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Annual General Meeting 2008 Minutes | 2008 Agenda
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MINUTES | Agenda


Thursday 6 March 2008
Upstairs at the Royal Inn on the Park, 111 Lauriston Road E9 7HJ
Meeting started at 6.20 p.m.


Bert Vandermark, President


Tim Castle, Secretary

Old Fallopians

Nigel Richards, Treasurer

Victoria Park

Peter Hollman, Fixtures Secretary


Rizwan Siddiqui, Committee


Gary Horsman, Committee

Chats Palace

Kevin Cook

Bengal Tigers

Sajid Rehman

Caledonian Conquerors

Colin Michael


Layton Worghs


Abdul St??lcs??


Djeraj Shamoo

Island Community

Dave Hickey

London Fields

Adnan Ali


Syad Habib

New Boys

M Abdullah

New Boys

Graham Hall

Norfolk Martians

Peter Frisby

Old Fallopians

Shayne Rees


Iain Heaphy

Rose & Crown

Imran Khan


Rob Waugh

Tower Cavaliers

Paul Williams

Tower Ravens

Nick Palmer

Vauxhall Cavaliers

Callum Lee

Vauxhall Cavaliers

Giles Robertson

Vauxhall Cavaliers

Alastair Dunning

Victoria Lounge

John Challinor

Victoria Park Juniors

Mark Laurie

Victoria Park Juniors

Rita Vandermark


1 – Apologies 

Mick Reid, Chairman

Rose & Crown

Steve Hill, Committee

Island Community

Mafij Rab, Committee

Vallance / Vallance Bow

Chris Skinner

London Fields

Mohammed Imran


Rizwan Siddiqui chaired the meeting in place of the absent chair, Mick Reid.

2 – Previous year’s minutes

Approved by all
Actions arising - Mark Laurie said he would circulate safety guidelines for players aged under 18

3 – Reports

Secretary's report:
The Secretary said he would like to stand down, or, failing that, receive help in compiling the results for the website.
This season teams must submit results via the website, on a special Scores page which will simplify the the collection of results.

Treasurer’s report: 

Accounts for Victoria Park Community Cricket League

1 Mar 2007 - 29 February 2008

























Cash at Bank B/F
















League fees
















League Fees arrears
















Cup Fees
















Missed Matches
















Lost Balls
















"Sub-let" of pitches
































































































Website Charges











 *£8.50 owing


 **covers 2001-05


























Hall Hire
















Bank Charge
















Sundries (postage etc)
















Balance at Bank c/f
































Notes  to the accounts
















1. Debtors - TOTAL £127 plus "credits" for pitches





i) 3 teams owe for 4 missed matches.(2 teams who have left the League owe for 3 pitches.)

ii) We are also due up to 13 credits for rained off matches from LB Tower Hamlets.*

* More info at AGM
















2. Creditors - Total  £66 approx







i) Trophies payment due - £22 approx







ii) Website Hosting Fees will be £33 approx







iii) Highgate are owed £11 refund of cup fees in 2005













3. Other Notes








i) Pitches for 2007 paid in full.








ii) Bank Interest stopped in lieu of bank charges













4. Pitches pa

















ca 170


ca 150





Fixtures Secretary report:

Last year the league structure continued in the same vein it has since 2004 whereby conferences are the 1st phase & their final places determine which division they enter. Being 22 teams last year, there were 3 conferences & then 4 divisions – both for the first time. The latest news I have heard is that there will be 21 teams (& this has changed daily) so I am now planning to change the format slightly in order to get teams at least 12 league games with 6 in a conference (1st phase) & 6 in divisions.

The continuing uncertainty of the final numbers has meant that I have had to hold back from rough drafts – particularly as a 21 team format would  mean that 2nd phase fixtures can only be published once the 1st phase are complete.

As in 2007, Thursday evening youth cricket means 2 pitches are out of commission until 7pm on those nights so any games scheduled for that pitch on those nights will only be scheduled on the occasions when sunset is after 9pm. Consequently, I had hoped to utilise Fridays but this was ruled out at the recent committee meeting although they may be used in the cup, for replays or for both. I also advocated satellite grounds but the meeting felt it was more important to have all games played at Victoria Park except in emergency so a ceiling is being proposed by the committee on membership as you will have seen i.e. 24 in the league & 32 in the cup.

I would take this opportunity to remind teams to take it upon themselves to cross-reference the fixtures once circulated which they are given against those published on the website. Any inconsistency should be flagged to me ASAP. Please remember that this final responsibility lies with the team representative or Captain. Once published, I believe teams have 7 days to request any changes in dates in the 1st phase & 3 in the 2nd but these can be confirmed at the meeting ?

If you do have any issues or dates to be avoided then please let me know at ASAP as I need to draft the fixtures ASAP & circulate them

Stats Corner:-

The 2007 season saw 155 (158 in 2007, 140 in 2006) games scheduled including re-arranged cup matches.

