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Annual General Meeting 2006 Minutes | 2006 Agenda 
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MINUTES | Agenda

Tuesday 28 February 2006

At The Royal Inn on the Park
111 Lauriston Road E9 7HJ


BV Bert Vandermark (President)  
MR Mick Reid (Chairman) Rose & Crown
TC Tim Castle (Secretary) Old Fallopians
PH Peter Hollman (Fixtures) Pacific
  Gary Horsman Chats Palace
  Kiran Tailor Darji
  Sunil Tailor Darji
  Ajay Gosai Darji
  Chetan Jiuan Darji
  Terry Prescod East End Cavaliers
  Hadley Mascoll East End Cavaliers
  Stan Foley Fives
  Steve Hill Island
  Ian Charlton London Fields
  Chris Skinner London Fields
  Adnan Majid Masiha
  Martin Berry Norfolk & Chance
  Vimal Datta Norfolk & Chance
  Conrad Chandler Pacific
  Sean Feeney Rose & Crown
  Iain Heaphy Rose & Crown
  David Monaghan Rose & Crown
RS Rizwan Siddiqui Sky
  Michael Biggs Tower Ravens
  Daryl Johnson Tower Ravens
  Paul Williams Tower Ravens
MR Mafijur Rab Vallance / Vallance Bow
  Nigel Richards Victoria Lounge
ML Mark Laurie Victoria Park Juniors
  Colin Michael  
  Rita Vandermark  

1 - Apologies:

Red Saunders Caledonian Conquerors
James Foley Fives
Amar Patel Fives
Dheraj Shamoo Island
Graham Hall Martians
Sammy Purcell Pacific
Sabi Rashid Phoenix Management (Newham)
Kamran Ahmed Phoenix Management (Newham)
Nimo Ahmed Traditional Corsairs
Alastair Dunning Victoria Lounge
John Challinor Victoria Park Juniors

2 - The minutes of the 2005 AGM were approved.

3 - Trophies
These were presented to the winning teams during the 2005 season. League winners Traditional Corsairs are not playing in 2006 and will have to return the league shield.

4 - Treasurer's report
Nigel Richards presented the following details:

Accounts for Victoria Park Community Cricket League

22 Feb 2005 - 21 February 2006

























Cash at Bank B/F















League fees















Cup Fees
















Missed Matches















"Sub-let" of pitches






























































































Website Charges






































Hall Hire
















Bank Charge















Sundries (postage etc)







(incl arrears 2001 et seq)






Balance at Bank c/f







































1 League Fees







i) Tower Ravens are due £15 remaining from their 2004 overpayment.

ii) Sky are owed £30 - duplicate payment this year




iii) Highgate are owed £11 refund of cup fees




iv) 3 League teams owe £30 for last year












2 Interest








To investigate why these stopped and re-started.




5 - Secretary's report
Tim Castle presented the following report:

The league has doubled in size in five years:

2001 – 11 teams
2002 – 13 teams
2003 – 14 teams
2004 – 15 teams
2005 – 19 teams
2006 – 20 teams

We will have 20 teams playing this season, twice as many as five years ago. That’s twice as much administration, if not more. To manage this expansion, we need to reallocate some of the executive duties of the committee. 

He proposed: 

Life President: Liaison with park staff

Chairman: Final arbiter in disputes and other issues

Secretary/webmaster: First point of contact, runs website, collates results, maintains contacts list, delegates dispute resolution to other committee members, books venue for AGM.

Fixtures Secretary: Draws up fixtures, books pitches, handles rearrangement of fixtures (especially cup games)

Treasurer: All financial matters, pays council and other suppliers, responsible for collecting fees and fines.

Non-executive members: Dispute resolution and other ad hoc duties 


There are no umpires so disputes should be avoided. Captains should resolve between them any disputes that do arise in the spirit of the game.

Trying to sort out disputes after a match is extremely time consuming and generally a fruitless exercise.

If captains feel they must bring a dispute to the attention of the committee, the procedure will be as follows:

1 – Contact secretary with details

2 – Secretary will nominate two committee members to investigate the complaint

3 – The two committee members will report back within seven days to the chairman with their recommendation

4 – Chairman will accept/reject recommendation. Secretary will inform captains concerned of the decision, which will be final and not subject to appeal. 


Captains must email results of their games to the secretary ASAP.

As a minimum, they should give scores and wickets, as well as best batting and bowling, eg 

Old Fallopians beat Sky by 4 wickets 

Sky 155 all out (13 overs)
Siddiqui 50*
Castle 4-0-15-3 

Old Fallopians 156-3

Castle 50*
Barrass 45
Siddiqui 4-0-30-2 

Further details, commentary and photos are all welcome.


