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6:30 pm Tuesday 17 February 2004

At The Pub On The Park
Martello St 
London E8


- Admission of up to five new teams (Item 7A)
- Proposed new fixture structure to accommodate 16/17/18 teams (Item 7B)
- Potential extension of league season into August (Item 7B)
- Draw/selection of teams into leagues (Item 7C)
- Change of rule on rain-affected games (Item 8A)
- Fines for teams crying off games (Item 8B)


1 - Apologies 

2 - Approve minutes of last year’s meeting 

3 - Treasurer’s Report 

4 - Secretary’s report – update on pitches/future developments at Victoria Park 

5 - Contact list update 

6 - Teams leaving

Grasshoppers are withdrawing from league. Joe Phelan’s note to the chairman follows 

Dear Mick
You have probably already heard we won't be able to put out a team this year.  A combination of life and career changes to our players, and cricketing responsibilities elsewhere mean it wouldn't be possible to get a side organised.

As captain last season, and on behalf of founders Don Bodie and Alf Incley, I would like to put on record how much fun and satisfaction we've had playing in the league over the last 13 years or so, and wish you every success in the future. Most of us would not have played cricket at all had it not been for the Victoria Park League, and it has offered something for all of our players, from a safe environment to learn the game to some pretty fierce competition.

Some of us will no doubt play the odd game in the league for other clubs, and it is not inconceivable that there'll be a Hackney Grasshoppers side in the league again in the future.

All good wishes

Joe Phelan

7 – To consider the following teams for admission to the league and what kind of league structure we should adopt

7A – New teams

Vallance – Mafij Rab
Inn On The Park – Tom Hall
ECC – Zawar Hussain
(Victoria Park – Ossie Joseph)
(???? – Nadeem Raja)

7B - Possible league types 

One big league – all play each other once 

Two leagues – in each league all play each other 

Three leagues - in each league all play each other twice 

Super 8 (Committee’s recommendation) – teams seeded into two leagues, in each league all play each other once.

Then the top four/five teams in each league go through to a new division one, the bottom four/five in each to a new division two.

In this second phase clubs will NOT play the teams going with them into the second phase who they have already played - but the results will.

Therefore at the start of the second phase each team will have already have played 3 games. The points from these games are added to the second phase games.

Another way of looking at it is that the results of games against teams who play in the OTHER second phase group do NOT carry forward and are null and void. 

See Table below showing approximate length of season depending on which league structure we choose 

Table below shows approximate season end dates for different league structures and numbers of teams. NB, in Super 8, with 17 teams, each team would have to play twice in one week at least once in the season.



Start date




Number of


League games

One league


End date

per team

















Two leagues

End date


















Three leagues

End date


















Super 8


End date


















*Includes Cup games



7C - Draw/Selection for leagues

If we agree Super 8 – then proceed to a draw as proposed by Chairman Mick Reid:

Two pots, one with best/top teams from last seasons League Table and one from the bottom half. Draw four/five out of one pot and then four/five out of the other to make one group and those remaining in each pot would then form the second group.

Otherwise – select teams for two/three divisions

8 – Proposed rule changes

8A – What to do when it rains (Rose & Crown, seconded by Chats Palace)

Rose & Crown wish to amend Rule 17.


Currently in wet weather the team that wants to play can force a win if the other side doesn’t want to play.
Under the amendment, the team that doesn’t want to play can force the game to be called off.
Underlying the proposal is the principle that safety of players is more important than relative league positions.

The existing rule is reprinted below, followed by the amendment 

Existing Rule 17

    All games must be played on the evenings allotted.  In the event of factors beyond the control of either team preventing a match from  going ahead then it will not be replayed. 

Each team will be awarded 1 point.   Inclement weather shall be at the discretion of both captains (see note a).    Rained off Cup matches will be re-arranged.

Note a.

    It is incumbent on all team captains to ensure that they, or a regular member of their team, are contactable on the day of a match.     If the two captains do not agree by telephone/email etc. before the start of the match that the weather is sufficiently bad to warrant an abandonment, teams should turn up at the ground ready to play.    If one captain wishes the game to be played, it should be played.   In the event of a unilateral decision to abandon, the team ready to play is awarded 2 points.

Proposed amendment to Rule 17

    All games must be played on the evenings allotted.

    In the event of factors beyond the control of either Team preventing a match from going ahead then it will not be replayed.     Each Team will be awarded one point . Inclement weather will be decided at the discretion of both Captains and this should be based upon the playing conditions at the time.

    Consideration to all players health and safety should be paramount.     Consideration should also be given to the prospects of the game starting at some point during the evening and the likelihood of it being possible to then conclude the game before darkness falls.

    Should the Captains be unable to agree then the final decision will lie with the Captain who decides it is not in the interests of health and safety of his/her players for the match to go ahead.

    In the event of agreement not being able to be reached between the two Captains and there is an elected League official in the Park at the time then that person, provided they are not involved in either of the participating Teams, can be asked to arbitrate.     Any decision they make will be considered binding.

    Paramount in the considerations of all involved should be the health and safety of all players concerned and not on relative league positions and other competitive interests.

    [Note a. to be deleted]


8B – Teams crying off (proposal by Pacific)

Proposal for a new rule: 

    Teams who cancel or don’t turn up for games should be fined a [to be decided] amount, to be added to their fees the following year.

    The opposing team who as a result turn up and find they have no opposition, or miss a game because of the cancellation, would have a [to be decided] amount credited to their account, to be deducted from their fees the following year. 

Note – the league has to pay match fees for games cancelled at short notice

9 – Other issues for discussion

9A – Late start of games (Bert Vandermark, President)

On occasions games are starting far too late to be played safely when darkness falls. These occasions often involve games where both teams are present but by dilly dallying don’t get started till 7.p.m.

All teams must take responsibility for getting to the Park and starting their games in good time within the league rules

9B – Sledging (Dover Castle)

Dover Castle would like to discuss the issue of sledging – a problem they say with some oppositions. 

9C – Boundaries (Pacific)

A request that when the boundary markings are drawn, we ensure that Bert and/or any other VPCCL committee members are in attendance as the ground staff seem unable to do this correctly when unsupervised. 

9D – Umpiring (Pacific)

A reminder to teams of their obligation under Rule 6 for players umpiring to know the rules – each team should always carry a copy of the league rules in case of dispute.

Rule 6 
Each team will provide for each game at least one umpire who is conversant with the Laws of Cricket and the Rules of the League.

9E – Trophies (Dover Castle)

Dover Castle raise the issue of trophy presentations – should this take place at the end of the season or be left till the AGM? 

9F - Reminder – teams must bring at least one set of stumps and bails to each game 

10 – Motions raised at the AGM 

11 - Election of Officers (current officers in brackets)

Chairman (Mick Read, Rose & Crown)
Treasurer (Nigel Richards, Victoria Lounge)
Fixtures Secretary (Peter Hollman, Pacific)
Secretary (Tim Castle, Old Fallopians)
Committee Member (Paul Williams, Tower Ravens)
Committee Member (Robert Devaney, Chats Palace)

12 – Presentation of Trophies

League award to Sky
Cup award to Dover Castle 

13 – Any other business 

14 – Screening of film (by Tim Castle) of the 2003 Victoria Park League season “Lord of the Bails” (15 minutes)



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