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Victoria Park pitch 2 is closest to entrance, pitch 1 next to pavilion.

All Fixtures 2003          Cup games in red       
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                                                 Provisional/changed fixtures in purple
Date Pitch Teams Cup? Winner
Th 24-Apr 2 Presidents VIII v Pacific / Sky Combined VIII   POSTPONED
Sunset 8:19 pm      
Mo 28-Apr 2 Sleek v Dover Castle   Rained off
Mo 28-Apr        
Tu 29-Apr 2 Sky v Chats Palace   Sky
Tu 29-Apr 1 Grasshoppers v Pacific   Grasshoppers
We 30-Apr 2 Rose & Crown v Victoria Lounge   Victoria Lounge
We 30-Apr 1 Old Fallopians v Martians   Abandoned 
(bad light)
Th 1-May 2 Reuters v Caledonian Conquerors   Reuters
Th 1-May 1 Newham v Tower Ravens   Abandoned 
(bad light)
Sunset 8:31 pm      
Mo 5-May   BANK HOLIDAY    
Tu 6-May 2 Sleek v Chats Palace   Sleek
Tu 6-May 1 Grasshoppers v Sky   Sky
We 7-May 2 Reuters v Martians   Reuters
We 7-May 1 Old Fallopians v Victoria Lounge   Old Fallopians
Th 8-May 2 Rose & Crown v Pacific   Pacific
Th 8-May 1 Caledonian Conquerors v Newham   Newham
Sunset 8:40 pm      
Mo 12-May 2 Sleek v Grasshoppers   Rained off
Mo 12-May        
Tu 13-May 2 Sky v Rose & Crown   Sky
Tu 13-May 1 Old Fallopians v Pacific   Pacific
We 14-May 2 Reuters v Victoria Lounge   Victoria Lounge
We 14-May 1 Newham v Martians   Newham
Th 15-May 2 Dover Castle v Caledonian Conquerors   Dover Castle
Th 15-May 1 Chats Palace v Tower Ravens   Chats Palace
Sunset 8:51 pm      
Mo 19-May 2 Sleek v Rose & Crown   Rose & Crown
Mo 19-May        
Tu 20-May 2 Sky v Old Fallopians   Sky
Tu 20-May 1 Reuters v Pacific   Called off
We 21-May 2 Newham v Victoria Lounge   Newham
We 21-May 1 Dover Castle v Martians   Martians
Th 22-May 2 Chats Palace v Caledonian Conquerors   Chats Palace
Th 22-May 1 Tower Ravens v Grasshoppers   Grasshoppers
Sunset 9:02 pm      
Mo 26-May   BANK HOLIDAY    
Tu 27-May 2 Sleek v Tower Ravens   Sleek
Tu 27-May 1 Sky v Caledonian Conquerors   Sky
We 28-May 2 Reuters v Chats Palace   See June 17
We 28-May 1 Newham v Dover Castle   Dover Castle
Th 29-May 2 Martians v Pacific   Pacific
Th 29-May 1 Grasshoppers v Old Fallopians   Grasshoppers
Sunset 9:09 pm      
Mo 2-Jun        
Tu 3-Jun 2 Sleek v Old Fallopians   Sleek
Tu 3-Jun 1 Sky v Reuters   Sky
We 4-Jun 2 Martians v Chats Palace   Martians
We 4-Jun 1 Dover Castle v Victoria Lounge   Victoria Lounge
Th 5-Jun 2 Newham v Pacific   Newham
Th 5-Jun 1 Tower Ravens v Rose & Crown   Tower Ravens
Sunset 9:15 pm      
Mo 9-Jun 2 Sleek v Reuters   Sleek
Tu 10-Jun 2 Newham v Sky   Sky by default
Tu 10-Jun 1 Dover Castle v Pacific   Dover Castle
We 11-Jun 2 Chats Palace v Victoria Lounge   Victoria Lounge
We 11-Jun 1 Martians v Grasshoppers   Martians
Th 12-Jun 2 Caledonian Conquerors v Rose & Crown   Cal Conquerors
Th 12-Jun 1 Tower Ravens v Old Fallopians   Tower Ravens
Sunset 9:20 pm      
Mo 16-Jun 2 Cup Prelim: Sky v Sleek Cup Sky
Mo 16-Jun 1 Cup Prelim: Pacific v Tower Ravens Cup Tower Ravens
Tu 17-Jun 2 Reuters v Chats Palace   Reuters
We 18-Jun 2 Victoria Lounge v Caledonian Conquerors   Victoria Lounge
We 18-Jun 1 Martians v Sleek   Martians by default
Th 19-Jun 2 Tower Ravens v Sky   Sky
Th 19-Jun 1 Rose & Crown v Reuters   Reuters
Sunset 9:21 pm      
