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Cup: Dynamite Ducks v Tawheed

Tuesday 25 June 2013, Victoria Park
Dynamite Ducks won by 52 runs

Dynamite Ducks lost the toss and were put into bat

Dynamite Ducks: 148 for 4 in 16 overs
Abdur Razzaq 54* (the legend)
Amir. 36
Hussy. 27
Nadeem. 2. 0. 14. 1 Fazal. 4. 0. 36. 1 Wasif. 4. 0. 38. 1

Tawheed: 96 for 7 in 12 overs
Nadeem. 30
Fazal. 19
Adur Razzaq. 2 0 10 2 Z Hussain. 2.1 0. 9. 3 Amir. 2 0 10. 2

Well it doesn't get more bigger then this, the Legend himself Abdur Razzaq, made himself available for the Dynamite Ducks again for this highly anticipated cup fixture between two of the big sides.

With the Ducks put into bat first the little Blaster (hussy) and big hitting (Hulk) opened the batting on pitch 3, Hulk as expected got caught trying clear the boundary on pitch three, early in the innings.

In stepped Dynamite Adur Razzaq (legend), the stroke play and timing was like watching a magician working his wizadry at times, accompanying him on the other end was the Little Blaster (hussy) waving his own magic wand an not once did he look out of place next to the hall of fame ;-). "Maybe it was all a dream " but Razzaq it was an Honour to have shared the pitch with you.

Ducks put up a defendable target with Razzaq going unbeaten, Tawheed have big hitters of their own but clearing this pitch today was not an easy job as Razzaq showed.

They started well but Tight line and length by big zaid and amir kept Tawheed restricted and loosing an early wicket didnt help and brought in big hitting fazal who was caught trying to clear the field, but once the first bowling change bought in Zia and Razzaq they took the game away in four overs between them. As the saying goes "we were walking with Giants".

Thanks to Tawheed for an excellent game of cricket .

Submitted by Zia of Dynamite Ducks



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