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Annual General Meeting 2007 Minutes | 2007 Agenda 
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MINUTES | Agenda

Thursday 8 March 2007

At The Royal Inn on the Park
111 Lauriston Road E9 7HJ

Meeting started at 6:30 p.m.


Bert Vandermark (President)  
Mick Reid (Chairman) Rose & Crown
Tim Castle (Secretary) Old Fallopians
Peter Hollman (Fixtures) Pacific
Nigel Richards (Treasurer) Victoria Lounge
Steve Hill (Committee) Island Community
Mafijur Rab (Committee) Vallance/Vallance Bow
Rizwan Siddiqui (Committee) Sky
Paul Williams (Committee) Tower Ravens
Red Saunders Caledonian Conquerors
Sajid Rehman Caledonian Conquerors
Paul Dunphy Central London
Gary Horsman Chats Palace
Ajay Gosai Darji
Dipak Gosai Darji
Stefan Proud Fives
Stan Foley Fives
Carlton Boulter Hendon & Edgware
Tanjeem Chowdhury Island Community
Sakib Khaliq Masiha
Adnan Ali Masiha
Zaved Salehin New Boys
Mohommad Abdullah New Boys
Martin Berry Norfolk & Chance
Vimal Datta Norfolk & Chance
Kash Akram Norfolk & Chance
Philip Barrass Old Fallopians
Jonathan Stebbins Old Fallopians
Shane Rees Pacific
Iain Heaphy Rose & Crown
Rob Waugh Tower Cavaliers
Alkesh Solanki Tower Cavaliers
Michael Biggs Tower Ravens
Alastair Dunning Victoria Lounge
John Challinor Victoria Park Juniors
Mark Laurie Victoria Park Juniors
Colin Michael  
Rita Vandermark  

1 – Apologies

Terry Prescod East End Cavaliers

2 – The minutes of the 2006 AGM were approved

2a - Matters arising
- Toilets at Victoria Park. Steve Hill did approach Tower Hamlets council about this, they acknowledged there was a problem with facilities and said it would be addressed in future. Steve will try again with the new head of parks. Gary Horsman asked whether the toilets were part of the pitch hire.

3 – Presentation of Trophies
-- Division One: shared by East End Cavaliers and Victoria Park Juniors
Presented to VPJ's John Challinor and Mark Laurie by League Chairman Mick Reid (as EE Cavaliers' Terry Prescod was absent)
-- Division Two: Island
Presented to Island's Steve Hill and Tanjeem Chowdhury
-- Division Three: Victoria Lounge
A "virtual" trophy was presented to Alastair Dunning of Vic Lounge
-- Cup: Traditional Corsairs
Trad Corsairs were not present to receive the trophy
-- Best Batting: Aleem Hussain of Sky
The trophy was accepted by Sky's Rizwan Siddiqui
-- Best Bowling: Terry Prescod of EE Cavaliers
Terry was not present to receive the award

Photographs of the presentations were taken by Philip Barrass

4 - Treasurer's report (Nigel Richards)
Nigel presented the following details:

Accounts for Victoria Park Community Cricket League
22 Feb 2006 - 28 February 2007
INCOME 2006-07   2005-06   2004-05 2003-04 2002-03
Cash at Bank B/F        752.74         755.24        676.06       53.66     339.55
League fees     4,890.00      4,250.00     3,375.00   3,850.00   2,250.00
Cup Fees        278.00         175.00         49.00     196.00       60.00
Missed Matches               -          28.00               -             -             -
Lost Balls           6.00                -               -             -             -
"Sub-let" of pitches               -                -               -             -       51.00
Interest               -            0.80               -             -        1.01
    5,926.74      5,209.04     4,100.06   4,099.66   2,701.56
EXPENDITURE 2006-07   2005-06   2004-05 2003-04 2002-03
Pitches     4,794.25      3,498.30     2,744.82   2,736.60   2,377.90
Balls        972.00         660.00        600.00     677.00     270.00
Website Charges         25.00  **       147.47  **             -             -             -
   *£8.50 owing    **covers 2001-05      
Trophies               -          79.00               -             -             -
Hall Hire               -          50.00               -       10.00             -
Bank Charge               -            8.00               -             -             -
Sundries (postage etc)               -          13.53               -             -             -
Balance at Bank c/f        135.49         752.74        755.24     676.06       53.66
    5,926.74      5,209.04     4,100.06   4,099.66   2,701.56
1. Debtors - TOTAL £255 +    (ca £25 may not be collected)    
i) 6 teams owe £25- Vallance, Vallance Bow, Vic Park Jnrs, Norfolk & Chance, Fives and Phoenix
ii) One Team owes £105 - Masiha            
iv) There may still be fees due in respect of matches cancelled at late notice.  
2. Creditors - Total  £150 approx            
i) Further Trophies may be required plus engraving - £50 approx    
ii) Highgate are owed £11 refund of cup fees in 2005        
3. Other Notes              
i) Pitches for 2006 paid in full.            
ii) Bank Interest stopped in lieu of bank charges        
4. Pitches pa              
2007-08 2006-07   2005-06   2004-05 2003-04 2002-03
160 est. 151   130   102 106 ca. 100

