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The Ducks v Chats Palace

Wednesday 3 June 2009, Victoria Park
The Ducks won by 7 wickets

Chats Palace won the toss and chose to bat

Chats Palace: 111 for 3 in 16 overs
John. 50 n/o
Ellery. 22
Silas. 18 n/o
Kasim Hussain. 2 24 0
Zia Hussain. 4 23 1
Husnain Abbas 3 21 1
Zubair mohamed 3 18 1

The Ducks: 113 for 0 in 9.3 overs
Sibet Hussain 52 n/o
Shaid. 50 n/o
Noman 3 25 0
Ned. 3 30 0

With a few of the big guns out on this clash, in stepped 9 yr old young "GUN" Qasim, unleashed into firing attack for the first time, troubling the Chats top order with his deadly deliveries leaving the bats guessing and puzzled. Again gave a solid man of the match performance on the battlefield.

Chats batted well with John retiring on 50 well done, but they never really took off due to a dissaplined bowling attack. "The dynamite sibet" was set and he exploded to 52 with blistering pace always fighting the light on this dull evening, helped by the "spark Shaid" who set alight the field with beautifull stroke play retiring on 50. Not to least mention the "Tactician" again at this point I'm lost for words.

Chats opening attack started well but the set target was always chasable and the case wasn't helped with the spark getting dropped. Overall game played in good team spirits.

Submitted by Zia Hussain of The Ducks


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