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Bengal Tigers v Wrong'uns

Tuesday 16 July 2013, Victoria Park
Bengal Tigers won by 2 runs

Bengal Tigers won the toss and chose to bat first

Bengal Tigers: 157 for 4 in 16 overs
RJ 46
Extras 37
Warren 18*
Bhushan 17
Arj 16
Rob 15
Bobby 2-0-21-3 Ricky 4-0-39-1

Wrong'uns: 155 for 7 in 16 overs
Mike 57
Totters 29
Ric 22
Matt 20
Gaurav 4-0-37-3 Mike P 4-0-31-2 Arj 2-0-12-2

In an epic match that involved 11 wickets and more than 300 runs being scored, the Bengal Tigers won by 2 runs off the last ball of the match.

It was a hot evening with the midges out in force when the Tigers won the toss and decided to bat first.

A relatively slow and steady start led to 8 runs an over being scored at the halfway mark.

However with wickets in hand, the Tigers started to push on with RJ entertaining everyone with his batting and running between the wickets. (Thanks to the Wrong uns for recalling RJ after he was run-out having immediately walked when he thought that he was caught behind.)

Just when the Tigers thought that a very big score was on offer, Bobby took the ball and dismissed both our in-form Sri Lankens in the same over.

However, the middle order pushed on with Warren and Bhushan scoring valuable runs. The Tigers considered 157 to be a decent score.

The Wrong uns started with a very positive attitude with Totters smashing the Tigers openers everywhere.

A quick fire 29 which included only one non-scoring shot gave the advantage to the Wrong uns. The good batting was continued by Mike and Ric and the Wrong uns had scored about 90 off the first 8 overs.

However, Mike P came on to bowl and got an important breakthrough with Ric being caught behind. Wrong uns Mike stepped it up a gear and the Tigers where very pleased when he finally retired.

With 30 required off 4 overs with 5 wickets in hand it was advantage Wrong uns. Mike P then took 1 and Arj took 2 crucial wickets (including a miracle catch by Warren off Arj).

11 was required off the last over with 2 wickets in hand. A wicket off the first ball meant that Wrong uns on-form batsman, Mike, came back into bat on 50 not out.

Fast forward to the last ball and 3 was required to win and 2 for a draw. Unfortunately for the Wrong uns, Mike gave his only chance of the match and was caught behind by RJ (for his 4th catch in the match).

A great game, between two well-matched teams.

Submitted by M.Pollitt of Bengal Tigers



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