The reporr was accepted by the meeting, proposed by Ian Charlton and seconded by Steve Hill
A vote of thanks to the treasurer was proposed by Gary Horsman and seconded by Philip Barrass

5 - Secretary's report (Tim Castle)

The secretary repeated his message from last year. The league in 2007 will grow to 22 teams, double its size from 2001. That needs a clear division of labours among committee members, as well as teams doing all they can to avoid unnecessary disuputes over match decisions and results.

Last season's proposed commitee responsibilities appeared to have worked well, as did the new disputes procedure - which worked so well that no disputes had to be resolved by the committee. Both these measures would be proposed as formal rule changes later in the meeting.

He also reminded teams of the format to send their results, and would be proposing later in the meeting a points penalty for late results notification.

As a minimum, they should give scores and wickets, as well as best batting and bowling, eg 

Old Fallopians beat Sky by 4 wickets 
Sky 155 all out (13 overs)
Siddiqui 50*
Castle 4-0-15-3 

Old Fallopians 156-3
Castle 50*
Barrass 45
Siddiqui 4-0-30-2 

Further details, commentary and photos are all welcome.

6 - Fixture secretary's report and proposed divisional structure for 2007 (Peter Hollman)

Peter Hollman submitted the following report:

Last year the league structure continued in the same vein it has since 2004 whereby initially 2 groups or conferences were created & populated evenly based on the 2005 final positions. With the potential increase in teams this year the format is being adjusted to 4 conferences of 8 teams followed by 4 divisions of 6 in the 2nd half of the season. The make up of the conferences will again be based on 2006 final places with new teams divided across them. To anyone new to the League or unclear, you may recognise the format as that used in this year’s world cup super eights.

In 2006 there were several new clubs & as this looks like continuing this year. Consequently, the format remains strong in essence in particular for the new clubs as they find their level. Additionally, established clubs whose level fluctuates depending on individual player availability will also find the format will suit. I therefore strongly endorse that the structure remains in place.

Tim Castle has already circulated a 24 team draft which you will have received. Teams will get at least 7 1st phase matches & a further 4 2nd phase + at least 1 cup matche meaning a minimum of 12 matches per team. This year I have had to further factor in longer youth sessions which we must avoid so no Thursdays on pitches 1 & 2 although I have scheduled in some games in high Summer & these will have to be 7pm start. I have growing concerns as the Juniors eat further into our available fixture times & coupled with the state of pitch 2, we need to seriously look at playing off site. I would advocate usage of satellite grounds in adjacent boroughs ie Millfields, Hackney Downs, Wray Crescent & Millwall. I would urge teams who are prepared to do so to make themselves known to me tonight along with the venues that they are happy to play at. I.e. Pacific are prepared to play all their conference matches at Wray Crescent however only those teams in Pacific’s group who are happy to play there will be scheduled there. All being well the teams who do not wish to travel can be fully accommodated.

I would take this opportunity to remind teams to take it upon themselves to cross-reference the fixtures once circulated which they are given by me against those published on the website. Any inconsistency should be flagged to me ASAP. Please remember that this final responsibility lies with the team representative or Captain.

Last year I tried as much as possible to spread the games across the 4 days of the week & the 3 available pitches across all the teams. Interestingly, this wasn’t always possible & London Fields who were new, expressed their gratitude setting them up with games on consecutive Tuesdays as it gave them regularity & continuity. Nice one but sorry chaps but that was a fluke. If teams do wish to avoid particular nights or wish to play on particular nights then if possible I’ll factor this in. This will of course be simpler still for the teams who opt to play off site.

