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Click on a team name in the left-hand column for individual team fixtures. 
Victoria Park pitch 1 is next to pavilion, pitch 2 is closest to entrance, pitch 3 (NB two sets of spring stumps required) is across the path.

Click on winner's name for match details    Cup fixtures in purple

All Fixtures 2013 | Cup fixtures
Day Pitch Homev Away Winners
Sunset 8:09 pm
MonApr 221
MonApr 222
MonApr 223
TueApr 231
TueApr 232
TueApr 233
WedApr 241
WedApr 242 President's Match: Dynamite Ducks vLondon Tigers London Tigers
WedApr 243
ThuApr 251 Juniors
ThuApr 252 Juniors
ThuApr 253B:Sky vCrossrail Sky
Sunset 8:21 pm
MonApr 291B:New Boys vMad Morrocas New Boys
MonApr 292C:Tawheed vVictoria Lounge Tawheed
MonApr 293C:Nightwatchman vChallengers Nightwatchman
TueApr 301D:Junoon vWrong 'Uns Junoon
TueApr 302D:Island Community vMartians Island Community
TueApr 303E:Rose & Crown vTower Cavaliers Rose & Crown
WedMay 11E:Stoke Newington vThe Pumas Stoke Newington
WedMay 12F:Masiha vRegents Masiha
WedMay 13E:London Tigers vOld Fallopians London Tigers
ThuMay 21 Juniors
ThuMay 22 Juniors
ThuMay 23G:Tower Hamlets vHomerton Tower Hamlets
Sunset 8:34 pm
MonMay 61 Bank holiday
MonMay 62 Bank holiday
MonMay 63 Bank holiday
TueMay 71G:London Fields vBest Nationals London Fields
TueMay 72A:Bengal Tigers vContenders Contenders
TueMay 73A:Chinatown vDynamite Ducks Chinatown
WedMay 81B:Crossrail vNew Boys New Boys
WedMay 82B:Mad Morrocas vSky Sky
WedMay 83C:Challengers vTawheed Tawheed
ThuMay 91 Juniors
ThuMay 92 Juniors
ThuMay 93C:Victoria Lounge vNightwatchman Nightwatchman
Sunset 8:43 pm
MonMay 131D:Wrong 'Uns vIsland Community Island Community
MonMay 132D:Martians vJunoon Junoon
MonMay 133E:The Pumas vRose & Crown Rose & Crown
TueMay 141E:Tower Cavaliers vStoke NewingtonRained off
TueMay 142F:Regents vLondon TigersRained off
TueMay 143F:Old Fallopians vMasiha Match abandoned (bad light)
WedMay 151G:Best Nationals vTower Hamlets Tower Hamlets
WedMay 152G:Homerton vLondon Fields London Fields
WedMay 153A:Bengal Tigers vChinatown Bengal Tigers
ThuMay 161 Juniors
ThuMay 162 Juniors
ThuMay 163A:Dynamite Ducks vContenders Dynamite Ducks
Sunset 8:53 pm
MonMay 201B:Sky vNew Boys New Boys
MonMay 202B:Mad Morrocas vCrossrail Mad Morrocas
MonMay 203C:Victoria Lounge vChallengersVictoria Lounge by default
TueMay 211C:Nightwatchman vTawheed Tawheed
TueMay 212D:Wrong 'Uns vMartians Wrong'uns
TueMay 213D:Island Community vJunoon Island Community
WedMay 221E:London Tigers vMasiha London Tigers
WedMay 222E:Regents vOld Fallopians Old Fallopians
WedMay 223E:Stoke Newington vRose & Crown Rose & Crown
ThuMay 231 Juniors
ThuMay 232 Juniors
ThuMay 233E:Tower Cavaliers vThe Pumas The Pumas
Sunset 9:04 pm
MonMay 271 Bank holiday
MonMay 272 Bank holiday
MonMay 273 Bank holiday
