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Cup fixtures 2010 | 2009 | 2008 | 2007 | 2006 | 2005 | 2004 | 2003 | 2002 | 2001 | All 2010 fixtures & results

Click on a team name in the left-hand column for individual team fixtures. 
Victoria Park pitch 1 is next to pavilion, pitch 2 is closest to entrance, pitch 3 (NB two sets of spring stumps required) is across the path.

Click on winner's name for match details    Cup fixtures in purple

Cup Fixtures | All Fixtures 2010
Day Date Pitch Home v Away Winner
Sunset 8:49 pm
Mo 17-May 1 CUP 1st Rnd: Tufnell Parkians v TMC Old Boys TMC Old Boys
Mo 17-May 2 CUP 1st Rnd: Pacific v London Tigers London Tigers
Mo 17-May 3 CUP 1st Rnd: Wrong'uns v Dynamite Ducks Dynamite Ducks
Tu 18-May 1 CUP 1st Rnd: Old Fallopians v East London Community East London Community
Tu 18-May 2 CUP 1st Rnd: Chats Palace v Stoke Newington Stoke Newington
Tu 18-May 3 CUP 1st Rnd: London Fields v Hackney Downs London Fields
We 19-May 1 CUP 1st Rnd: New Boys v Best Nationals New Boys
We 19-May 2 CUP 1st Rnd: Rose & Crown v London Wanderers Rose & Crown
We 19-May 3 CUP 1st Rnd: Sky v West Ham West Ham
Th 20-May 1        
Th 20-May 2        
Th 20-May 3 CUP 1st Rnd: Tower Cavaliers v Victoria Park Juniors Victoria Park Juniors
Fri 21-May 1        
Fri 21-May 2 CUP 1st Rnd: Bengal Tigers v Safe Skills Safe Skills
Fri 21-May 3 CUP 1st Rnd: Junoon v Regents Junoon
Sunset 8.58pm
Mo 24-May 1 CUP 1st Rnd: Island Community v Martians Island Community
Mo 24-May 2 CUP 1st Rnd: Contenders v Victoria Lounge Contenders
Mo 24-May 3 CUP 1st Rnd: Caledonian Conquerors v Old Ranwellians Caledonian Conquerors
Tu 25-May 1 CUP 1st Rnd: League of Ordinary Gentlemen v Tower Hamlets College Tower Hamlets College
Tu 25-May 2 CUP 2nd A: TMC Old Boys v London Tigers London Tigers
Tu 25-May 3 CUP 2nd B: Dynamite Ducks v East London Community East London Community
We 26-May 1 CUP 2nd C: Stoke Newington v London Fields London Fields
We 26-May 2 CUP 2nd D: New Boys v Rose & Crown Rose & Crown
We 26-May 3 CUP 2nd E: West Ham v Victoria Park Juniors Victoria Park Juniors
Th 27-May 1 CUP 2nd F: Safe Skills v Junoon Safe Skills
Th 27-May 2 CUP 2nd G: Island Community v Contenders Contenders
Th 27-May 3 CUP 2nd H: Caledonian Conquerors v Tower Hamlets College Cal Conquerors by default
Sunset 9:14 pm
We 09-Jun 1 CUP Q-final 1: Winner 2A:
London Tigers
v Winner 2B:
East London Community
East London Community
We 09-Jun 2 CUP Q-final 2: Winner 2C:
London Fields
v Winner 2D:
Rose & Crown
Rose & Crown
We 09-Jun 3 CUP Q-final 3: Winner 2E:
Victoria Park Juniors
v Winner 2F: Safe Skills Safe Skills
Th 10-Jun 1        
Th 10-Jun 2        
Th 10-Jun 3 CUP Q-final 4: Winner 2G:
v Winner 2H:
Caledonian Conquerors
Sunset 9:14 pm
We 14-Jul 3 CUP Semi Final:
Winner Q3: Safe Skills
v Winner Q4: Contenders Contenders
Th 15-Jul 3 CUP Semi Final: Winner Q1:
East London Community
v Winner Q2: Rose & Crown East London Community
Sunset 9.07 pm
Th 22-Jul 3 CUP FINAL: Contenders v East London Community Contenders



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