Apart from London Fields I did not get much other feedback which I’d like to assume therefore, that everyone was comparatively happy. If you do have any issues then please let me know at by the end of this weekend as I believe I need to re-draft the fixtures & I’m sure everyone will want the final draft ASAP

Stats Corner:-

The 2006 season saw 158 (140 in 2006) games scheduled including re-arranged cup matches.

There were 6 forfeits = under 4% (10% 2003 & 9% 2004 & 6% in 2005 ) so an excellent trend.

We were lucky with the weather & also there was a determination by teams to play in all conditions. Only 5 games were rained off & 1 more abandoned due to bad light so well done to all the Captains. Hopefully, the 2 skippers caught out will sort themselves out this year.

Finally, many thanks to all teams who took part last season, to the new teams who gelled so well. The lack of arbitration needed, excellent conduct, positive attitude & approach by teams should not go un-noted.

I do hope that you all had good seasons & enjoyed the format but as ever, I do welcome any constructive criticism either before or during the season in the event that I should be re-elected.


There was some discussion after Peter's report over whether teams preferred to play all their games on the same day each week or on different days. Peter Hollman noted that teams would have two weeks after the publication of the draft fixtures to ask for changes. The possibility was also raised of playing some games on Fridays. The Victoria Park Juniors said they would at most be only using one pitch on Fridays for matches.

Peter Hollman said he would like to hear from any teams prepared to play away from Victoria Park to ease the fixture congestion. Mark Laurie noted that the surface had been damaged at Hackney Downs but the wicket at Millfields was fine and he believed was not being booked midweek.

The fixture secretary's proposed league structure for 2007 was accepted by the meeting, seconded by Steve Hill.

7 - The following four teams were elected to the league:
-- Tower Cavaliers
Rob Waugh said the team, which has played twice in the Cup, is formed mainly from staff at Tower Hamlet Council's Environmental Health department and contains a number of Australian and South African players. They don't play at weekends
-- Central London
Paul Dunphy said the team plays on Sundays at St John's Wood and has a squad of around 20 players aged between 16 and 30+. It has already played a couple of games against Island Community and plays friendlies at Regent's Park.
-- Hendon & Edgware
Carlton Boulter said most of the team are local to the Victoria Park area and work in central London. They have around 60 players signed up, aged 16 to 62. They won the wooden spoon in two of the Middlesex Leagues last year and play at Mill Hill Park where the club, founded in 1927, has its own club house. Many of their players have been recruited from the Gumtree website.
-- New Boys
Zaved Salehin said they were a new team formed from friends who had played for their university sides and practised at the Victoria Park nets. Now they had left university they had decided to form their own team.

All teams were accepted by the meeting, proposed by Alastair Dunning and seconded by Steve Hill.

8 - Motions

8.1 - Divisonal structure

- [Old Fallopians/Secretary] - Amend Rule 1 to "The league will be played in the divisional structure agreed at the annual AGM."
(Note: This makes Rule 1 conform with recent practice - it currently reads "The League will comprise of two divisions in which each team will play the others twice. Movement between the divisions on the basis of two up, two down will occur provided the promotion elegible teams wish it.")

Gary Horsman seconded - passed unanimously.

8.2 Disputes

- [Old Fallopians/Secretary] - Add the following as a League rule:
There are no independent umpires so disputes should be avoided. Captains should resolve between them any disputes that do arise in the spirit of the game.
Trying to sort out disputes after a match is extremely time consuming and generally a fruitless exercise.
If captains feel they must bring a dispute to the attention of the committee, the procedure will be as follows:
1 – Contact secretary with details
2 – Secretary will nominate two committee members to investigate the complaint
3 – The two committee members will report back within seven days to the chairman with their recommendation
4 – Chairman will either accept the recommendation or make an alternative ruling. Secretary will inform captains concerned of the decision, which will be final and not subject to appeal.
(Note: this was suggested by the secretary as a way of working at last year's AGM.)

