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Junoon v Tufnell Parkians

Tuesday 10 August 2010, Victoria Park
Junoon won by 15 runs

Junoon won the toss and chose to bat first

Junoon: 132 for 2 in 14 overs
Ilyas 50 (retired)
Faisal Gajia 50 (retired)
Firoz Husain 16*

Tufnell Parkians: 118 for 6 in 14 overs
Dominic 39
Robbie 34
Edgar 16
Faisal Gajia 3-21
Naz Molvi 2-11
Firoz Husain 1-23

On a wet evening, Junoon and Tufnell Parkians were about to embark on a mission which other teams had called off - playing on a soaked -filled pitch with rain. Both teams decided to go ahead as it was the finale game for the season, and it's always good to wrap up the season with a victory for either team.

Junoon won the toss and decided to bat first. The openers Faisal G and Ilyas put on an exhibition worth showing on Sky Sports ... both completing their 50's and retiring reluctantly. In came Naz M and Firoz H, with Firoz continuing the ball being sent to boundaries..

Junoon finally finished on 132 after reduced overs of 14. Tufnell Parkians also made a very good start in batting, and Junoon had to rethink their game plan. The Junoon skipper decided to bring on the spin rather than have pace bowling as the ball was too slippery for fast bowling. Straight away, wickets started to tumbkle and Junoon were back in the game.

The rain was coming down heavier but both teams wanted to complete the 14 overs, and the game. The last 2 overs were played in unbearable downpour, and full credit have to be given to both teams for lasting on the pitch until the game was over. Finally Tufnell Parkians were all out for 118-6 (1 man short), and Junoon held on to another fine victory in the league.

I thank both teams for playing in such wet conditions, and best of luck for next season!!

Submitted by Firoz Husain of Junoon



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