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Annual General Meeting 2005 Minutes | Agenda 
2004 minutes
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MINUTES | Fixtures Secretary's Report 

6:30 pm Tuesday 22 February 2005

At The Royal Inn on the Park
111 Lauriston Road E9 7HJ


 BV Bert Vandemark (President)
 MR Mick Reid (Chairman)  Rose and Crown
Tim Castle (Secretary)  Old Fallopians
Peter Hollman (Fixtures)  Pacific
Red Saunders  Caledonian Conquerors
 SM Stuart McClean  Chats Palace
Rizwan Ali  Goldman Sachs
Dheraj Shamoo  Island Community Cricket Club
Steve Hill  Island Community Cricket Club
 CS Chris Slade  Martians
Danny Parkash  Norfolk & Chance
Martin Berry  Norfolk & Chance
Mukesh Raja  Norfolk & Chance
 PF Peter Frisby  Old Fallopians
Rob Bastin  Pacific
Sean Feeney  Rose & Crown
Ossie Joseph  Royal Inn
 RS Rizwan Siddique  Sky
Daryl Johnson  Tower Ravens
Michael Biggs  Tower Ravens
Paul Williams  Tower Ravens
 NA Nimo Ahmed  Traditional Corsairs
 MR Mafijur Rab  Vallance
 EC Emran Chowdhury  Vallance Bow
 NC Nick Coke  Vallance Bow
 AD Alastair Dunning  Victoria Lounge
 JC John Challinor  Victoria Park

1 – Apologies 

Alex Hussian, Sky
Stephen Bramble
Ashley Qualye, Island
Nigel Richards, Victoria Lounge

2 – Approve last year’s minutes  

The 2005 minutes were approved

3 – Treasurer’s report 

As the Treasurer was absent ill, TC gave the report
TC reported that the league’s banks balance was comfortable. He pointed out pitch fees are roughly the same price as before, though price of cricket balls is rising.
The room for the the meeting today cost £50. There were several enquiries as to whether the Royal Inn on the Park should be sponsoring the league
MR asked about costs for this year. TC replied that they would probably be the same as 2004, but are not yet finalised

Feb 1 2004 - 21 Feb 2005
Income (£) 2004-5 2003-4 2002-3
Cash at bank 676 54 340
League fees 3375 3850 2250
Cup fees 49 196 60
Sublet of pitches     51
Interest     1
  4100 4100 2702
Pitches 2745 2737 2378
Balls 600 677 270
Hall hire   10  
Balance at bank 755 676 54
  4100 4100 2702
1. These accounts were compiled over 1 year and 3 weeks in order to include the expenditure on 2004 pitch fees on 17 February.
These were arrears for 2004. Six pitches were unused because of rain and have been credited by the council for 2005. 

2. After many requests the bank has finally sent the treasurer account statements. 
It shows that Tower Ravens are owed £45 as they overpaid their 2004 fees.
Also, four teams still owe the extra £30 for 2004 and will be contacted seperately.

3. Hall hire - today's meeting will cost £50 for room hire

4. The treasurer will investigate the lack of interest on the account.

5. Website fees are still due to Tim Castle of £110.

4 – Secretary’s report 

TC noted some issues arising from 2004
- The committee had to deal with discipline problems too often
- The league should not be used as batting practice by weekend teams
- After much lobbying the council had agreed to repair the third wicket at Victoria Park
- The nets are also to be rebuilt, with ECB money
- The league won an award for promoting cricket at the Canary Wharf Sports Development Awards in November 2004
- Seven new teams this season is a big increase and will stretch the league’s adminstrative abilities
- Reminder of rule 17 that when it rains the team that does not want to play has the option to cease the game

5 – Teams leaving 

It was noted that ECC, Sleek and Reuters would not be playing this summer

6 – Election of new teams (Island, Goldman Sachs, Norfolk & Chance, Royal Inn, Traditional Corsairs, Vallance Bow and Victoria Park Juniors)