There were 13 forfeits which is more than double the amount in 2007 which is a concerning reversal to what had previously been but an excellent trend.  2006 under 4% (10% 2003 & 9% 2004 & 6% in 2005).

We were not lucky with the weather & more games could have been lost except for the determination by teams to play in all conditions. 10 games were rained off, double 2006, & 3 more abandoned due to bad light (only 1 in 06) issues which I believe the committee have addressed.

Finally, many thanks to all teams who took part last season, to the new teams who gelled so well. The lack of arbitration needed, excellent conduct, positive attitude & approach by teams should not go un-noted.

I do hope that you all had good seasons & enjoyed the format but as ever, I do welcome any constructive criticism either before or during the season in the event that I should be re-elected.

4 – Election of new teams

Bengal Tigers, Contenders, Goodmayes and Vauxhall Cavaliers were all elected to the league, proposed by Rizwan Siddique, seconded by Tim Castle 

Notes provided by the teams ahead of the meeting:

Bengal Tigers - Kevin Cook
Our team name is The Bengal Tigers c.c. – strange name I know and it’s a long story but basically, a large number of the guys that will be been playing for our cricket team have been playing together as a five-a-side football team for a couple of years.  When we set up the football team, the core of the team lived above a curry house on Brick Lane, the signature dish of which was the Bengal Tiger – we were deciding on a team name for the football side whilst eating a curry and the Bengal Tigers were born!  As the cricket team is largely the same group it seemed to make sense to keep the name. 

Contenders - Layton Worghs
Myself and my team members are fully committed and dicipline to any league we will be in. We are a new team formed in Victoria Park for the last 2 years.
Myself and my team members have a fair idea of how the Victoria Park League runs. A few of my team members and myself have played in the league with diifferent teams when they are short of players. 
My Team (THE Contenders) have played in  Saturday and Sunday friendly league against various team, including a few teams from Victoria Park League. 
Myself and my team members are normally in Victoria Park Mon-Fri, practising in the nest. I also have over 20 players and these are some of the names:
Colin Micheal, Peter Bailey, Fred, Sulphur, Rupert, Mohit, Jonny, Ray, ebraham, Joe Fisher, Jue, Iqbal, Peter Hoffman, Jerome Riley, Kingy, Oneill, Eddie etc.   
We "The Contenders" are fully committed and would like nothing better but to join the Victoria Park League.

Goodmayes - Mohammed Imran
It's been a real pleasure for us to play in Victoria park Cup games for last few years and we would like to join league staring from this year.  I'll appreciate if you could include us on the list. 

Vauxhall Cavaliers - Callum Lee
We're a touring side interested in joining the league next season. So you know, you've been recommended by a friend who plays for London Fields.

5 – Trophies

President Bert Vandermark presented the trophies:
Division One Champions:  accepted by Imran Khan of Sky
Division Two Champions: accepted by Dave Hickey of London Fields
Cup: accepted by Imran Khan of Sky
Best batting: accepted by Imran Khan of Sky on behalf of Aleem Hussain ( 509 runs, avg 101.8)
Best bowling: accepted by Mark Laurie of VP Juniors on behalf of Joe Laurie

6 – Motions

Ahead of debate on motions, it was agreed that the newly elected teams would be able to vote.

Rule 17 – Rain

(Proposed by the committee) Formally proposed by RS, seconded by TC
Amended proposal passed 12-4

All games must be played on the evenings allotted. In the event of factors beyond the control of either Team preventing a match from going ahead then it will not be replayed (other than cup matches).
Each Team will be awarded one point.
Teams are expected to play through short periods of rain, and even longer ones.
In inclement weather, consideration should be given to the prospects of the game starting at some point during the evening and the likelihood of it being possible to then conclude the game before darkness falls.
No game can be called off for rain unless both teams are present to inspect conditions on the night, except by prior mutual agreement. If one team does not want to play, the game will not go ahead, but only if that team has at least five players on the pitch.
In the event of only one team turning up, that team will be awarded the game.

Under the previous rule team that didn’t want to play could veto the game, even if they didn’t go to the Park. Now that team must go to the Park to inspect conditions before being able to veto the game. In most cases of wet weather a match of some kind is possible. 

Players arriving late

Captains should inform their opponents when they expected a player to arrive late. If they in the meantime replaced them with a substitute, that should also be declared. The substitute would not be able to bat, bowl or keep wicket.
The following new rule was proposed by the committee: (formally proposed by Gary Horsman, seconded by Mark Laurie)
Passed 12-1

If teams start a game with a side which includes one or more substitutes, this must be declared in advance (for example, if a player is late arriving). Substitutes cannot bat, bowl or keep wicket. 

