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Annual General Meeting 2010 Minutes
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Tuesday 2 March 2010
Upstairs at the Royal Inn On The Park, 111 Lauriston Road, E9 7HJ

Meeting started at 7:15 pm


Bert Vandermark, President  
Rizwan Siddiqui, Chairman Sky
Tim Castle, Secretary Old Fallopians
Nigel Richards, Treasurer Victoria Lounge
Peter Hollman, Fixtures Secretary Pacific
Saj Rehman, Committee Caledonian Conquerors
Steve Hill, Committee Island Community
Mark Laurie, Committee Victoria Park Juniors
Tim George Bengal Tigers
Dan Williams Best Nationals
Gary Horsman Chats Palace
Orett Hoilett Contenders
Layton Worghs Contenders
Derek Campbell Contenders
Mohit Gupta East London Community
Syed Habib East London Community
Ashley Quayle Island Community
Mohamad Ashraf Junoon
Firoz Husain Junoon
Will Isaac London Fields
Jason Lord London Fields
Chris Barlow London Wanderers
Tim Nash Old Ranwellians
David Field Old Ranwellians
John Mortimer Regents
Jake Salmon Regents
Hennik Dikesen Regents
Haroon Hafeez Safe Skills
Waqas Ahmed Safe Skills
Ammar Ahmad Butt Safe Skills
Robert Merry Stoke Newington
Zia Hussain The Ducks
Husnain Shah The Ducks
Rob Waugh Tower Cavaliers
Daniel Searle Tower Hamlets College
Bobby Hillman Wrong'uns
Rita Vandermark  

1 – Apologies 
James Parker, Tufnell Parkians 

2 – The previous year’s minutes were approved. 

Matters arising 

(i) Rule on U 18s participation; details on this were to be sent by Gary Horsman and Steve Hill to Tim Castle , still outstanding and will be sent as soon as possible. 

(ii) Tim did request team names last year for purposes of compiling stats.  

This lead to a discussion and concern that this was not being followed through by all teams, Committee to reiterate importance of submitting expected team players before season commences and to update website with those details.

 3. Reports

Chairman’s Report

Rizwan Siddiqui congratulated all the teams on the continued exemplary manner in which they conducted themselves during the 2009 season with little or no need for committee to intervene on disputes between teams.  

Teams were concerned that there were not enough matches between teams of similar abilities, these concerns were discussed by the committee in December 2009 and a new fixtures schedule/conference system intended to address this issue will be explained in more detail by the Fixtures Secretary. 

Highlighted the continuing popularity of the league with up to 20 new teams wishing to join for 2010 season , with only two leaving from 2009. This was attributable to the spirit in which teams played the game but as importantly, the work carried out by the Committee and particular mention was made of Pete Hollman and Tim Castle in this respect. 

It was noted that good coverage of the league was provided by the local newspaper group ‘Archant’ particularly through the East London Advertiser and the Hackney Gazette and high quality photos were available to those who wanted them. 

RS was disappointed that Goodmayes had still not returned the cup & league trophies they won in 2008 and will continue to chase them for their return. 

Gary Horsman proposed a vote of thanks (unanimously endorsed) for the tireless work that League President Bert Vandermark continues to do. 

Treasurer’s Report 

Nigel Richards presented his report and summarised the details (report copied at end of minutes) 

Also explained that most teams for 2010 season had paid by the deadline set by the committee and the remainder were due to pay by the conclusion of the AGM. One team who had recently been invited to join the league have been given a couple of weeks grace.

Fixtures Secretary's Report

Peter Hollman presented his written report (copied at end of minutes) as well as explain the new conference system for 2010.  

It was agreed that net run rate determine final group placings generally but particularly for the first round. This was passed 11-2

It is therefore imperative that teams fully complete the details required when updating the website and preferably within 24 hrs of the conclusion of the match. Tim Castle to look into additional ‘run rate calculator’ box for website. 

One team had drawn up a template for keeping scores on the day that was designed specifically for Victoria Park, they agreed to email onto Tim Castle and for it to be forwarded onto captains.