MR noted that the existing protocol would be in place for accepting new teams and that they would not be allowed to vote during this meeting
TC noted that it would be difficult to accommodate all the proposed teams if for some reason we only have two pitches, but it was feasible
SH talked about the Island squad, a mixture of youth and adults with their own pitch on the Isle of Dogs
RS asked if the introduction to youth players meant that clubs or the league had to have extra policies in place in case of injury.
RB noted that Pacific, which is an ECB-accreddited club, had a welfare policy in place. 
SH said that it was up to the teams that included youths to ensure that they were aware of the rules for their age group (e.g. wearing helmets) rather than the responsibility of other teams
JC confirmed this, noting that ECB development teams already have a mixture of youth and adult players. He added that most of the players of his teams would be familiar with playing with adults in weekend 3rd or 4th XI fixtures.
RA introduced the Goldman Sachs team; the company was keen to get involved in community events.
MB spoke on Norfolk & Chance who have around 16 players and are keen to be involved in a league
NA said the Traditional Corsairs are a squad of friends based in Walthamstow. Sky introduced them to the midweek league, but they insist they are not as good as Sky.
NC introduced Vallance 2nds. Vallance have, now that players from Tower Hamlets and Bow are together, enough players for a second team It was agreed the side would be called Vallance Bow
OC introduced Royal Inn in the Park, a team formed by regulars from the pub and some weekend players

CS proposed and HM seconded Norfolk & Chance
RS proposed and RS seconded Corsaris
MR proposed and TC seconded all the other clubs

All clubs were voted in unanimously.

NB motion 8.1

7 – Fixtures and league structure (possible fixture structures previously circulated) / For Fixture secretary’s report click here. NB motions 8.2, 8.3. 8.4, 8.14 

8 - Rule-changing motions (these are proposed motions, they each need seconding before they can be debated) 

8.1 - NEW TEAMS (proposed by PACIFIC)

That any new league side must have already previously played in the cup OR that they have previously played against a current league side who can sponsor their application, one of whom must attend the new side's 1st game & report to the committee thereafter. 

Not seconded, not carried


Increase the number of players to 9-a-side, and the number of overs to 18 per innings, to allow more players from a club’s squad to play mid-week games. 

Not seconded, not carried


That the league continue the 2004 fixture structure (ie Super6s/7s). The fixtures to be based on the final standings of 2004. 

Seconded by Tower Ravens, passed unanimously


The league to be played in two separate divisions. 

Not seconded, not carried


One independent umpire to be provided for each match from the opposite pitch.

Seconded by Chats Palace 

RH pointed out that this does not guarantee impartiality, is against the spirit of the league and is difficult to organise. SM and TC wondered if players could bring eight players plus umpire. RB thought it too difficult to get nine players. SF pointed out that innings finish at different times, therefore it is difficult to organise. AD said players wanted to stay with their own team and game, not another. 
PH suggested a pool of umpires from teams with large squads; umpires could be drawn from this 
PW replied that there would be little problem of impartiality if the league was split, and that there are so many umpiring disputes that soemthing had to be done 
MR asked how the rule would be enforced if teams did not swap umpires. PW said this would be the committee’s job. 

For 3 Against 5Motion not carried


Following a pre-match conversation between the Captains of Pacific & Reuters, ratification that the no ball law referring to full pitched deliveries are as they are in the current laws i.e.. a no ball is called when a bowler who is not slow (ie.the keeper standing back!) is above waist which also means the bowler is given his 1st warning. On the 2nd occasion when no ball is called against the same bowler, the bowler is warned & the Captain advised. On the 3rd occasion, a no ball is called & the bowler withdrawn from the attack. This is the same with a slow bowler (i.e. the keeper standing up) full pitches over shoulder height to the batsman. 

This is already a rule of cricket. TC to remind teams of this rule before start of season


Further reduce the retirement score for batsmen to 25 from 50 to make the league more competitive and to get more people involved in the game. 

Not seconded, not carried


That all the same league rule applies in cup i.e.. for batters to retire at 50. 

