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Cup fixtures 2006 | 2005 | All 2006 fixtures & results

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Victoria Park pitch 1 is next to pavilion, pitch 2 is closest to entrance, pitch 3 (spring stumps required) is across path.
Home team provides ball.
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Cup Fixtures 2006 | All Fixtures
Day  Date Pitch



 Away  Winner
Sunset 8:36 pm          
We  10-May  2 Cup Preliminary: Masiha v Pacific Pacific
Sunset 9:13 pm          
Tu  06-Jun  1  CUP 1st Rd: Rose & Crown  v Traditional Corsairs Traditional Corsairs
Tu  06-Jun  3  CUP 1st Rd: Vallance Bow  v Shoreditch Vallance Bow
Th  08-Jun  2  CUP 1st Rd:Martians v Sky Sky
Sunset 9:19 pm          
Mo  12-Jun  3  CUP 1st Rd: Old Brasenosians  v  Victoria Lounge Victoria Lounge
Th  15-Jun  2  CUP 1st Rd: Ocean v  Euro CC Euro CC by default
Th  15-Jun  3  CUP 1st Rd: Phoenix Mgmt  v  Pacific Phoenix Management
Sunset 9:21 pm          
Tu  20-Jun  2  CUP 1st Rd: Norfolk & Chance  v Fives Norfolk & Chance
Th  22-Jun  1  CUP 1st Rd: HSBC  v  London Fields London Fields
Th  22-Jun  2  CUP 1st Rd: Highgate Grasshoppers v Rightrongun Highgate Grasshoppers
Th  22-Jun  3  CUP 1st Rd: Tower Cavaliers  v  Chats Palace Tower Cavaliers
Sunset 9:22 pm          
Th  29-Jun  1  CUP 1st Rd: Vallance  v Island Vallance
Th  29-Jun  2  CUP 1st Rd: Cal Conqs  v JP Morgan JP Morgan
Th  29-Jun  3  CUP 1st Rd: Goldman Sachs  v Old Fallopians Old Fallopians by default
Sunset 9:20 pm          
Mo  03-Jul  1 CUP 1st Rd: Good Mayes  v Tower Ravens Tied
Mo  03-Jul  2  CUP 1st Rd: VP Juniors  v Darji Victoria Park Juniors
Mo  03-Jul  3  CUP 1st Rd: Strongroom v East End Cavaliers East End Cavaliers
Tu  04-Jul  1  1:CUP 2nd Rd: Good Mayes or Tower Ravens   v JP Morgan (withdrawn) Good Mayes or Tower Ravens by default
Tu  04-Jul  2  2:CUP 2nd Rd: Old Fallopians  v  Victoria Lounge Victoria Lounge
Tu  04-Jul  3  3:CUP 2nd Rd: Traditional Corsairs  v  Vic Pk Juniors Traditional Corsairs
We  05-Jul  1  4:CUP 2nd Rd: Tower Cavaliers  v  Vallance Bow Tower Cavaliers
We  05-Jul  2  5:CUP 2nd Rd: Sky  v  Phoenix Management Phoenix Management
We  05-Jul  3  6:CUP 2nd Rd: Euro  v  East End Cavaliers East End Cavaliers
Th  06-Jul  1  7:CUP 2nd Rd: Highate Grasshoppers  v  Vallance Vallance by default
Th  06-Jul  3  8:CUP 2nd Rd: London Fields  v  Norfolk & Chance London Fields
Sunset 9:15 pm          
Tu  11-Jul  3 CUP 1st Rd: Good Mayes  v Tower Ravens (replay) Good Mayes
We  12-Jul  2  A:CUP 1/4: Good Mayes  v  Victoria Lounge Good Mayes
We  12-Jul  3  B:CUP 1/4: Traditional Corsairs  v  Tower Cavaliers Traditional Corsairs
Th  13-Jul  1  C:CUP 1/4: Phoenix Management  v  East End Cavaliers East End Cavaliers
Th  13-Jul  3  D:CUP 1/4: Vallance  v  London Fields Vallance
Sunset 9:08 pm          
We  19-Jul  1  CUP Semifinal: Good Mayes   v  Traditional Corsairs Traditional Corsairs
We  19-Jul  2  CUP Semifinal: East End Cavaliers  v  Vallance Vallance
Sunset 8:59 pm          
Th  27-Jul  3  CUP FINAL: Traditional Corsairs  v  Vallance  Traditional Corsairs




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