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Cup final:
The Ducks v Caledonian Conquerors

Wednesday 5 August 2009, Victoria Park
The Ducks won by 55 runs

The Ducks lost the toss and were put into bat

The Ducks: 154 for 7 in 14.3 overs
Tanvir 54*
Aleem Dar 43
Sharif 35
Nadeem 1 0 4 1
Fazal 4 0 36 1
Ali 4 0 33 1
Samper 1 0 14 1
Saj 3 0 30 0

Caledonian Conquerors: 99 for 7 in 16 overs
Nadeem 28
Trevor 16
Ali 19
Amir Khan 1 0 2 2
Ahmed Farooq 4 0 21 3
Aleem Dar 4 0 26 1
Sibet Hussain 2 0 13 0
Zia Hussain 2 0 16 1

Dynamite DUCK'S FLY away with the CUPS!!

Ducks were put into bat in this sizzling cup final between two of the most Destructive teams in the league, both deservedly finalists as predicted.

Ducks welcomed back fresh from the mostly rained-out test match, Aleem Dar, who displayed his batting skills with exceptional stroke play, with the "Executioner" Sharif, playing some excusit shots, at an average of 10 p.o, at one down came tanveer playing texbook cover shots stayed unbeaten, the mid order which has been the key to our success this season, man of the series "Diamond" hussy, the "Bomb" Ahmed and the "Dynamite" Sibet gave exceptional performances. Helmets off to these soldiers, in the end Ducks managed a defendable total.

As the Ducks "HIT SQUAD" took to battlefield for the last time this season, the soldiers took to their field positions to protect their assigned territories like a pack of hungry lions.

Opening attack bowlers Sibet the "Ilford Express", started exploding with deadly bouncers, the ball was flying pass the openers like a bullet, his varied paced attack shook the Cally's openers helped by Tanveer who kept the run rate to a minimum, the boundaries dried up for this Cally's normally dangerous batting attack.

As the mid-order bowlers Aleem Dar, and the "Bomb" Ahmed blew away the Cally's top order, ahmed again picking up the vital wickets. the job was finished by the death bowlers, Amir taking 2 for 2.

Welldone to the Baby Duck for picking up the Scorer of the Season award .

The Ducks Fly out to conquer the Premier Division in the Docklands Indoor League, and then onto Last Man Stands 20/20. Gents keep the seat belts on for the show has just started.

Submitted by Zia Hussain of The Ducks


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