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6:30 pm Tuesday 17 February 2004

At The Pub On The Park
Martello St 
London E8  


Bert Vandermark (President)


Red Saunders

Caledonian Conquerors

Rob Devaney (Committee)

Chats Palace

Mike Kinchlea

Dover Castle

Zawar Hussain


Abbas Hussain ECC

David Nagaraj


Vikram Ksheersagar


Sabi Rashid


Peter Frisby

Old Fallopians

Tim Castle (Secretary)

Old Fallopians

Peter Hollman (Fixtures)


Edward Maris


Dave Monaghnan

Rose & Crown

Ian Heaphy

Rose & Crown

Mick Reid (Chairman)

Rose & Crown

Sean Feeney

Rose & Crown

Alex Hussain


Daryl Johnson

Tower Ravens

Michael Biggs

Tower Ravens

Paul Williams (Committee)

Tower Ravens

Mafijur Rab


Alastair Dunning

Victoria Lounge

Nigel Richards (Treasurer)

Victoria Lounge

6.55pm Meeting called to order by Chairman Mick Reid.

1.Apologies.  Tim Castle advised that none had been sent to him but Sleek had confirmed they it was their intention to attend. 

2.Minutes. Mick Reid took everyone briefly through last year's minutes. No questions were raised. Minutes passed as read. 


Treasurer's report as circulated - see here for full report... 
Nigel Richards summarised that the League has a credit balance of £550 & proposes to peg annual fees at the same rate as 2003 which would be £275. Tim Castle advised that pitch costs had not been confirmed as yet & costs of balls were dependent on remaining stock & how many new ones would be required. Bert Vandermark was unable to confirm a specific number but Mick Reid concluded somewhere between 10 & 99.

Secretary's Report. Tim Castle talked about the two pitches at Victoria Park & reminded all that both had been relaid within the last three years. He said Tower Hamlets appeared unkeen to make further investment themselves and as such prospects of getting them to pay for the relaying of the 3rd pitch are very slim indeed. 
However, there have been other developments linked to Victoria Park Juniors & the English & Wales Cricket Board who have funds earmarked for youth & urban cricket development which would be to the benefit of the VPCCL. There is a funding bid awaiting approval to have the nets repaired & for a new third pitch to be laid. 
This would different from what the League are currently using in that it would require watering. A pre Xmas bid for the ECB to release funds would need to be 95 or 100% grant funded. A further complication is that due to ownership of the site remaining with the Crown, tenure would be required. The ECB funds are allocated / distributed via the various regional boards & the Middlesex Cricket Board although still hopeful that the funds will be allocated. It would be prudent of the League however to not expect any improvement before the end of the 2004 season. 
Tim Castle is currently drafting letters to the head of horticulture with a view to prioritising improvement of the net facilities. 

Tim Castle asked to be told of scores the following day after the game took place. Nigel Richards asked about the standard of fixture reporting as compared to 2002. Tim Castle replied that although better in 2003, there was still some room for improvement.

Fixture Secretary’s Report. See here for full report... which was circulated on the night. Peter Hollman highlighted the problem some teams had differentiating between draft & final fixtures. Tim Castle stressed that that the website is the ultimate place for teams to look and Peter Hollman reiterated that this should be done by teams on a weekly basis. However, Mick Reid asked Peter Hollman to circulate just one draft set of fixtures for teams to peruse. This would then be followed by a final set a fortnight later. The beginning of April was set as the preferred deadline by all.

Chairman's Report. Mick Reid advised that he had not written a report as he had nothing to report on. Peter Hollman asked whether he had anything to officiate on during the 2003 season but Mick Reid said he had not

5. Contact List Update. Copies were circulated by Tim Castle.

6. Teams Leaving. Ex treasurer Joe Phelan from Hackney Grasshopper’s letter was noted. See here for full letter...

7a.Election of new teams. Two new teams were represented: Vallance who played in the cup in 2003 & ECC (Euro Cricket Club). Mafij Rab of Vallance and Zawar Husain of ECC gave the meeting some background on their teams. 
Tim Castle proposed Vallance, seconded by Red Saunders & were voted in unanimously. ECC were proposed by Tim Castle & seconded by Sabi Rashid. They too were elected as new members of the League unanimously. 
Mick Reid formally welcomed both teams to the League. 
Tim Castle also advised that a third team had shown interest - Inn on the Park - but that their main organiser was moving to Birmingham & couldn’t guarantee getting teams out on a regular basis without him. They did express an interest in playing in the cup. Tim Castle also followed up two other sides but they either did not return his messages or they could not afford to pay league subscriptions.