With so many teams, we will be playing at almost full capacity on the park’s three pitches. We are highly vulnerable to disruption if any of the wickets is damaged during the season.

1 – we need to make sure the council will repair any damage without delay

2 – we have to be aware of where else we could play games in the interim 

The first point is a joint responsibility for the committee, especially the life presidident, secretary and fixtures secretary.

The second is the responsibility of the fixtures secretary

6 - Fixture Secretary's report
Peter Hollman presented the following report:

Last year the league structure continued as from 2004 whereby initially 2 groups or conferences were created & made up by teams based on the 2004 final positions ie the blue group's teams had been 1st, 3rd 5th etc & the green's 2nd 4th, 6th etc. 

In the 2nd phase, the team's positions in those groups determined into which 1 of 3 divisions the clubs would play in for the 2nd half of the season. 

In 2005 there were several new clubs, this therefore had the positive affects that the new clubs would attain their standard & minimize mis-matches which are more prevalent in an arbitrary orthodox league structure. More so as there were so many new sides. 

In 2006 I would again advocate the retention of this format & will continue to do so until the time that no new clubs apply as only then can more fixtures be based on a club' s own level with any greater confidence. 

I have based my 1st rough draft on 24 teams for 2006. This would mean 3 conferences of 8 sides followed by 4 divisions of 6. This in turn would mean the optimum number of games for all sides being attained ie 7 1st round or conference matches & 4 2nd round or divisional games. Indeed I believe this could be made up to 12 if you agree & the 1st round match result is NOT carried forward unlike in previous seasons.

As the committee & representatives may have already read, I believe the maximum amount of teams under the present set up ie 3 matches a night, 4 nights a week, is 27 (& 32 in the cup). If the league does outgrow Victoria Park, I would advocate usage of satellite grounds in adjacent boroughs ie Millfields, Hackney Downs, Wray Crescent & Millwall; however, it is my understanding that this will not be a problem as far as the 2006 season is concerned.

 In the meantime, I have also drafted a 27 team fixture list. In this instance due to there being more games & with the uncertainty of who would make up the divisions, I'm afraid 1st phase results where applicable would have to be brought forward. With 27 clubs, my proposal is that the top 2 in each of the 3 groups would make up the 1st division, 3rd & 4th from each in the 2nd + the best placed 5th side etc. Difficult but practicable. Also 2nd phase fixtures would have to be done & completed as soon as the 1st phase is complete & as there are only 2 to 3 weeks' cup matches, teams would have to be flexible regarding notice on the next league match but I would expect to give at least 1 weeks notice in the od exception but more for most. 

However, last year, despite teams knowing more than 3 weeks in advance in some cases, I believe one club was unaware when their 1st 2nd phase match was scheduled. To reiterate, it is the duty of the club to make themselves aware as to their forthcoming fixtures, however, opposition representatives have never done themselves any harm by double checking their opposition's awareness. I will of course endeavor myself to circulate team's divisional matches ASAP. 

When I structured the fixtures for 2005, I balanced it wherever possible, so sides played matches across all days of the week, on all pitches, so an even amount of games where a ball was to be provided, so weeks without a match were kept to a minimum. Only 1 side had 2 league games in the same week & all new teams were set up to play existing league sides in their first fixtures. I also tried to put 1st round cup matches in weeks where sides had a week without a game or if not possible, giving bias to the 1st team drawn out. 

One hindrance however, was again the failure of sides to send in their money by the deadline which in theory excludes them for the season. Obviously, leeway & common sense prevails BUT it makes the Fixture Secretary's life so much easier if adhered. Last year, I went on holiday not knowing what was happening & returned to find out a rough draft had been circulated before any of the referred to above or checks had been made because Tower Hamlets needed booking dates which necessitated Tim's action, so please can sides stick to the deadline in 2006 to avoid the same. 

If any teams have any disgruntlement regarding the scheduling, I welcome hearing them & will take these into account for 2006 as I did when Chats flagged that they had 2 weeks without a game at the end of June in 2004. 

The 2005 season saw 140 games scheduled including re-arranged cup matches. 

There were 9 forfeits = 11% (10% 2003 & 9% 2004) so little has changed there. 

4 games were postponed which were cup & could be re-arranged. A further 7 league matches recorded no result due to rain. 

1 match was uncompleted & the result referred to the committee

 3 other matches were abandoned due to failing light which only the Captains can accept responsibility for in failing to lessen the overs in advance.

 Many thanks to the teams who partook last year & to the new teams too who were so enthusiastic & supportive. 

I do hope that you all had good seasons & enjoyed the format but as ever, I do welcome any constructive criticism either before or during the season in the event that I should be re-elected.