Ian Charlton seconded - passed unanimously

8.3 Duties of officers

(Amends Constitutional Rule 3: "The Officers of the League shall consist of the President, Chairperson, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and Fixtures Secretary "

- [Old Fallopians/Secretary] - Incorporate following role definitions into Constitutional Rule 3:
Chairman: Final arbiter in disputes and other issues.
Secretary/webmaster: First point of contact, runs website, collates results, maintains contacts list, delegates dispute resolution to other committee members, books venue for AGM.
Fixtures Secretary: Draws up fixtures, books pitches, handles rearrangement of fixtures (especially cup games).
Treasurer: All financial matters, pays council and other suppliers, responsible for collecting fees and fines.
Non-executive members: Dispute resolution and other ad hoc duties.
(Note: These roles were suggested at the last AGM by the secretary and appeared to have worked well over the last year)

Seconded by Steve Hill - passed unanimously.

8.4 State of wickets

- [Old Fallopians/Secretary] - AGM to appoint four representatives from the league as delegation to meet with head of Tower Hamlets leisure/greenspace and/or other council officials to ensure Pitch 2 is repaired in time for season.

Amendment proposed by Gary Horsman, seconded by Mark Laurie, to read:
AGM to appoint four representatives from the league as delegation to meet with head of Tower Hamlets leisure/greenspace and/or other council officials to DISCUSS STATE OF PITCHES AND FACILITIES.

Motion was passed, nominated representatives were: Mafijur Rab, Steve Hill, Mark Laurie, Tim Castle

8.5 Tied games

- [Pacific] - If in the cup & only in the cup if a match is tied with scores level, then whoever has lost least wickets is declared the winner. If this is equal, then a bowl out will take place. Five players will each bowl 2 balls at unguarded stumps. If the scores are still the level then the 6th player, then 7th & 8th if required. Then the 1st again etc until a
winner is determined. NB if conditions are not condusive ie too dark, then the same sides may come back to do this on another date but BEFORE the next round match is due & this can take place in the nets.
(Explanatory note - last year we had two tied games - one in the league, Norfolk & Chance v Vallance Bow, where the points were shared, and one in the Cup, Goodmayes v Tower Ravens. Because we had no rule for tied Cup games, the match was replayed the following week, with Goodmayes winning the rematch.)

Seconded by Alastair Dunning, carried 12 for, 1 against.

8.6 League positions

(Note: These motions amend Rule 20: "In the event of two or more teams tying on points at the top of the league after all matches are played, the league championship title shall be shared.")

- [Pacific] - Final League positions to be determined to same criteria as in conference first round matches.
(The criteria is as follows:
Where points are level between teams at the end of the first phase the following are the determining factors:
1. The result of the game between the relevant sides
2. The amount of wins achieved
3. The result against the team who comes 1st; if still the same then 2nd, then 3rd etc until a difference is noted
4. If still the same, the toss of a coin UNLESS the teams involved wished to arrange a play off or bowl out.)

- [Victoria Park Juniors] - Final League Position: When teams finish the season level on points, either:
a. There should be a final deciding match.
b. their average team run total should be taken into account when determining the winner.
c. The league should be shared.

Neither motion carried - status quo prevails

8.7 Cup competition

- [Pacific] - Amendment to eligibility of players in cup comp. This self regulating rule should be adapted as cup matches can take place after only 1 game (Masiha last year) so change it to any bona fide club member - clubs to send list of players to Sec - OR any one who has played a league game for the club within the last 12 months remains eligible. Non league clubs are not restricted & remain unaffected.
[Note: this is a change to Rule 15: "A player shall not play for a side in the Cup unless they have previously represented that side in the League during the current season. In addition, Cup teams cannot field any players who have played for other Victoria Park Community Cricket League sides during the season."

Seconded by Gary Horsman, amended to change rule by dropping  words "during the current season".
Carried 8 for, 2 against, 2 abstentions.

- [Pacific] - Non league clubs can enter cup for 2 consecutive years. Currently 1 year. Unless joining the league.
[Note: this a change to Constitutional Rule 18: "Non-league teams may play in the Cup, but only with a view to joining the league the following season. A non-league team which plays in the Cup and which does not join the league the following year will be excluded from that year's Cup tournament. In other words, a non-league team cannot play two successive years in the Cup."]

Seconded by Tim Castle. Carried 10 for, 2 against, 2 abstentions.

8.8 Notification of results

- [Old Fallopians/Secretary] - Where neither team informs secretary of result of a game within five days: for league games, both teams will be given zero points; for cup games, neither team will progress to the next round and a bye will be given to their next round opponents.
(This amends Rule 16: "The Administration Secretary must be informed of results within 5 days of a game.")