TueMay 28 1 0.01:Cup preliminary: Island Community vBarbarians Rained off - replay June 3
TueMay 282G:Tower Hamlets vLondon Fields London Fields
TueMay 283 A:Contenders vChinatown Contenders
WedMay 291A:Dynamite Ducks vBengal Tigers Dynamite Ducks
WedMay 292G:Best Nationals vHomerton Homerton
WedMay 293 1.07:Cup 1st round: Victoria Lounge vNew Boys Rained off - replay June 14
ThuMay 301 1.02:Cup 1st round: Challengers vRegents Challengers
ThuMay 302 1.03:Cup 1st round: Pacific vRose & Crown Rose & Crown
ThuMay 303 1.13:Cup 1st round: Martians vStoke Newington Martians by default
Sunset 9:10 pm
MonJun 31 1.05:Cup 1st round:
The Pumas
vOld Fallopians Old Fallopians by default
MonJun 32 0.01:Cup preliminary: Island Community vBarbarians Island Community
MonJun 33 1.01:Cup 1st round:
Best Nationals
v London FieldsLondon Fields by default
TueJun 41 1.08:Cup 1st round: United vJunoon Junoon
TueJun 42 1.09:Cup 1st round:
v Crossrail Crossrail
TueJun 43 1.10:Cup 1st round:
Bengal Tigers
vContenders Contenders by default
WedJun 51 1.11:Cup 1st round: Tawheed vNighwatchman Tawheed
WedJun 52 1.12:Cup 1st round: Sky vDynamite Ducks Dynamite Ducks
WedJun 53 1.04:Cup 1st round:
Tower Hamlets
v Thomson ReutersTower Hamlets by default
ThuJun 61 1.14:Cup 1st round:
Mad Morrocas
ThuJun 62 1.15:Cup 1st round: Homerton vMasiha Masiha
ThuJun 63 1.16:Cup 1st round:
Tower Cavaliers
v Chinatown Chinatown
Sunset 9:16 pm
MonJun 101Stoke Newington vContenders Contenders
MonJun 102Old Fallopians vSky Sky
MonJun 103Tower Hamlets vNightwatchman Tower Hamlets
TueJun 111Rose & Crown vDynamite Ducks Dynamite Ducks
TueJun 112London Tigers vNew Boys New Boys
TueJun 113London Fields vTawheed Tawheed
WedJun 121Tower Cavaliers vChinatown Chinatown
WedJun 122 Regents vCrossrail Crossrail
WedJun 123Best Nationals vChallengers Challengers
ThuJun 131The Pumas vBengal Tigers Bengal Tigers
ThuJun 132Masiha vMad Morrocas Mad Morrocas
ThuJun 133 Homerton vVictoria Lounge Homerton
FriJun 14 2 1.07:Cup 1st round: Victoria Lounge vNew Boys New Boys by default
FriJun 14 3 1.06:Cup 1st round:
v London Tigers Island Community
Sunset 9:20 pm
MonJun 171 Wrong'uns vHomerton Homerton
MonJun 172Mad Morrocas vThe Pumas Mad Morrocas
MonJun 173 Victoria Lounge vMasiha Victoria Lounge
TueJun 181Junoon vTower Hamlets Tower Hamlets
TueJun 182Sky vStoke Newington Sky
TueJun 183 Nightwatchman vOld Fallopians Nightwatchman
WedJun 191Island Community vLondon Fields Island Community
WedJun 192New Boys vRose & Crown Rose & Crown
WedJun 193 Tawheed vLondon Tigers London Tigers
ThuJun 201 Martians vBest Nationals Best Nationals
ThuJun 202 Crossrail vTower Cavaliers Tower Cavaliers
ThuJun 203 Challengers vRegents Challengers
Sunset 9:22 pm
MonJun 241 2.01:Cup 2nd Round 1.01:
London Fields
v 1.02: Challengers London Fields
