarah Barnard (Chats)
Pete Hollman (Pacific)
Dougal de Keller}
Joe Phelan}
Glen Schofer} (Hackney Grasshoppers I)
Don Bodie (Hackney Grasshoppers II)
Afzaul Chowdhury}
Paul Williams} (Tower Ravens)
Johnny Hodgkinson}
Craig Callaghan} (Chats Palace)
John Travers}
Mick Reid} (Rose and Crown)
Dan Bird (Vic Lounge)
David Sultanti}
Tim Castle}
John Rooney} (Old Fallopians)


1: Apologies for absence
Bert Vandermark and Shakeel Ahmed 

2: Minutes of the last meeting were passed as read 

3: Chair’s Report
It was a good year. Congratulations to the winners, commiserations to the losers. The standard of cricket in the league was going up, which was mostly a good thing, but it remained important to foster the spirit of the league. Thanks to Pete and Sarah for all their efforts and to Bert for keeping his ear to the ground. 

Mick proposed a vote of thanks, which was duly given.

4: Treasurer’s report
To come

5: Secretary’s report
It was a difficult year administratively for several reasons.

·        not having cricket balls bought at the beginning of the season

·        the usual difficulties of trying to maintain league tables when no one informs me about results without chasing

·        a lack of respect from certain teams, which just made everything more difficult and very tedious

·        pitch issues.

Having said that, I was involved in some excellent games of cricket, particularly the Cup Final, which I thoroughly enjoyed umpiring. The End of Season bash was well attended and good fun.

6: Fixtures Secretary’s Report
The park’s cancellation of the first week’s games and the loss of one pitch part of the way though the season was not enjoyable, with lots of pressure on the rearrange games.

The Cup draw was done in advance and circulated, which worked well.

Peter Hollman has drawn up fixture lists as a whole and team by team to make it easier for teams to circulate to their own members.

 Don raised the question of what is happening with the pitches. Pete replied that one was taken out of action by Bert because of injuries to two players. Sarah is to write to TH to ascertain whether it is to be repaired.

7: Proposal by Chats Palace that we create a third division
During the discussion of this proposal the following points were raised:

·        third division might work if we were clear on the reason for it, i.e. a lower division would foster a less competitive spirit

·        most teams were in favour but felt it would not be feasible with the current number of teams

·        playing each other three or four times a season (cf Scottish Premier League) would breed contempt

·        two issues involved were standards in the league generally and the lack of respect shown by some teams for others

·        it was suggested that there were actually separate issues, whether the league could cope with 3 divisions and “ungentlemanly” behaviour.

·        Behaviour issues should be dealt with by captains and umpires as required by the laws

·        The Committee is also there to deal with behavioural problems and issues should be reported to Committee as soon as they occur, cf. the fight involving Millwall in 1996. There is a precedent for removing teams who do not respect the spirit of the game from the league.

·        New teams should be made aware of the ethos of the league

·        It is difficult to motivate a team which is below the standard of the division and the current set up seems to run the risk of losing teams altogether

·        The motion was passed, but debate continued as this raised serious practical difficulties

·        Finally agreed that we would aim to implement this decision in 2002 and that it would be the responsibility of all teams to try to recruit other teams

·        (Since the AGM the team which was interested but didn’t show for the AGM have again expressed an interest and have been invited to enter a team for the Cup for this year with a view to joining properly next year. North London Muslims have suggested entering a youth team and there is a new team, Khalsa, just formed in the area who are being approached by former Chair Gary Horsman. It would be good to get them into the Cup this year so that a) we can make them aware of the league ethos and b) see whether they are likely to abide by that).

·        Stressed that it is important we make it clear that bad behaviour is not acceptable

·        Although example of bad behaviour punished by expulsion involved violence, it was also stressed that ridicule and offensive language was equally unacceptable.

7: The use of Wray Crescent
This was proposed as a third pitch to avoid having to play shortened games in bad light too late in the season.  The ground is currently undergoing £100 000 facelift and promises to have good facilities. Islington Council will match TH’s prices so we will not be out of pocket. Pete had canvassed opinion and only Mola Jutt had declared themselves unwilling to play any games at WC. 