Seconded by Gary Horsman, amended to add words "except in exceptional circumstances" after "within five days". Carried unanimously.

8.9 Start times

(These motions amend Rule 4: "All matches will be played between 6pm and 9pm. Games are to start no later than 6:30 pm. No team may commence a game with fewer than 5 players. Any team not ready to commence by 6:30 pm forfeits the toss. In April and August games must start no later than 6:15 pm, and any team not ready to start by 6:15 pm forfeits the toss.")

- [Pacific] - That declarations are permissible as an alternative to reducing overs from the start. Currently the laws do not allow this & any game where this occurs should currently be recorded as no result.

Seconded by Caledonian Conquerors. Carried 12 for, 1 against

- [Pacific] - More earlier start times. Matches scheduled prior to 14th May 2007 commence at 6pm or the recommended reduced overs to be considered by the Captains. August remains as now except The Cup Final should start 30 mins earlier than the scheduled time for a league game unless prior agreement reached.

Not seconded, motion failed

- [Old Fallopians/Secretary] - For matches before mid-May and after mid-August: Games starting at 6pm, max 16 overs each; at 6:15 pm, max 14 overs; at 6:30 pm, max 12 overs; at 6:45 pm, max 10 overs. Overs per bowler to be reduced pro rata.
(Clarifications: 14 overs: max 4 overs for 2 bowlers, max 3 for two others; 12 overs: max 3 overs per bowler; 10 overs: max 3 overs for two bowlers, max 2 overs for two others. For 2007 the relevant dates would be before May 14 and after August 17)

Not seconded, motion failed

- [Victoria Park Juniors] - Start Times: All matches should start no later than 6.15. Teams arriving five minutes late will be deducted 10 runs for every five minutes up until 6.30 when they will be liable to forfeiture of the match.

Not seconded, motion failed

8.10 Match Officials

- [Victoria Park Juniors] - That there be an official of the league present at the start of each session to arbitrate as to the playability of the ground.

Withdrawn by Mark Laurie

8.11 White balls, white kit

- [Pacific] White Balls. Introduce as experiment. Each team to be allocated 1 ball for 1st phase league game. To be pre-noted in fixtures so dark attire can be worn legitimately.
(This amends Rule 10: "The team named first on the fixture list will supply the match ball. Red balls will be provided by the League at the beginning of the season.")

Seconded by Stefan Proud. Not carried, 3 for, 12 against

- [Pacific] - All team reps & club officials must be aware that in matches with red balls, all players but in particular the bowlers must wear white or light colour or the Captain must not let them bowl. This applies to BOTH shirt & bottoms. Also a reminder of no metal spikes. NB the Captain is responsible for the conduct & attire of his players.
[Secretary suggests this motion should read: Amend Rule 9 to "All teams are expected to play in white clothing. In particular, in matches with red balls, bowlers must wear white or a light colour or the Captain must not let them bowl. Metal spiked shoes must not be worn by bowlers or batsmen"]
(Note Rule 9: All teams are expected to play in white clothing. Rule 12: Team captains are responsible for the sporting conduct of their players.)

Seconded by Alastair Dunning. Amended to read "in white tops and trousers".
Carried 10 for, 2 against.

8.12 Fees

- [Pacific] - New teams to be asked to pay a one-off non-refundable joining fee of £25 in lieu of past trophies, payments & shortfalls / losses incurred by sides joining & leaving with unpaid arrears.

Seconded by Steve Hill, carried 11 for, 2 against, 1 abstention. Will come into force from 2008 season.

- [Pacific] - Fees for teams in the cup. This has been set arbitrarily as £25 per team per round payable in advance or on the day. Can the treasurer or the meeting attendees confirm at what rate they should be charged ?

Agreed that there should be a fixed rate for each Cup round

- [Caledonian Conquerors] - Pay at the AGM don’t pay, you don’t play, ....end of story extraordinary dispensation may be given, and then only at the committees discretion for one calendar month after the AGM. Still no payment after that your team is disqualified from the VPCCL for 2 seasons. League and Cup...

Withdrawn by Red Saunders

(Note: Constitutional Rule 10: The annual subscription for all teams in the League shall be determined by the General Committee and be confirmed at a General League Meeting. A proportion, to be decided by the General Committee, of the subscription shall become due on March 1st, with the balance due on April 15. Teams who have not paid their subscriptions in full by April 15 will not be allowed to take part in the League or Cup Competitions.")