MonJun 242 2.02:Cup 2nd Round 1.03: Rose & Crown v1.04: Tower Hamlets Tower Hamlets
MonJun 243 2.03:Cup 2nd Round 1.05:
Old Fallopians
v 1.06: Island Community Island Community
TueJun 251 2.04:Cup 2nd Round 1.07:
New Boys
v 1.08: Junoon Junoon
TueJun 252 2.05:Cup 2nd Round 1.09: Crossrail v1.10: Contenders Contenders
TueJun 253 2.06:Cup 2nd Round 1.11: Tawheed v1.12: Dynamite Ducks Dynamite Ducks
WedJun 261 2.07:Cup 2nd Round 1.13: Martiansv 1.14: GAD GAD
WedJun 262 2.08:Cup 2nd Round 1.15: Masiha v1.16: Chinatown Chinatown
WedJun 263 3.01:Cup Quarter Final 2.01: London Fields vCup Quarter Final 2.02: Tower Hamlets Tower Hamlets
ThuJun 271 3.02:Cup Quarter Final 2.03: Island Community vCup Quarter Final 2.04: Junoon Island Community
ThuJun 272 3.03:Cup Quarter Final 2.05: Contenders vCup Quarter Final 2.06: Dynamite Ducks Dynamite Ducks
ThuJun 273 3.04:Cup Quarter Final 2.07
vCup Quarter Final 2.08
Sunset 9:21 pm
MonJul 11 Martians vRegents Martians
MonJul 12Best Nationals vChinatown Chinatown
MonJul 13 Challengers vTower Cavaliers Challengers
TueJul 21 Wrong'uns vMasiha Masiha
TueJul 22 Homerton vBengal Tigers Bengal Tigers
TueJul 23 Victoria Lounge vThe Pumas Victoria Lounge
WedJul 31Junoon vOld Fallopians Junoon
WedJul 32Tower Hamlets vContenders Tower Hamlets
WedJul 33 Nightwatchman vStoke Newington Nightwatchman
ThuJul 41Island Community vLondon Tigers

London Tigers

ThuJul 42London Fields vDynamite Ducks Dynamite Ducks
ThuJul 43Tawheed vRose & Crown Rose & Crown
Sunset 9:17 pm
MonJul 81London Tigers vDynamite Ducks Dynamite Ducks
MonJul 82London Fields vNew Boys London Fields
MonJul 83Island Community vRose & Crown Island Community
TueJul 91Regents vChinatown Chinatown
TueJul 92Best Nationals vCrossrail Crossrail
TueJul 93 Martians vTower Cavaliers Martians
WedJul 101Masiha vBengal Tigers Bengal Tigers
WedJul 102 Homerton vMad Morrocas Mad Morrocas
WedJul 103 Wrong'uns vThe Pumas Wrong'uns
ThuJul 111Old Fallopians vContenders Contenders
ThuJul 112Tower Hamlets vSky Sky
ThuJul 113Junoon vStoke Newington Stoke Newington
FriJul 121
FriJul 122 Cup semi final 3.01:
Tower Hamlets
v Cup semi final 3.02:
Island Community
Island Community
FriJul 123 Cup semi final 3.03: Dynamite Ducks v Cup semi final 3.04: Chinatown Chinatown
Sunset 9:11 pm
MonJul 151Old Fallopians vTower Hamlets Tower Hamlets
MonJul 152 Contenders vJunoon Junoon
MonJul 153Sky vNightwatchman Sky
TueJul 161Masiha vHomerton Masiha
TueJul 162Bengal Tigers vWrong'uns Bengal Tigers
TueJul 163Mad Morrocas vVictoria Lounge Victoria Lounge
WedJul 171 Regents vBest Nationals Regents
WedJul 172 Chinatown vMartians Chinatown
WedJul 173 Crossrail vChallengersCrossrail by default
ThuJul 181London Tigers vLondon Fields London Tigers
ThuJul 182 Dynamite Ducks vIsland Community Dynamite Ducks
ThuJul 183New Boys vTawheed Tawheed