Mo 23-Jun 2 Dover Castle v Sky   Sky
Mo 23-Jun        
Tu 24-Jun 2 Victoria Lounge v Grasshoppers   Grasshoppers
Tu 24-Jun 1 Tower Ravens v Reuters   Tower Ravens
We 25-Jun 2 Caledonian Conquerors v Old Fallopians   Cal Conquerors
We 25-Jun 1 Martians v Rose & Crown   Martians
Th 26-Jun 2 Pacific v Chats Palace   Pacific
Th 26-Jun 1 Newham v Sleek   Sleek
Sunset 9:21 pm      
Mo 30-Jun 2 1: Vallance v Sky Cup Sky
Mo 30-Jun 1 2: Grasshoppers v Mola Jutt Cup Grasshoppers
Tu 1-Jul 2 3: Chats Palace v Martians Cup Martians
Tu 1-Jul 1 4: Victoria Lounge v Newham Cup Newham
We 2-Jul 2 5: Reuters v Darji Cup Reuters
We 2-Jul 1 6: Rose & Crown v Old Fallopians Cup Rose & Crown
Th 3-Jul 2 7: Dover Castle v Caledonian Conquerors Cup See 17 July
Th 3-Jul 1 8: Stoke Newington v Tower Ravens Cup Stoke Newington
Sunset 9:17 pm      
Mo 7-Jul 2 Tower Ravens v Martians   Tower Ravens
Mo 7-Jul        
Tu 8-Jul 2 Old Fallopians v Reuters   Reuters
Tu 8-Jul 1 Caledonian Conquerors v Sleek   Sleek
We 9-Jul 2 Pacific v Victoria Lounge   Victoria Lounge
We 9-Jul 1 Martians v Sky   Sky
Th 10-Jul 2 Grasshoppers v Rose & Crown   Grasshoppers
Th 10-Jul 1 Chats Palace v Dover Castle   Points shared
Sunset 9:12 pm      
Mo 14-Jul 2 Victoria Lounge v Martians   Victoria Lounge
Mo 14-Jul 1 Old Fallopians v Dover Castle   Dover Castle
Tu 15-Jul 2 Rose & Crown v Chats Palace   Rose & Crown
Tu 15-Jul 1 Caledonian Conquerors v Grasshoppers   Grasshoppers
We 16-Jul 2 A: Cup 1/4 Final: Sky v Grasshoppers Cup Sky by default
We 16-Jul 1 B: Cup 1/4 Final: Martians v Newham Cup Newham
Th 17-Jul 2 C: Cup 1/4 Final: Reuters v Rose & Crown Cup Rose & Crown
Th 17-Jul 1 (5pm) Dover Castle v Cal Conq (1st round replay of match 7, 8 overs-a-side) Cup Dover Castle
Th 17-Jul 1 D: Cup 1/4 Final: Dover Castle v Stoke Newington Cup Dover Castle
Sunset 9:04 pm      
Mo 21-Jul 2 Victoria Lounge v Sky   Sky
Mo 21-Jul 1 Pacific v Tower Ravens   Tower Ravens by default
Tu 22-Jul 2 Dover Castle v Grasshoppers   Dover Castle
Tu 22-Jul 1 Rose & Crown v Old Fallopians   Old Fallopians by default
We 23-Jul 2 Reuters v Newham   Newham
We 23-Jul        
Th 24-Jul 2 Cup Semi Final: Sky v Newham Cup Newham
Th 24-Jul 1 Cup Semi Final: Rose & Crown v Dover Castle Cup Dover Castle
Sunset 8:55 pm      
Mo 28-Jul 2 Pacific v Sleek   Sleek
Mo 28-Jul 1 Grasshoppers v Reuters   Grasshoppers
Tu 29-Jul 2 Tower Ravens v Dover Castle   Rained off
Tu 29-Jul 1 Chats Palace v Newham   Newham on rain rule
We 30-Jul 2 Caledonian Conquerors v Martians   Cal Conquerors
We 30-Jul        
Th 31-Jul 2 Cup Final: Newham v Dover Castle Cup Dover Castle
Mo 4-Aug 2 Caledonian Conquerors v Tower Ravens   Tower Ravens
Mo 4-Aug 1 Rose & Crown v Newham   Newham by default
Tu 5-Aug 2 Pacific v Sky   Sky by default
Tu 5-Aug        
We 6-Aug 2 Chats Palace v Grasshopers   Chats Palace 
by default
We 6-Aug 1 Victoria Lounge v Sleek   Sleek
Th 7-Aug 2 Dover Castle v Rose & Crown   Dover Castle 
by default
Th 7-Aug 1 Old Fallopians v Newham   Newham
Mo 11-Aug 2 Grasshoppers v Newham   Grasshoppers
Mo 11-Aug 1 Chats Palace v Old Fallopians   Chats Palace
Tu 12-Aug 2 Dover Castle v Reuters   Dover Castle
Tu 12-Aug 1 Victoria Lounge v Tower Ravens   Victoria Lounge
We 13-Aug 2 Pacific v Caledonian Conquerors   Tied
We 13-Aug 1 Sky v Sleek   Sleek

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