8.13 Child Protection

- [Victoria Park Juniors] - Child Protection. That appropriate arrangements are made to ensure that under 18s playing in the league are safeguarded according to current legislation.

Seconded by Stan Foley, carried unanimously. Steve Hill said this was a obligation on all teams, includes requirements for under-18s to wear helmets while batting, not field close to wicket etc.

8.14 Scoring

- [Victoria Park Juniors] - Disposable Score Boards: We propose that three light weight score boards are purchased. (ie cricket for £100-£150) This will mean a supplement of £15-£20 being charged per club. The boards to be stored in the changing rooms and accessed before each game)

Not seconded, motion failed.

8.15 The League

- [Pacific] - League Expansion. That the League consider extending the boundaries beyond Victoria Park as its popularity grows if appropriate.
NB saturation point of 3 games per weekday from end of April to mid August will be reached when 24 league teams are signed up. In the current structure, this would mean THREE conferences of 8 teams followed by FOUR divisions which equals 11 matches per team. With a maximum of 32 teams too in the cup teams will get at least 1 extra cup game but vacant dates or replay dates will be in very limited supply given also the VP Juniors have priority booking as in 2006. It may therefore, be worth polling the teams to see where teams' positions lie. From those who will not consider playing elsewhere under any circumstances to those who could host all their matches. Assuming that not all teams come into the former category, then the league would be able to undertake a gradual expansion. Alternative grounds for consideration are (all artificial):- Millwall, Hackney Downs, Lea Bridge Rd., Wray Crescent.

Seconded by Stan Foley. Not carried, 2 for, 10 against, 2 abstentions. Suggested that League try to get more pitches installed at Victoria Park before considering expanding to other locations.

8.16 Trophies

(Note - the following motions appears to be covered by Rule 19 of the Constitution: "Teams must respect the trophies they have won & ensure they are looked after. The trophies must be fully engraved and when requested by the Committee must be returned on time. Failure of any team to ensure this could result in their expulsion.")

- [Pacific] - Trophies to be presented when required OR handed over to League official before required.

- [Pacific] - Trophy winners to return trophies at 2008 AGM for engraving.

In effect what happens now. Not seconded, motion failed.

8.17 The AGM
(Note: Constitutional Rule 11: "The AGM of the League shall be held by 29th February. The Hon. Secretary shall give 14 days clear notice to all teams entitled to attend"

- [Victoria Park Juniors] - We propose that next year’s AGM be held this year.

Seconded by Iain Heaphy. Not carried, 3 for, 10 against.

- [Old Fallopians/Secretary]: Amend the date in Rule 11 to 12th March, to avoid clashes with half term, and to make rule conform with recent practice.

Seconded by Steve Hill. Carried unanimously.

8.18 Bonus Points
(Note: Amends Rule 13: “Two points are awarded for a win: one point for a tie or "no result".”

- [Tower Ravens] - Bonus points awarded to both the winning and losing teams dependent upon their batting/bowling performance.
These points will be in addition to the points earned by winning the match itself. In addition to making the league more exciting this would also reduce the likelihood of teams finishing on the same points at the end of the season.

Not seconded, motion failed.

9 - Any other business

Jonathan Stebbins proposed the league ask for a fourth pitch at Victoria Park.

Nigel Richards confirmed that all teams in arrears had paid their debts at the AGM, with the exception of Phoenix (Newham), who are not playing this summer.

Peter Hollman suggested it would be good to organise a prize giving event at the end of the season.

8 - Election of officers

All existing members were re-elected, with the exception of Rob Devaney, who submitted his resignation via Gary Horsman. Gary Horsman was elected in his place.

Chairman (Mick Reid, Rose & Crown)
Treasurer (Nigel Richards, Victoria Lounge)
Secretary (Tim Castle, Old Fallopians)
Fixtures (Paul Hollman, Pacific)
Committee member (Gary Horsman, Chats Palace)
Committee member (Rizwan Siddiqui, Sky)
Committee member (Paul Williams, Tower Ravens)
Committee member (Mafij Rab, Vallance)
Committee member (Steve Hill, Island)

The meeting concluded at 10:20 p.m.


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