Late starts – Rule 4

The committee has agreed that the best way to prevent disputes over bad light is to prevent them happening in the first place by ensuring, firstly, that matches start earlier, and secondly, have overs reduced when they did start late.
The following revision to Rule 4 was proposed by the committee: (formally proposed by RS, seconded ML, Amendment to change May to first two weeks of May, proposed by Alastair Dunning)
Passed 13-2

All teams are expected to turn up in good time for a 6 p.m. start to enjoy the best opportunity of playing a full game.
No team may start a game with fewer than 5 players. 

a) In April, the first two weeks of May, and August:
Games are to start no later than 6:15 pm.
Any team not ready to commence by 6.15 pm forfeits the toss.
After 6.15 p.m. the overs must be reduced by one over for every five minutes.

For example:
Games starting after 6.15 but before 6.20 – 15 overs
Games starting after 6.20 but before 6.25 – 14 overs
Games starting after 6.25 but before 6.30 – 13 overs
Games starting after 6.30 but before 6.35 – 12 overs
Games starting after 6.35 but before 6.40 – 11 overs
Games starting after 6.40 – 10 overs
Teams not ready to start by 6.45 will forfeit the game and be charged the full cost of hiring the pitch (see rule 8).

b) In June and July:
Games must start no later than 6:30pm.
Any team not ready to commence by 6:30 pm forfeits the toss.
Teams not ready to start by 7 pm will forfeit the game and be charged the full cost of hiring the pitch (see rule 8)

Paragraph b) does not apply for games scheduled to start at 7pm after junior cricket practice on the same pitch.

Defaulted games

There should be a credit for teams that miss a game because their opposition defaults. The credit would equal half the match fee (pitch cost + ball).
The committee proposed amending Rule 8 as follows: (formally proposed by RS, seconded by Paul Williams)
Passed 16-1 

Any team failing to fulfil a fixture will forfeit the match and 2 points will be awarded to their opponents. Such non-fulfilment will be reported to the League Committee. The team forfeiting the game will also be charged the full cost of hiring the pitch. The team which misses the game because of their opponent’s forfeit will be credited with their match fee (half the cost of the pitch hire and the ball).

Teams tying on same points

Change Rule 20 so that teams tying no longer share the championship, based on the method currently used for deciding which league teams progress to in the second half of the season.
The following changes to Rule 20 was proposed by the committee: (formally proposed by Peter Hollman, seconded by PW, amended by GH, ML and John Challinor)
Passed 16-2 

In the event of two or more teams tying on points at the top of the league after all matches are played, the league championship title shall be based on the following criteria (applying to Divisional (second stage) results)
1. The result of the game between the relevant sides
2. The amount of wins achieved
3. The result against the team who comes 3rd; if still the same then 4th, then 5th etc until a difference is noted
4. If still the same, the title will be shared UNLESS the teams involved wished to arrange a play off or bowl out.


These should be returned by clubs at the AGM for engraving at the league’s expense.
This would change Rule 19 of the Constitution. The committee believes this rule should be in the Rules, not the Constitution.
The committee proposed changing Rule 19 as follows: (formally proposed by Peter Hollman, seconded by Vauxhall Cavaliers, amended by RS)
Passed 11-1, 3 abstentions 

Teams must respect the trophies they have won & ensure they are looked after. The trophies must be returned by the AGM after which they will be engraved at the league’s expense and then returned to the teams. The teams will finally return the trophies in time for them to be presented to their new winners at the deciding games of the season. Failure of any team to ensure this could result in their expulsion. 


Sides should exchange a list of the full names of their eight players with their opposition at the start of each match, to aid scoring and the compilation of league batting and bowling averages.
The committee proposed the following new rule: (formally proposed by Iain Heaphy, seconded by PW)
Passed 18-0

Teams must exchange a list of the full names of their eight players at the beginning of each game, to aid scoring and the compilation of league batting and bowling averages. 

Size of the league and venue

The committee proposed that the constitution explicitly state a maximum number of teams in the league and cup, as a way of establishing that the league is restricted to a certain size and will remain based solely at Victoria Park, except in exceptional circumstances (such as vandalism to a pitch). 
The committee proposed the following amendment to the constitution stating the league maximum as 24 teams and the cup, 32 teams. (formally proposed by PW, seconded by GH)
Needed a 2/3 majority as a constitutional change
Motion failed on an 8-7 vote, 1 abstention 

The league will consist of a maximum 24 teams. The cup will be played with a maximum 32 teams. All games will be played at Victoria Park, except when unavoidable circumstances force play elsewhere (for example, while a pitch is awaiting repair after vandalism)

7 - Any other business

TC noted that Pitch 2 was due to be relaid by March, and thanked Steve Hill for pursuing the council over this.
TC also distributed a notice from the Victoria Park Society about a public meeting ahead of a council consultation on the future of the park. 

8 – Election of officers

Rizwan Siddiqui was elected Chairman
Mark Laurie was elected to the Committee
Mafij Rab did not stand again for Committee 

The other committee members stood again and were re-elected
Tim Castle, Secretary
Peter Hollman, Fixtures Secretary
Nigel Richards, Treasurer
Gary Horsman, Committee
Paul Williams, Committee
Steve Hill, Committee

The meeting concluded at 8:50 pm

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