Sunset 8:59 pm
MonJul 221The Pumas vHomerton Homerton
MonJul 222Bengal Tigers vVictoria Lounge Bengal Tigers
MonJul 223Mad Morrocas vWrong'uns Wrong'uns
TueJul 231Stoke Newington vTower Hamlets Stoke Newington
TueJul 232 Contenders vNightwatchman Nightwatchman
TueJul 233Sky vJunoon Sky
WedJul 241Tower Cavaliers vBest Nationals Best Nationals
WedJul 242 Dynamite Ducks vTawheed Tawheed
WedJul 243New Boys vIsland Community Island Commuity
ThuJul 251Rose & Crown vLondon Fields Rose & Crown
ThuJul 252 Chinatown vChallengers Chinatown
ThuJul 253 Crossrail vMartians Martians
Sunset 8:53 pm
MonJul 291 Chinatown vCrossrail Chinatown
MonJul 292 Challengers vMartians Challengers
MonJul 293Tower Cavaliers vRegents Regents
TueJul 301Bengal Tigers vMad Morrocas Bengal Tigers
TueJul 302 Victoria Lounge vWrong'uns Victoria Lounge
TueJul 303The Pumas vMasiha Masiha
WedJul 311 Contenders vSky Sky
WedJul 312 Nightwatchman vJunoon Match tied
WedJul 313Stoke Newington vOld Fallopians Stoke Newington
ThuAug 11 Dynamite Ducks vNew Boys Dynamite Ducks
ThuAug 12Tawheed vIsland Community Tawheed
ThuAug 13Rose & Crown vLondon Tigers Rose & Crown
FriAug 21     Unvavailable
FriAug 22      
FriAug 23 Plate qualifier:
Best Nationals
v Stoke Newington Stoke Newington
Sunset 8:41 pm
MonAug 51
MonAug 52 Plate qualifier: The Pumas v Victoria Lounge Victoria Lounge
MonAug 53 Cup final:
Island Community
v ChinatownRained off
TueAug 61 Plate preliminary round:
Mad Morrocas
v Stoke Newington Stoke Newington
TueAug 62 Plate 1st round: A:
v HomertonHomerton by default
TueAug 63 Plate 1st round: B:
London Tigers
v RegentsLondon Tigers
WedAug 71 Plate 1st round: C:
Bengal Tigers
v New BoysBengal Tigers by default
WedAug 72 Plate 1st round: D: United v Wrong'uns Wrong'uns
WedAug 73 Plate 1st round: E: Nightwatchman v Sky Sky
ThuAug 81 Plate 1st round: F:
Victoria Lounge
v Martians Victoria Lounge
ThuAug 82 Plate 1st round: G: Pacific v Old Fallopians Pacific
ThuAug 83 Plate 1st round: H:
Tower Cavaliers
v Stoke Newington Stoke Newington
Sunset 8:29 pm
MonAug 121 Plate quarter final: A: Homerton v B: London Tigers London Tigers
MonAug 122 Plate quarter final: C:
Bengal Tigers
v D: Wrong'uns Bengal Tigers
MonAug 123 Plate quarter final: E: Sky v F: Victoria Lounge Sky
TueAug 131 Plate quarter final: G: Pacific v H: Stoke Newington Stoke Newington
TueAug 132
TueAug 133
WedAug 141
WedAug 142
WedAug 143
ThuAug 151 Plate semi final:
London Tigers
v Bengal Tigers London Tigers
ThuAug 152 Plate semi final: Sky v Stoke NewingtonSky by default
ThuAug 153
Sunset 8:17 pm
MonAug 191
TueAug 202 Plate final: London Tigers v Sky Sky
WedAug 21 
ThuAug 22        
MonAug 26 
TueAug 27        
WedAug 283 Cup Final replay:
Island Community
v Chinatown Chinatown







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