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London Fields v Norfolk & Chance (Cup 2nd round)

Thursday 6 July 2006, Victoria Park
London Fields won by 5 wickets

Norfolk & Chance 128 – 6
Nayan 27
Vimal 28
Fred 16
Will 4 0 27 3
Paul 4 0 40 2

London Fields 129 - 1
Alec 51*
Sean 45*
Mukesh 3 0 27 1

Mukesh Raja of Norfolk & Chance writes :

Feeling confident on the back of three successive wins and the unprecedented appearance in the second round of the VPCCL Cup, Norfolk & Chance were clearly unstoppable. In fact we hadn’t lost a game since the last time we met London Fields. Was that a close match? No one can remember but we are bound to have improved since then. No net practice but we had all been watching a lot of football.

On the day of the game the Norfolk & Chance international contingent dropped out. Ross had to go to work and Brad had to go to Dublin to drink Guinness, but fear not Paul James was back after a two match absence and as such we were certain of a quick 50 from him to get us off the mark and London Fields were missing their star bowler Robin.

Then came the London Fields bowling attack. Paul James threw his bat at a wide ball and was caught behind for a mere ten; Vimal and Nayan held on and kept to what seemed like a reasonable run rate, and the mere appearance of Fred walking to the crease seemed to worry London Fields, with their calls of “Has he played in your league team?”

Fred added a well run 16, but it all started to look very ominous from that moment onwards. London Fields managed to avoid any major injuries in the field and held Norfolk & Chance to a moderate score.

Mukesh could of course have saved the day, but another poor decision by the captain left Mukesh too far down the order without enough overs left to do the necessary.

With London Fields chasing only 128 and their batsmen displaying a variety of strokes and on one occasion even trying to headbutt the ball away for a quick single, they began to pile on the runs.

Mukesh again showed his worth with some excellent spin bowling which slowed down the London Fields march, but just one man, even one so talented could not do the job on his own.


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