Seconded by Tower Ravens

PH – Works well. RH and SF said that it was better to be consistent between league and cup

For 7 Against 0 Abstension 1 – Motion passed


Limit bowlers run ups to 8 steps (as in the old 40 over league) thereby saving time and helping to ensure matches are completed in fair and safe light. 

Not seconded, not carried


That any team who fail to fulfil a fixture are charged the full cost of the pitch in addition to forfeiting the match. 

Seconded by TC 

PH – For motion, saying that it is unfair that teams share burden when one team pulls out
TC – For motion, saying that around £30 would be the cost payable for pulling out
SF – Against motion, teams want to play, so why fine them for not playing. 

For 7 Against 2 – Motion carried


That all teams submit the full names of those playing at the same time as passing the result to the Webmaster. 

Seconded by Sky

TC – Against motion, as it would be a lot of hassle to administer if the committee wanted to check who was cup tied for a certain game. But it would not be a problem if it was for statistical purpoise
AD – Against motion if it made TC’s job harder

The motion was withdrawn, and suggested as a guideline for teams


That any player playing for a non-league side in the cup is not allowed to play for any other side in the cup. 

Already a rule, motion withdrawn


That all clubs respect the trophies they have won & ensure they are looked after. That they are fully engraved & when requested by the Committee are returned on time. Failure of any Club to ensure this could result in their expulsion. 

Seconded by Tower Ravens

For 10 Against 0 - Motion carried


That 2nd phase games' dates can be moved by application & mutual agreement.

Teams have 7 days after the last 1st phase matches to contact the Fixture Secretary who will be sole arbitrator in the event of a disagreement. 

It was agreed that this is up to the fixture secretary and teams to decide


Proposal for a VPCCL one day tournament (on a Saturday or Sunday) between the league teams.  The matches could be in a 10 over slog format with the emphasis being on a fun/family day to promote the league especially in light of it's recent award.  Obviously the logistics are slightly more difficult at a weekend given a lot of players may already be playing but possibly a suitable date could be found. 

It was agreed that this was a more organisational matter than a rule change. But there was a general agreement that a bank holiday competition would be a good advert for the league. Tower Ravens agreed to take charge of organisation.

9 - NON-RULE CHANGING MOTIONS: (again, these all need seconding before debate) 


To set up a working party or volunteer to lay out & ratify a formal disciplinary procedure based on previous rulings  

Left for PH to organise if he wanted


To encourage & remind all teams that within the spirit of the league that batsmen who edge or know they are out should not expect their own team mates to adjudicate but make the decision themselves. 



To remind all teams that if a batsman is totally genuine that he was given out incorrectly, the fielding Captain has the option to recall him if he should deem so fit. 


10 – Election of officers (current officers in brackets

Chairman (Mick Reid, Rose & Crown)
Treasurer (Nigel Richards, Victoria Lounge)
Secretary (Tim Castle, Old Fallopians)
Fixtures (Paul Hollman, Pacific)
Committee member (Rob Devaney, Chats Palace)
Committee member (Paul Williams, Tower Ravens)
Committee member (Alex Hussain, Sky)

Alex Hussain to stand down
Mafijur Rab (Vallance) and Rizwan Siddique (Sky) elected to commitee.

TC proposed MR (Vallance) as a committee member. Seconded by MR
Nigel Richards to continue as Treasurer – proposed by AD, seconded by RH
MR as chairman – proposed by BV, seconded by AD
TC as secretary – PF, BV
PH as fixtures – AD, SF
RS as committee member, PH, RS 
The desire of Rob Devaney from Chats to continue as a committee member was unknown

11 – Presentation of Trophies 

The league shield was still with Sky and could not be presented Tower Ravens. RS apologised on behalf of Sky and promised to bring the trophy as soon as possible.

The Cup was still with Sleek who had not returned it.

12 – Any Other Business

President’s Game. It was noted that BV often picked teams but the players did not turn up. Tower Ravens were happy to play - OJ would ensure that the President’s team turned up.


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