Secretary's Report

Tim Castle said more than 20 teams had contacted the league about joining for this season, an indication of a growing awareness of the league and a strong enthusiasm for the game. 

He reported he had attended a meeting of the Victoria Park Partnership Group, a consultative body formed by Tower Hamlets Council as part of its £10 million redevelopment of the park. There will be more such meetings and the league should make sure it sends a representative (Steve Hill of Island has previously attended) to make sure our interests are represented.

Plans have been submitted by an ECB-backed cricket group (including Steve Hill) promoting a  Tower Hamlets youth cricket club which would see a grass square restored to the park. This depends on a further round of funding so it is not imminent. This separate development would have its own consutative body and which the league should also make sure it attends/ 

TC also noted that the league needed to make sure we retain our priority right over league bookings at the park, given the recent growth of the commercial Last Man Stands league. 

4 – Presentation of trophies

Division One champions and Cup winners The Ducks were applauded but received no trophies as they have yet to be returned by Goodmayes (see Chairman’s report above).
Division Two champions Tower Ravens were not present, they are not competing this year.
Awards were presented to Division Three Tower Cavaliers and jointly shared by Division Four champs Chats Palace, Old Ranwellians and Victoria Lounge. 

5 – Election of new teams:

Six teams were elected: Best Nationals, Junoon, Regents, Safe Skills, Stoke Newington and Tower Hamlets College

6 – Motions 

Motion 1:
To amend Constitution Para 18 (Nigel Richards/Victoria Lounge) (Required 2/3 majority)

"Non-league teams may play in the Cup, but only with a view to joining the league the following or subsequent seasons. A non-league team can play in the Cup in two successive seasons, but if it does not join the league the following season it will be excluded from that year's Cup tournament. In other words, a non-league team cannot play three successive years in the Cup." 

Amended and approved unanimously as follows: “Non-league teams are invited to take part in the Cup at the League’s discretion. Such teams will not normally play more than two successive seasons in the Cup without joining the league.”

Motion 2:
Payment dates (Nigel Richards/Victoria Lounge, amended by Tim Castle/Old Fallopians)

To amend Constitution Para 10. (Required 2/3 majority):
"The annual subscription for all teams in the League shall be determined by the General Committee and be confirmed at a General League Meeting. A proportion, to be decided by the General Committee, of the subscription shall become due on March 1st, with the balance due on April 15. Teams who have not paid their subscriptions in full by April 15 will not be allowed to take part in the League or Cup Competitions."

Amended and approved unanimously as follows:

“The annual subscription for all teams in the League shall be determined by the Committee and communicated to member and candidate teams. It shall become due on such a date as the committee shall decide, but not later than the Annual General Meeting. Teams who have not paid their subscriptions in full by two weeks ahead of the start of the season will not be allowed to take part in the League or Cup Competitions."

Motion 3:
Submitted by the League Committee:

"That games are played with orange balls this season."

Approved unanimously

7 - Any other business including discussion of rules

High deliveries: Noted that the umpire at the bowler’s end is in charge of all decisions, and that the square leg umpire can only advise that a ball is too high and cannot call no ball.

Wides – Allan Young/ Wrong’uns (Particulary for left hand bowlers) – agreed that a captain with concerns that left hand bowlers might be unfairly called for wides should discuss this with his opposing captain before the start of their match.  
[Jason Lord of London Fields after the meeting noted that leg side wides had also been discussed at the 2009 AGM wides, and sent the following extract from the minutes: "There was a discussion of leg side wides. The league follows the standard of international one day tests where any leg side ball is given wide, except where a batsman has moved across the wicket and the ball passes the wicket where his legs would have been.”]

Run outs – Chris Skinner/London Fields (Seeking clarification on the run out rules, given the amount of sides using spring-back stumps and/or bringing no bails.) – agreed that if the bails had been removed or knocked off, the spring stumps have to be lifted and struck with the ball for a runout.