A drinks break was taken from 7.35pm to 7.45pm.

7b. Fixtures. The structure of the fixtures were to be determined & the various options discussed. Mick Reid on behalf of the committee voiced his support for the super6s/8s structure. Two leagues was advocated by Alex Hussain. Two Divisions was advocated by Ed Maris. Michael Biggs expressed a preference to explore the possibility of 3 divisions. 
Peter Hollman reminded all those present that the super6/8 structure had been devised because in 2003 teams were unable to agree the balance of two divisions & that a single league with teams playing 13 games each was achieved. No team argued against that this was too many games and all agreed that matches should be kept to the core May - July months wherever possible without scrapping the cup competition. Consequently consensus was that the super6/8s was the way forward.
Votes taken:-

In favour of one single league   For 0 Against 13 Abstentions 0
In favour of two divisions For 4 Against 9 Abstentions 0
In favour of three divisions For 0 Against 11 Abstentions 2
In favour of Super 6/8s   For 11 Against 1 Abstentions 1

It was further agreed that the determining of places where teams are tied on points will be determined by the Committee.

7c. Divisional selection. Mick Reid voiced his support for clubs to be split into two seeded pools & a draw taken to determine who should play in which pool. Nigel Richards proposed this motion & Robert Devaney seconded it. However before a vote was taken Peter Hollman said that the demonstration draft had been based on teams in one group being based on 2003 league positions 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 11 , 13 & 15 & in the other teams who finished 2nd, 4th, 6th 8th 10th, 12th & 14th with the two new teams added to the end. Tim Castle agreed that in the interest of time it would be quicker to formalise this method. 
A vote of 4 in favour of seeded pots & a draw & 6 against with 3 abstentions meant that the demonstration draft version would be used in the actual fixtures.

8a What to do when it rains (Proposed by Rose & Crown, seconded by Chats Palace)
See agenda for full motion...
A vote followed a debate. Vote recorded as 8 in favour, 1 against 3 abstentions & 1 absentee.

8b Teams crying off (proposal by Pacific)
See agenda for full motion...
Motion seconded by Tower ravens. Alistair Dunning said it causes more hassle than it's worth. Red Saunders agreed. Ed Maris also agreed. Dave from the Rose & crown made point that persistent offenders should be fined.
Vote in favour 4 & 9 against so motion failed.

9a Late start of games (Bert Vandermark, President)
See agenda for full discussion point...
This was not a motion but a discussion point. Ben Vandermark made the point that teams drag their heals when a prompt start should be achieved this was followed by a brief discussion regarding start times. Consensus was that teams should stick to start times wherever possible & not delay just because they are short & their players have not as yet arrived.

9b. Sledging. (Mike Kinchlea, Dover Castle)
Mike Kinchlea raised point that he had played in two games where there was clear evidence that sledging had taken place. As one game was officiated by neutral umpires, this remained unsubstantiated due to the Umpires' attention not having been drawn at the time. However, all teams were reminded of their Captains & their teams responsibilities. Nigel Richards added that this was covered by both the preamble in the Laws of cricket & Law 42. Self-regulation though has to be the way this issue should be kept under control.

9c Boundaries (Pacific)
See agenda for full discussion point...
Ben Vandermark will sort

9d Umpiring (Pacific)
See agenda for full discussion point...
Was noted

9e Trophies (Dover Castle)
See agenda for full discussion point...
Trophies to be passed to teams at the optimum time i.e. at point when trophy could be won i.e. Cup Final. Teams would the arrange their own engraving & charge back the League when appropriate.

10 Motions raised at the AGM

11 Election of Officers 
The chairman, treasurer, Fixture Secretary & League Secretary were all re-elected unopposed.

Committee members Robert Devaney & Paul Williams were re-elected & Alex Hussain(Sky) proposed by Red Saunders, seconded by Tim Castle also elected . Ben Vandermark & Rita received a vote of thanks with their hard work.

12 Presentation of trophies
The League winners shield was presented to Alex Hussain of Sky
The Cup Trophy had not been returned by previous winners Sleek, so a “virtual cup” was presented to Mike Kinchlea of Dover Castle

13 Any other business

Meeting adjourned 10.10pm

14 Film
Tim Castle’s film of the 2003 season was shown.

Minutes taken by Peter Hollman


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