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The Victoria Park Community Cricket League was formed in 1988 to provide access to competitive cricket to a wide range of people. Some are more competitive than others, but the aim is that games are played in a friendly and welcoming spirit. Anyone, regardless of ability, is most welcome. To find out how to enter a team for our league or cup competitions contact the league secretary.



This season's AGM will be held Tuesday February 11, 2020 at the People's Park Tavern, 360 Victoria Park Rd, London E9 7BT, starting at 6.30 pm. 

All teams playing in the league this summer MUST send a representative.

Teams only playing in the Cup are advised to attend, especially if they have not played in the league before.



Round-up of weekly results

To see the latest weekly round-up of the matches at Victoria Park click here ... (PDF format)

To see all last season's weekly newsletters, click here ...


Teams playing in the league in 2019

The following teams played in the league last year (listed after their mid-season promotion/demotion to their Stage Two divisions):

Division One
London Fields | London TigersMillwall | Old Fallopians 1 | Rose & Crown | Super Rangers

Division Two
Bansko Bears | Expats | Homerton | Mile Tailenders | Sky | Victoria Lounge

Division Three
Broadway Market | Camel Lights | Mad Morrocas | Masiha | Regents | Wapping Dolphins

Division Four
L&Q Living | MUFG | Old Fallopians 2 | Pacific | Phoenix All Stars | Royal Strikers | Sports Interactive |

The Stage One divisions were:
Division One: London Fields, London Tigers, Mile Tailenders, Millwall, Old Fallopians 1, Rose & Crown, Sky, Super Rangers.
Division Two: Bansko Bears, Broadway Market, Camel Lights, Expats, Homerton, Masiha, Regents, Victoria Lounge.
Division Three: L&Q Living, Mad Morrocas, MUFG, Old Fallopians 2, Pacific, Phoenix All Stars, Royal Strikers, Sports Interactive, Wapping Dolphins.
New teams this season: MUFG, Phoenix Allstars, Royal Strikers, Super Rangers and Wapping Dolphins


2018 season honours

The honours board for 2018 was as follows:

Division 1: Millwall (runners-up: London Tigers) (report of final week of Div 1 matches here)

Division 2: Victoria Lounge (runners-up: Expats) (report of final week of Div 2 matches here)

Cup: London Tigers (runners-up: Millwall) (Cup final report here)

Read all the weekly match reports from the 2018 season here

Congratulations to all the above teams, and for all the teams who contributed to another successful season of the Victoria Park Community Cricket League.

For a list of previous champions and cup winners, click here...



How to submit results

Winning teams are required to send a photograph of their scorecard and their opponent's scorecard within 24 hours of the match to George Watson via WhatsApp or by email to georgewatson24 [at] gmail.com (replace [at] with @).

Scorecards must be fully completed, with full names for each player. The scorecard must give each batsman's score, details of how they were dismissed and by which bowler. The bowling analysis must detail how many overs each bowler delivered, maiden overs, runs conceded and wickets taken. Extras must be completed showing no balls, wides, byes and leg byes.

Teams failing to meet these reporting requirements may be deducted points, as detailed in Rule 16
(see Rules).

Fixtures, results and tables



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