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Wrong'uns v Dynamite Ducks 

Monday 17 May 2010, Victoria Park
Dynamite Ducks won by 78 runs

Dynamite Ducks won the toss and chose to bat first

Dynamite Ducks: 176 for 3 in 16
Ahmed Farooq 50*
Husnain Abbas 35
Sibet Hussain 31
Zaid Hanif 33
Terry 3 0 28 1
Jonno 3 0 32 1

Wrong'uns: 98 for 5 in 16 overs
Jono 55*
Bobby 17*
Z Hussain 3-0-10-2
R Ali 3-0-12-0

First Cup match for the Holding Champions, another flawless performance with bat and ball. Watching the batting line up was like a tornado had hit pitch 2, the Wrong'uns got caught up in a "Hurricane" powerfull hitting by ahmed "the BomB" and sibet, was followed by the masterfull stroke play of Hussy " Diamond Duck".

Wrong'uns started the big score chase by loosing early wickets in the way of run outs, caused by the lighting ducks, who were quick on their feet (unusual behaviour) maybe caused by the sunny weather. Well batted by jonno who led the resistence into the late evening. Game played under good gamesmanship.

Submitted by Zia of Dynamite Ducks

We had a feeling that this one might turn out with a similar score! Ducks batted first and batted well, coaxing the ball to the boundary with relative ease. We managed to slow the scoring rate down in the 2nd half of the innings and even pick up a few of wickets.

We had penty more chances, although admittedly some were difficult, so knew we could have limited the score a bit better on a different day. In fairness thought The DDs looked like they could have had a few more gears if they needed them. So a healthy target set to chase. We started with a run out in each of the first two overs, and a couple of wickets not too far further down the line from there.

Game over as a competition by about the 4th or 5th over to be honest, but we hung in there with a excellent innings from Jono, well supported for the last 6 or 7 overs by Bobby. The game was generally played in great spirits, despite the obvious gap in class.

Unfortunately slightly marred by the continuous gamemanship of one the Ducks players throughout the game. Especially frustrating as the result was never in doubt. I want to say though that the other 7 players were true gentlemen and a pleasure to play against and we wish them luck.

Submitted by Allan Young of Wrong'uns


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