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Annual General Meeting 2012 Minutes
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Tuesday 31 January 2012
Upstairs at the Royal Inn On The Park, 111 Lauriston Road, E9 7HJ

Minutes from League Secretary Saj Rehman

1/ Hackney Downs post script - Hackney Downs CC and their players are to be suspended from the league and cup for 2 years ( at which point the committee will review the case and determine whether HDCC re-enter the league) due to their conduct in during the 2011 cup final.

2/It was suggested that a disciplinary sub-committee be elected to 'Fast track' disciplinary procedures, to deal with issues/complaints raised during the season. It was decided that Chairman will nominate committee members to follow up complaints within a 14 day period of complaint received,

3/League is to be affiliated with the Middlesex Cricket Board

4/AGM is to be brought forward to earlier in the year to January/February

5/ An Earlier AGM and a deposit to be posted at initial AGM with a balance to follow.

6/Peter Hollman to continue in the capacity of fixtures secretary and committee member even though, Pacific are no longer to continue to be a part of the league. This was agree unanimously.

7/ Rule 20 and Sky's league win in 2011 was discussed, as 3 teams were tied on equal number of points. It was agreed the current setup to decide final league standings works and should not be changed.

This means where 2 teams finish on equal on points at the end of the round robin stage or the end of the season, the result between the 2 teams will decide the higher position. This will take precedence over run rate. Please see the current league regulations for a full explanation of this. The current league rules are Ok to deal with final placings.

8/It was decided the cup will continue in 2012 even though, some disruption was expected during the Olympics, However fixtures are to be spread over a reduced number of weeks and Cup to be moved to the end of the season in the Olympic year.

9/Any team failing to turn up at the AGM . It was discussed and decided for teams failing to turn up at AGM there cannot be a guarantee of a place in the league.

10/ Teams were seeking clarity on the substitutes rule. Subs are not to bowl at all and cannot bat higher than number 5.

11/ There were no new motions or resolutions passed.

Treasurer's report (Nigel Richards)

Accounts for Victoria Park Community Cricket League
1 Mar 2011 - 31 January 2012
INCOME 2011-12 2010-11 2009-10 2008-09
Cash at Bank B/F      4,744.81          2,709.51    1,499.46    1,193.49
League fees      8,115.00          8,505.00    7,050.00    6,300.00
Joining Fees         125.00             150.00       175.00       100.00
Cup Fees         216.00             168.00         72.00         96.00
Fines / Fees (arrears)         245.00             202.00                 -                 -
Missed Matches Fees           35.00             105.00         35.00       153.00
Sale of balls                  -               44.00                 -                 -
     13,480.81        11,883.51    8,831.46    7,842.49
EXPENDITURE 2011-12 2010-11 2009-10 2008-09
Pitches      5,855.85          5,821.20    5,142.85    5,509.35
Balls      1,200.00             990.00       594.00       792.00
Website Charges            34.20               25.00         40.00                 -
Refunds         240.00               40.00         60.00         20.00
 (2011 payments re 2010)        
Trophies           95.00               37.50         45.10         21.68
Fixtures website fees         245.80             225.00       240.00                 -
Discounts         100.00      
Alan Flook Expenses           45.00                      -                 -                 -
Balance at Bank c/f      5,664.96          4,744.81    2,709.51    1,499.46
     13,480.81        11,883.51    8,831.46    7,842.49
Income and Expenditure is shown gross of "contra" amounts payable / receivable.
Subs payments - VERY GOOD performance - BEST EVER.  
Only one late part payment - 40 paid 4 May.    
But one cup team failed to pay for its second round match.  
Very few matches cancelled due to weather (though some conditions were awful!)
1. Debtors 3 Teams owe  total of 94      
2. Creditors - 2 teams are due a total of 40    
3. 2012 Website Hosting Fees 35 (est), "Fixtures updating" 250 (est)
 to be deducted from Old Fallopians 2011 fees    
4. Amounts possibly due for engraving (ca 50)    
5. Possible extra pitch fees for non Victoria Park matches.  


Fixtures Secretary's report (Peter Hollman)

I was very pleased that only 2 games were rained off & 3 forfeits. Pacific being the main perpetrators & who have therefore dropped out of the league until 2013.

Last year the league structure continued in the same vein that it has since 2004 whereby teams play in conferences in the 1st phase & those final places therein determine which divisions clubs enter for the remainder of the season.

In 2010 the big change was to accede to the perceived demand to have more competitive games & so the conferences were reduced to 3 teams with each set of conference winners entering into a 1st division, runners up into a 2nd & last place into a third. Suddenly the conferences had far more at stake for those early season matches & yet they all went to seeding.

The new teams were scattered across the mid range conferences & were therefore far harder to predict. However, this was the second year & there was a feeling that too much was being left to chance & by quirk, one side which should have been in the first went into the third & another group was affected adversely be the no show of another side in one of the first phase games.

To combat this, the 1st phase conferences have been expanded into 4 teams & for balance purposes there are now 7 with 4 teams in each. This will lead to 4 divisions with 6 matches against similar strength oppo in addition to the 3 in the first phase.
Another issue was that some sides due to a quirk in their fixtures & the cup draw had no matches in high Summer for 3 weeks. I have taken this into consideration & with the shadow of the Olympics & the still unknown affect on our pitches; it has been decided to start the cup once all the league games have been completed.

The start of the season has also to be determined but it remains our hope that it will start on the 30th April, the last league game is on the 19th July & the cup to run from 23rd July to 9th August.

Once the fixtures have been drafted & circulated, moving dates is a nightmare as there are always 4 teams involved in each action. Therefore I propose that we agree on a date now that you want the fixtures to be distributed & a deadline of 7 days before to submit dates that your team cannot make.

Once they have been issued, they will not be changed unless VPCCL requires it i.e. cup rescheduling.

Remember these off field duties as well as your on field & everyone will enjoy the benefit of a smooth running fixture programme.








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