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London Tigers v Pacific

Tuesday 5 May 2009, Victoria Park
London Tigers won by 32 runs

London Tigers won the toss and chose to bat first

London Tigers: 158 for 4 in 16 overs
Saiful Khan (51 not out)
Shahriai Mahmud (51 not out)
Ruhel Ahmed (18 not out)
James Gleadow 4-34-0-2
D Morahan 4-25-0-1

Pacific: 126 for 6 in 16 overs
Peter Hollman (35 bowled)
Darren Tempany (34 out)
Allum (21 out)
Ruhel 3-15-0-3
Sorwar 4-27-0-2

Pacific were outplayed by this young talented Bangladeshi side as the Pacific reserves ran dry which meant 8 year old Luke Hollman had to step in as the 22nd squad member.

Some bowlers struggled with the conditions - a strong northerly blowing right down the pitch & not helping the fielders as 4 swirlers went to ground. As Shayne Rees was last to arrive, Darren lead admirably & James Gleadow certainly made an early impact with 2 wickets in his 1st over but Tigers consolidated as Saiful Khan and  Shahriai Mahmud retired with 50s. Nevertheless the 10 an over target was kept in check despite Shayne Rees' early loss. Rob Allum's dismissal stumped was a setback but while Tempany & Hollman were together the target remained in sight.

Two outside edges to keeper in the 11th over, 1st Tempany & then Hess & the match as a serious competition was over. At least Luke Hollman was able to record his personal best of 6* to go along with his run out before proceedings ended.

Submitted by Ruhel Ahmed of London Tigers and Peter Hollman of Pacific


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