No balls – Chris Skinner/London Fields (Seeking  clarification that a ball pitching on the edge of the artificial surface is automatically a no ball) – agreed that if ball hits edge of surface and bounces back in towards the wicket it will be a no ball (if it bounces out it would be a wide). 

Substitutes – Rizwan Siddiqui/Sky (Clarification on restrictions on players arriving late) – noted that if a player on the fielding side arrives 10 minutes late, he has to wait 10 minutes till he can bowl, if 15 minutes late, then a 15 minute wait and so on. 

Sponsorship of league – agreed to leave this issue for the moment, as the league has no immediate need for sponsorship.

8 – Election of Officers (2009 officers in brackets)

Chairman (Rizwan Siddiqui/Sky)
Secretary (Tim Castle/Old Fallopians)
Treasurer (Nigel Richards/Victoria Lounge)
Fixtures Secretary (Peter Hollman/Pacific)
Committee members (Mark Laurie/Victoria Lounge, Saj Rehman/Caledonian Conquerors, Steve Hill/Island Community, Paul Williams/Tower Ravens) 

All reelected except Paul Williams, whose side is not playing in 2010.

Bobby Hillman of Wrong’uns elected to replace him as a committee member.

The meeting ended after 9 pm.


A - Treasurer’s report of accounts
B - Fixtures Secretary’s written report

A - Treasurer’s report

Accounts for Victoria Park Community Cricket League

1 Mar 2009 - 28 February 2010






Cash at Bank B/F





League fees





League Fees arrears




Cup Fees





Missed Matches





Joining Fees





Lost Balls





     8,831.46    7,842.49    7,290.49    5,926.74















Website Charges





Refunds - forfeited games










Fixtures website fees





Sundries (postage etc)





Balance at Bank c/f





     8,831.46    7,842.49    7,290.49    5,926.74
Above figures do not include subs already received for 2010 seaon.
1. Debtors - Total £244 - plus credits for pitches    
i) 4 League Teams with fines outstanding: 2 owe net £20 each after credits
 for matches (one las left); 1 owes £70; 1 owes £112 (paid in 2010 cheque)
NB - it is almost impossible to get creditors to pay up if they leave the League.
- we have had to write off such amounts in the past.    
ii) We are also due some credits for rained off pitches from LB Tower Hamlets
iii) We are also due £22 credit for balls      
2. Creditors - Total  £117.50 approx      
i) Amounts due to clubs re missed matches to be deducted from 2010 fees:
Total £80 : £20 Chats Palace; £20 Island; £20 Old Fallopians; £20 Tower Ravens (left)
ii) Amount due for Trophy and engraving £37.50    
i) 2010 Website Hosting Fees £25, "Fixtures updating" £225 (est) plus above £20
 to be deducted from Old Fallopians 2010 fees    

 B - Fixture Secretary’s report

Last year the league structure continued in the same vein that it has since 2004 whereby conferences are the 1st phase & those final places therein determine which division clubs enter for the remainder of the season. In 2009 we had 3 conferences (2 of 8 & 1 of 7).

Last year there were 23 teams & after the 1st round of 6 or 7 conference matches, the teams moved into 4 divisons with the majority of teams playing a further 4 divisional matches. Two or Three teams fed back to me that they would prefer more divisional matches & less qualifying or conference games.

During the close season, I drafted various versions for 24 teams with varying permutations. These drafts varied in scale from 1 whereby teams would play just 1 qualifying match, all the way through to a version whereby teams would be in groups of 5 & so play 4 games to determine their division. In short the more qualifiers a team plays, the more likley that the team will end up in a divison where the standard is the same.

At the committee meeting last December, I presented all the various formats (there were 7 to consider) & the latter format was agreed & would be endorsed by the committee. However, the committee were also aware of the interest made known by that time which had amassed to 14 new sides making enquiries to join & so a contingency for a 27 team format became vital. This was therefore also discussed & agreed, & a draft of this has been included for you to peruse. Teams are placed into pots of 3 & are seeded based on their 2009 final positions. New teams are distributed so they do not play in the same pool.

