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The Victoria Park Community Cricket League was formed 30 years ago to provide access to competitive cricket to a wide range of people. Some are more competitive than others, but the aim is that games are played in a friendly and welcoming spirit. Anyone, regardless of ability, is most welcome. To find out how to enter a team for our league or cup competitions contact the league secretary.



Millwall win League title

Millwall win league

Millwall celebrate becoming League champions after beating London Tigers (Aug 13), compensating for losing to the same team the previous week in the Cup Final (see picture below). League President Bert Vandermark is shown on the far right.                Photo: George Watson


London Tigers win the Cup Final

London Tigers - Cup Winners 2018

London Tigers and friends celebrate after winning the Cup Final against Millwall by 3 wickets  (Aug 8). Match report here...                Photo: George Watson

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How to submit results

Scroll down below the results table for instructions, or click here

Fixtures, results and tables


How to submit results

The following is the correct way to submit a score on CRICHQ:

1. Log in to CRICHQ, and click on ADMIN (located on top menu bar)

2. Click on FIXTURES (Located on lower menu bar)

3. Select the game by clicking on that particular fixture

4. Click on SCORECARDS tab


( We strongly advise a full scorecard)

For help on CricHQ try their detailed help pages here... If you have further queries about adminstration or scoring, contact Results Secretary Firoz Husain.

For full scorecards you will need to make sure all your players are in the system - add players in CricHQ by going to Admin, then Clubs, choose your team and then select Players and click on the orange triangle on the right to add each new player. Once you have added new players you should put each one in the team squad - select Team, type the new player's name and when it comes up, click on it to select it.


How the season works

Following the completion of the Group stage fixtures, all 24 teams are now in a 12-team Division 1 or Division 2m with "one match already played" (the result from the match against the team in their original group, who are now in the same division).

All teams have 10 matches further to play in their division, culminating with the higher ranking teams playing one another towards the end of the season.

How did we get here? The 24 teams competing this year started in six preliminary groups of four teams. Seeded teams were kept apart as are all new teams.

After these preliminary group matches were complete, the cup tournament started with the first two rounds being played before the top seeded teams joined.

After two weeks of cup matches, league matches restarted with all teams sorted into the two divisions based on where they ended up in their preliminary groups. The top two teams from each preliminary group went into Division 1, and carried forward the result between them as well as playing the top two teams from all the other groups.

Likewise for the teams finishing third and fourth in the preliminary groups, who moved to Division 2.


2018 League Teams - preliminary groups

Group AGroup B Group CGroup D Group EGroup F
Ex-Pats Crossrail Best Nationals Camel Lights London Tigers Bansko Bears
Homerton Mile Tailenders Friends L&Q Living Mad Marroccas Broadway Market
Rose & Crown Old Fallopians 2nd Masiha Millwall Old Fallopians 1st London Fields
Stokey Scoundrels Sky Sports Interactive Regents Pacific Victoria Lounge

2017 season honours

The honours board for 2017 was as follows:

Division 1: Rose & Crown
(won on net run rate: tied on points with Sky and Technosys)
Division 2: Camel (runners-up: Homerton)
Cup: Safe Skills (runners-up: Sky)

Congratulations to all the above teams, and for all the teams who contributed to another successful season of the Victoria Park Community Cricket League.

For a list of previous champions and cup winners, click here...



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