Proposed by Pete and seconded, presumably, but I didn’t note the name 


8: Tower Hamlets to be asked to improve boundaries, pitch markings and mow the grass more often

Proposed Sarah
Seconded  David 


9: Umpiring
During a discussion on standards of umpiring in the league the following points were raised: 

·        Another issue about sportsmanship. Results are being affected by umpiring – causes problem if you know you’re not going to win because of umpires

·        People have unrealistic expectations of standard of umpiring. Not going to get first class umpires at our level. Most you can expect is fairness and knowledge of the laws

·        1st division expect umpiring to be hard. There is a difference between some rough umpiring and unfairness.

·        Issue for the captains to deal with before the game

·        Last year guidelines were issued for no-balls and wides. A consensus can be reached if captains talk to each other.

·        Some people standing as umpire felt intimidated by opposing players

·        The usefulness of Bert’s role, just wandering round, able to act as a neutral observer

·        Suggested that 1st Div. Teams provided neutral umpires for games they are not playing in as seems to be more a 1st Div issue.

·        If players felt that an umpire was not just making errors of judgement, but cheating, it was a matter for a disciplinary committee 

10: New Teams
There were none at the meeting, but subsequently one new team has been entered for the Cup and two other possible teams have presented themselves so we have a possible 17 teams for 2002. 

It was stressed that it is everybody’s responsibility to help promote the league and encourage new teams to join, particularly from the local communities. 

The website is a good way of doing this and Tim Castle was proposed to take over from Sarah as webmaster. 

Prop. Pete
2nd     David

11: More umpiring
Copies of the 2000 Code of Laws to distributed to each team

Prop. Dan
2nd      Mick

Passed. Sarah to arrange

Alan Flook from Middlesex ACUAS to give a talk about the Laws

Sarah will arrange before the start of season 

Guidelines on how Laws apply to the league to be drawn up and circulated to all teams   after the above talk takes place 

Prop. Mick
2nd.    Afzaul


12: Awards for batting/bowling
The current system to rewarding hundreds and hat-tricks should be changed to make one award per Division for the highest run-scorer and wicket-taker. Teams to take responsibility for maintaining their own records 

Prop. Pete
2nd.    Johnny           


13: Presidents Game
To be played in the same format as last year

14: Election of Officers           

Chair: Nigel (prop. Mick,  2nd. Craig. Elected unopposed.)

Treasurer: Sarah  (prop. Mick,  2nd. Craig. Elected unopposed.) 

Sarah announced that she was not able to take on the role of Admin Secretary this year. This is due to the need to move house and prepare for her forthcoming marriage to Afzaul Chowdhury of Tower Ravens. (VPCCL a hotbed of romance and passion!!) The job was broken down into its constituent parts as no one felt able to take on the whole lot. 

Results Secretary Glen (Grasshoppers I) 
(prop. Mick,  2nd. Sarah. Elected unopposed.)

Contacts List: Afzaul

Webmaster: Tim Castle 

The arrangement of meetings was left to be settled in the future.

Non Executive Officers
Don (prop. Dougal,  2nd. Pete. Elected unopposed.)
Mick (prop. Sarah,  2nd. Someone else. Elected unopposed.) 

NB Results should be sent to Glen as soon as possible after the match is played. He can be contacted at:

Wk : 020 7552 3743 Hm:  020 7263 4180 Mob:  07950 821444

15: Change of bank
It was agreed that Sarah could change the League’s bank account as service from Barclays had been unsatisfactory

16: League Fees
League fees will be kept at £200 this year as expenditure had not risen significantly and the League still has a healthy bank balance

The following teams have paid in full:
Chats Palace
Grasshoppers I
Victoria Lounge
Grasshoppers II have paid £100

Will all other teams please arrange for their fees to reach Sarah at 4 Leabank Square, E9 5LP as soon as possible and certainly no later than 19th April. If you have not paid by then you will be considered ineligible to play this season.

17: Any Other Business 

·        Any email addresses to be given to Pete and Sarah for ease of contact. Pete can be found at and Sarah at

·        Cricket balls have been arranged by Bert and will be available at the start of the season

·        Standards of behaviour required to be reinforced with all new teams

 Meeting was closed at 10.10 pm

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