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Annual General Meeting 2016 Minutes
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Victoria Park Community Cricket League

AGM 2016 Minutes


1.    Apologies

2.    Minutes & Matters Arising of 2015 AGM

3.    Reports:

a.    Chair (incorporating Trophy Presentations)

b.    Treasurer

c.    Results Secretary

d.    Fixture Secretary (incorporating 2016 Fixtures presentation)

4.    Motions (inc. proposals for League rule or fixture changes)

5.    Election of new teams

6.    Election of Officers and Committee

7.    Any Other Business


Chairman: Rizwan Siddiqui (Sky) 

Secretary: Gary Horsman (Homerton)

Treasurer: Rob Worthington (Victoria Lounge)

Fixtures Secretary: Peter Hollman

Results Secretary: Firoz Hussain

Committee members: 
Charlie Challinor (Tower Hamlets) & Saj Rehman

Webmaster: Tim Castle (Old Fallopians)


Representatives from: Best Nationals, Bradgate, Crossrail, Homerton, London Fields, London Tigers, Mad Maroccas, Masiha, Old Falopians, Regents, Rose & Crown, Sky, Victoria Lounge, Shadwell

New Menbers – Broadway, Camel Lights, Mile Tailenders, Millwall, Royal Sovereign, Stokey Scoundrels


Apologies: Contenders (not noted at meeting, but received by email earlier)


1. Minutes & Matters Arising of 2015 AGM:

Minutes were accepted; there were no matters arising


2. Reports: Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Fixture Secretary, Results Secretary all gave reports.

Note: Arising from Results secretary Report (as agreed by committee)

Next season:

·         No reminders will be sent out to captains to submit a result

·         Winning captains to have 48 hours after fixture to log result – otherwise will lose points

·         Any objection to a submitted result should be raised with the committee within 48 hours of the submission of the result.

·         Each team to be encouraged to identify an IT literate person to manage CricHQ


3. Trophy Presentations:

Awards were presented for all the division winning teams, Cup, Community Cup and Most Valuable Player (as generated by CricHQ statistics).

Premier Division - Sky;   Div 2 - Technosys;  Div 3 – Shadwell;  Div 4 – Best Nationals; Cup – Sky;  




4. Motions

This proposal is derived from post-2015 season feedback


            Rule 3: Add

In all matches, the first half of each innings to be bowled from one end; the second half then bowled from the other end.

For both innings, bowling will begin from the Nets end.



Rule 4


This rule change is devised to deal with ongoing lateness of some teams.

The proposal is derived from post-2015 season feedback


Re-word as follows:

All teams are expected to turn up in good time for a 6 p.m. start to enjoy the best opportunity of playing a full game.


No team may start a game with fewer than 5 players. 


Any team not ready to commence by 6.15 pm forfeits the toss. 

Teams not ready to start by 6.30 will forfeit the game and be charged the full cost of hiring the pitch (see rule 8).

In April, the first two weeks of May, and August:
Games of 16 overs are to start no later than 6:15 pm. 

After 6.15 p.m. the overs must be reduced by one over for every five minutes.

For example:
Games starting after 6.15 but before 6.20 – 15 overs
Games starting after 6.20 but before 6.25 – 14 overs
Games starting after 6.25 but before 6.30 – 13 overs


Delete the following:
Games starting after 6.30 but before 6.35 – 12 overs

Games starting after 6.35 but before 6.40 – 11 overs
Games starting after 6.40 – 10 overs


Games scheduled to start after junior cricket practice

Games must start no later than 7pm.

Any team not present (with at least 5 players) by 6.15 will forfeit the toss.

Teams not ready to start by 7pm will forfeit the game and be charged the full cost of hiring the pitch (see rule 8).

Number of overs to be played must be agreed by both captains (preferably in advance).




Rule 7  Add:


Scorer must ensure that the scoreboard is updated at the end of each over

Note: We hope to have pavilion storage for the coming season, in which case we plan to provide three scoreboards for general use)

Motion Withdrawn



Rule 20: Change to:

In the event of two or more teams tying on points at the top of any division (second stage of season), the titles shall be based on the following criteria:

1. Net run rate

2. The result of the game between the relevant sides 
3. The result against the team who comes 3rd; if still the same then 4th, then 5th etc until a difference is noted 
4. If still the same, the title will be shared UNLESS the teams involved wished to arrange a play off or bowl out.



Rule 21: Add…


•         Umpires (particularly if also scoring) must clearly convey, visibly and audibly, all decisions to everyone on the field and boundary - especially to fielding captain’

            Failed – but recommended take it to the captains’ meeting


        New Rule 29


•         Requests for un-affiliated umpire:

o     A registered umpire to be paid £20 per match for any match they are requested to umpire.

o     Requesting captain pays; opposition captain chooses from list of registered umpires

o     If both captains make the request – they share cost

o     Requests have to be submitted by 7 days prior to match (except in the case of cup matches that might arise within a week's notice

                   Carried – Rose and Crown against.



5. Election of new teams: The following teams introduced themselves, and were elected as full members: Broadway, Camel Lights, Mile Tailenders, Millwall, Royal Sovereign, Stokey Scoundrels



6. Election of Officers and Committee: The folowing Officers were unanimously elected, or re-elected:

President - Bert Vandermark; 
 Chairman- Rizwan Siddiqui (Sky);  Secretary -  Gary Horsman (Homerton);  Treasurer – Charlie Challinor (unafilliated);  Fixtures Secretary - Peter Hollman (Pqcific);  
Results Secretary - Firoz Husain (Best Nationals); 

Committee members: Saj Rehman (Best Nationals)

& new member, Tom Darby (Shadwell)


8.    Any Other Business

•      Captains’ Meeting – currently set for Monday April 18th, after the President's and two league matches – 8.30pm - venue tbc


GH/March 2016



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