The advantage of this is that there are only 2 qualifying games & then 8 divisional matches based on the outcome. I would anticipate that in most cases in a seeded pool of 3 that 1 team will win both & therefore qualify for division 1, therefore 1 of the remaining 2 will win one & lose win & who will then slot into division 2. Finally, the team in 3rd place moves into division 3.

In the event that the 2 games played by the 3 teams are all won 1 lost 1, then if all 3 winners batted first, net runs will be used or if all 3 winners batted 2nd then net wickets. If a combination of both prevails, which is also likley then the 3 teams representatives will have to decide very quickly to make provision for a 2 over game (similar to the super over) or a bowl out, or the toss of a coin, or even 2009 final position could be appliedwhere applicable if member teams agree that at this AGM.

This format I presented to the committee is as follows:-


3 team eliminators.

Number of teams 27

Conference / Qualifier Matches per team 2

TOTAL Matches 124

Minimum games per team on average. 10

Length of competition (weeks)           13 (excluding cup matches) 

Factors In Favour:- 2 qualifier matches in 9 groups of 3 will in the main leave a clear winner, 2nd & 3rd placed teams which can be placed into 3 divisions easily. 2 matches means more accuracy of placements. 3 divisions will mean more similar standard matches. Less games per team than other formats but NB league can expand.

Factors Against:- 3 team groups will be problematic if each team wins 1 loses 1 & a pre agreed process will be needed to determine order. Group games still early season & could be weather affected, heavily toss influenced. Friday nights still necessary.

One of the more difficult problems I had last year was to rearrange & reposition matches after the fixtures had been publicised so this year I do not intend on circulating the fixtures until after the dates so that changes can be made first. This includes both the divisional matches & conference games & once published there will be no further changes bar those that the cup may require.

Stats Corner:-

The 2009 season saw 159 (157 in 2008, 158 in 2007, 140 in 2006) games scheduled including re-arranged cup matches.

There were 6 matches forfeited as opposed to 5 forfeits in 2008, 13 forfeits in 2007.  Perhaps we are at a level which is manageable & these things can happen to any team but more worryingly it happened to Victoria Lounge & Tufnell Parkians on 2 separate occasions each. Maybe these teams could tap into any players aligned to Masiha & Tower Ravens who may be free?

In 2008, we were unlucky with the weather. 10 games rained off + 1 abandoned due to bad light. So in 2009 to only lose 2 to rain was fantastic. Well done everyone who stuck at it. One game was abandoned in August due to bad light between Masiha (who’ve gone) & Contenders in mid July which may surprise other teams including Sky & VPJ who played for 32 overs that same night. Otherwise well done to all captains who sensibly reduced the over allocation.

Other statistics I compile are teams’ averages for the best bowler & batsman of the season. Please can you endeavour to record your stats accuratley whenever possible. Team sheets should be exchanged & wherever possible a list of club’s players’ names for the season should be sent to your opponents & copied to me please. There are considerable variants of the same player’s name recorded in the match reports. Please can teams submit the full names in their scorecards & recorded details.


Finally, many thanks to all teams who took part last season, to the new teams who gelled so well. The lack of arbitration needed, excellent conduct, positive attitude & approach by teams should not go un-noted. Just to add that I did make myself available to draft a play off between the 3 joint winners of the 4th division but understand that agreement could not be reached which was a shame as I know one team was very keen & participating clubs would generally prefer to play more games if at ball possible from my experience of this job.

 I think 2009 in summary was a good season administratively & your teams’ flexibility makes that so & I will again welcome more of the same in 2010. I also welcome your feedback & the new structure is based on that, & I am pleased that it also accommodates some of the many new teams who have applied. If the trend continues maybe I’ll mention expansion beyond Victoria Park again for 2011!

 I hope you all enjoy the new season & all I ask is that any dates to avoid requests are sent to me within the next 7 days after which your dates will be fixed.



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