7 - Teams leaving
It was noted that the following teams would not be playing in 2006: Dover Castle, Goldman Sachs, Royal Inn, Traditional Corsairs.

8 - Election of new teams
Five teams were elected to the league: Darji, East End Cavaliers, London Fields, Fives and Masiha.

9 - Motions

Captains who insist on a full match with insufficient time deprive both sets of players with a proper chance to conclude the match to its' finality. A Proposal is 1 over reduction per 5 minutes delay when there's insufficient light available i.e. 65 minutes per innings + 5 mins change around has been doing the rounds unofficially for 2 or 3 years now.
Peter Hollman withdrew motion - meeting agreed it could be a non-binding rule to be exercised at captains' discretion

April & August start times to be brought forward to 6pm 
Amendment by SH, seconded MJ, - start time in April and August brought forward to 6:15 pm.
Motion passed 8-3.
Rule 4 to be changed accordingly

Some teams, when they think they are losing, they start complaining about bad light. So please introduce neutral umpires from the beginning of season rather than later.  Neutral umpire can be paid, just raise up league fee.
No seconder for motion, motion failed

There would still seem to be a demand by some teams for umpires & scorers. A panel of volunteers can be set up with teams who need these services applying directly to any individual to stand. Any individual will be reimbursed on the night the sum of £16 (£1 per player). This can either be payable by the team requesting or by both teams. Umpires will stand as a pair so therefore the costly would be £32. A an independent scorer is also £16. The cost for the final to be borne by the League. 
Motion rejected 7-2, one abstention

That a fully qualified umpire is invited to speak to representatives of all league sides gathered specifically for the purpose. Failure to submit at least one representative will debar clubs from the 2006 competitions.
No seconder, motion failed

Two sides with players wearing dark or black track suit bottoms were used to bowl by their Captains - compounded as both from the darker end where the nets are & both used in the 2nd innings when it is inevitably darker. To save on batters having to complain or umpires wasting time by telling the transgressors Captain - can the onus remain with the captain simply NOT to bowl them if they turn up attired as such.
Seconded by Mark Laurie
Motion passed 6-3, one abstention

In the event of a front foot no ball being called, the umpire signals that the next delivery is a free hit as in Twenty20.
Motion rejected 6-0, 2 abstentions

PACIFIC: Wides & chalk marks to assist. To refrain from painting these lines on all pitches & to continue the experiment at designated matches throughout 2006.
SKY: The marking of 'wide' lines on the pitch to act as a guide - and not a rule - to the umpires. 
Motion rejected 5-1, 2 abstentions

VALLANCE: A trophy for the winner in each division, for Cup winner and runners up in each division. After all VPCCL is an excellent league and good practice as well.
Motion withdrawn

New teams to be asked to pay a one-off non-refundable joining fee of £25 in lieu of past trophies, payments & shortfalls / losses incurred by sides joining & leaving with unpaid arrears.
Seconded by Steve Hill.
Motion rejected by Chairman's casting vote (to maintain status quo) - after voting by representatives tied 4-4.

That awards are raised for individual best bowler (i.e. most league & cup wickets) & best batsmen (highest aggregate run scorer). Submissions to remain non-compulsory as some sides put no stock on statistics but those who do wish to do so, must mail their 2 candidates by the end of August 2006. Trophies will then be presented at 2007 AGM.
Motion seconded by Rizwan Siddiqui
Motion passed 6-1, 2 abstentions

10 - Issues for debate

All Captains should be notified that they should respect each other. It is a policy of VPCCL.
Motion was noted

There should be adequate toilet facilities as people often resort to going in the bushes/or holding-it-in... the pavilion at 6.30pm is always shut.And what is the feasibility of sight screens? 
Action Point: Steve Hill to approach Tower Hamlets council about facilities.

11 - Election of Officers
All existing officers agreed to stand again and were re-elected.

Chairman (Mick Reid, Rose & Crown)
Treasurer (Nigel Richards, Victoria Lounge)
Secretary (Tim Castle, Old Fallopians)
Fixtures (Paul Hollman, Pacific)
Committee member (Rob Devaney, Chats Palace) (agreed after meeting)
Committee member (Rizwan Siddiqui, Sky)
Committee member (Paul Williams, Tower Ravens)
Committee member (Mafij Rab, Vallance) 

Steve Hill was also elected as a Committee Member.

12 - Any Other Business

- Bert Vandermark reminded teams that if they wanted spring-back stumps for pitch 3 to call him in advance and he would bring them.

- BV and Mick Reid also reminded teams to tell their players they cannot play in spikes as it will ruin the all weather wickets.












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