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The Ducks v Island Community

Thursday 23 July 2009, Victoria Park
The Ducks won by 27 runs

The Ducks won the toss and chose to bat first

The Ducks: 123 for 7 in 16 overs
Amed Farooq 31
Aleem Dar 26 Amir Khan 24
Husnain Abbas 23
J Stollery 4 0 17 2
Miran 3 0 27 1
Fleming 4 0 29 1
Silver 3 0 18 1

Island Community: 96 for 7 in 14 overs
Tanjeem 21 miran 20 dheraj 14
Ahmed Farooq 3 0 22 3
Aleem Dar 4 0 15 1
Sibet Hussain 4 0 24 1
Husnain Abbas 3 0 16 2

Does lighting strike twice? Yes. Island were struck again by the electrifyinig Ducks, on pitch three again testing the new orange ball handed over by Bert on his flying bike.

Winning the toss and electing to bat the ducks openers Aleem Dar and Sibet took to the crease with tight line and length by the Island attackers we lost Sibet early on, with Amir, Ahmed and Husnain adding good knocks, we managed a defendable score.

An outburst of a heavy shower bought the rainbow on pitch three as the Ducks soldiers were preparing to out on the front line.

With the ball flying past the Island openers like a rocket by the Dynamite the required rate started to creap up, on the other side Aleem Dar started to place his leg breaks on mine field, at first change came Ahmed and Husnain with their deadly offspin and line, strangled the island batting order. half the Island team were run out, by the Cluster Bomb hitting the target with deadly precision from all angles of the outfield by this deadly Hit Squad, the firepower was too much to handle and Island were once again blown away.

The "Tactician" who went A.W.O.L last week was seen wandering in the tree shades of the park. Well done to our wicket keeper Zain the "Thriller from Manila", ducking and diving behind the wickets like a ninja. The baby Duck on the score sheets again balancing the books.

Submitted by Zia Hussain of The Ducks



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