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Annual General Meeting 2002 | last year's AGM minutes | Back to Home

Held  at:
Chats Palace Community Centre
42 Brooksbys Walk, Homerton E9

19 February 2002 at 8 p.m.

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Present - Nigel Richards (Victoria Lounge), Peter Hollman & David Murray (Pacific), Joe Phelan (Hackney Grasshoppers 1), Tim Castle (Old Fallopians), Bert Vandermark (President), Johnny Hodgkinson & Gary Horsman (Chats Palace), Patrick McGuiness (Hackney Grasshoppers 2), David Blundell (Access to Sports / Stoke Newington CC), Mark Lawrie (Hackney Council / Victoria Park CC).

Meeting started 8:35 pm

1 - Apologies - Caledonian Conquerors, Tower Ravens, Rose & Crown and Mola Jutt.

2 - Coaching - DB representing Access For Sports who have been commissioned by Hackney Council using regeneration money informed those present that if anyone is interested Level 1 coaching courses commence in Stoke Newington & round on consecutive Saturdays with effect from 9/3/03.Nets are also run for youths at London Schools, Gossett Street site. There are currently 16 youths participating & they will be looking for sides to play for this summer.

ML advised that in addition, there are sessions on Saturday mornings, which include Under11, & under 13s sides at Victoria Park. Fridays at 5pm & Sundays at 11am. There is also a meeting for all Hackney based sides or those seeking pitches on Tuesday 26th February at Pub on the Park in London Fields.

Contact: - Mark is on 020 8986 2987.

3 - Matters arising from AGM 2001

Reports to follow later.

Unanimously agreed to shelve plans for a 3rd division this year.

Wray Crescent. Discussed later.

Boundaries. All expressed disappointment that last yearís motion to expand boundaries had no effect & that the opposite in fact took place. BV agreed to do all he could to ensure that even if there was 1 short boundary Ė shared with adjacent pitch, the rest would be enlarged as agreed in 2001. PH added that if need be, the Council can draw 2 boundaries so both the juniors & seniors could be accommodated.

Umpiring. Nothing new to discuss.

New teams. See below.

Batting & bowling points were discussed but unanimously rejected. JH proposed to reduce points to 2 for a win & 1 for a no result. 2nd TC. For 4, 1 against, 0 abstention. Passed

Presidentís game. This will take place again when Mola Jutt play BVís selection. The cup draw will take place immediately afterwards.

Election of Officers. See below.

League Fees. See below.

4 - Chair's Report

NR wished it to be noted that he was disappointed with the poor turnout & stressed that teamís reps should ensure that if they cannot attend, a deputy should.

5 Secretary's R eport

Sarah Barnard was not present to advise. PH gave Fixture Secís report. Despite problems PH was happy with arrangements at Wray crescent although popular consensus was a preference to play at VP. Additionally, there was little to report apart from the boundaries discussed above, stumps which were no longer available at the Firkin Pub. Indeed, Phil Barrass (Old Fallopians) was given dispensation to represent the League with a view to approaching they new pubís owners & establish any possible sympathies they may have & whether stumps can again be left or of fixtures can be posted.

6 - Treasurer's Report

Due to the absence of the incumbent, a general discussion of the Leagueís finance took place. Only 1 teamís fees were banked although pitches were paid for using the credit balance that there had been. Consequently, it was agreed unanimously to set this seasons fees at £200. JP summarised ďthat all teams that paid by cheque last year played for free. Their cheques were not cashed. That all teams who paid by cash will play for free this year. That was Grasshoppers 1. NB - Old Fallopians have since informed the treasurer that last year they paid by bankersí draft. Assuming this tally with VPCCL accounts Old Fallopians will also play for free this year.

7 - Election of Officers 

 TC proposed that the Webmaster should be recognise as a bona fide position. 2nd PH. Passed unanimously.

Nigel Richards, Joe Phelan, Tim Castle & Peter Hollman, filled the positions of Chair, Treasurer, League Secretary, and Fixtures Sec respectively as no other candidates stood

9:10 pm Drinks break
9:15 pm Resumption

8 - New teams & teams retiring

 Again disappointingly, despite several leads, only 1 team was confirmed at the AGM Ė Graces. It was agreed that in the interest of balance, Graces should be fast tracked to Div 1. NB internal politics within Graces has meant that they have requested a postponement of their confirmation to join when they hold a EGM on 7/3/02.

Also, DB did not rule out the prospect of Stoke Newington getting involved this season.

Meanwhile the divisions were drawn up as follows.

  1. Mola Jutt, Hackney Grasshoppers 1, Rose & Crown, Tower ravens, Pacific & Graces (tbc).
  2. Martians, Victoria Lounge, Caledonian Conquerors, Chats Palace, Hackney grasshoppers 2, Old Fallopians.

If Stoke Newington do join, they will be places in Division 2 but should Graces pull out, a decision will have to be made as to who should join the 1st division.

There was also concern that teams were being offered the opportunity to play in the cup when emphasises should always be made on teams joining for both wherever possible. PH noted this & in context advised that a team who had contacted him via the league would not consider playing regularly & were currently contemplating the cup Ė Brixton casuals.

Woodstock has not replied to numerous attempts to contact them.

NR said he would attend the following week's meeting at Pub on the Park & would seek to recruit new additions.

9 - The League Secretary will circulate an updated list of contacts include phone numbers & emails addresses.

10a - Pitches. 

It was agreed that Wray crescent will be used by the teams who wish to play there for their home games as most sides prefer to play at VP. TC had provided all those present with contemporary pictures of the 3 pitches at VP & although Tower Hamlets have given assurances that all 3 will be useable for the season, it was agreed that fixtures should only be arranged for 2 (the 2 nearest as one walks in from then East gate). In addition, it was agreed that the closest pitch (pitch 2) would be used for 1st division & the pitch closest to the tennis courts (pitch 1) for the 2nd division wherever possible.

The Grasshoppers teams requested that wherever possible they would like their matches to take place on the same evening.

There was a discussion into the costs of laying pitches & PM believed that this may be undertaken more cheaply ourselves. On behalf of IBC, he will investigate & report.

10b - Tower Hamlets Sports Council membership. Proposed joining by Dan Bird (Victoria Lounge) via NR. Cost of £5 to be met by League. Agreed & was passed. NR said he would attend if Dan Bird incapacitated.

10c1 -  Points amendment agreed. See above

10c2 -  TC to submit expenses related to website. Agreed unanimously.

10c3 - Pitches agreed. See above.

10c4 - Boundaries. See above.

11. AOB already discussed.

10:25 pm Meeting adjourned.

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