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Contenders v Sky 

Thursday 8 July 2010, Victoria Park
Contenders won by 6 runs

Contenders won the toss and chose to bat first

Contenders: 169 for 5 in 16 overs
Kester Baptiste 38
Akeema Jeffers 32 NOT OUT
Derick Campbell 24 NOT OUT
Riz 4-30-0
Noz 4-39-2
Alim 3-37-2

Sky: 163 for 4 in 16 overs
Aleem 48
Nozmul 46
Imran K 42
Kester Baptiste 4-36-1
Craig Ramsey 4-30-2
Akeema Jeffers 3-31-1

Contenders won the toss and chose to bat first. From the first ball bowled it was a close match to the end. Contenders batsmen togther made 169 runs in 16 overs.

Sky made 163 in 16 overs. This was a hard match both teams performed extremly well. Sky performed very well, which made the game very very close.

Contenders were a little stronger enabling them to win such a tight match. - Layton Worghs

Sky choke on bitter Contenders pill.....

Having been on top of the opposition for almost the entire match , Sky choked when victory was there for the taking in this top of the table clash which would leave the winners, Contenders, in a strong position for the rest of the season to claim their first league title.

Having lost the toss, Sky were put into the field and with Nozmul and Rizwan bowling accurate swing the Contenders found it difficult to find boundaries. At 113 in the 12th over Sky looked confident that they would be chasing around 150, however a couple of loose overs meant a target of 170 .

Still confident that 170 was perfectly attainable on the small Pitch 1 and knowing that the Contenders strong suite was certainly their batting , Sky started off with a flourish.

The brothers Hussain leading the way in a partnership that had Sky on 89-1 at the end of the 7th. Their good work was carried on by Haris Ali (21*) and Imran Khan and with 15 needed off the last two overs and 4 wickets in hand, looked odds on to puncture Contenders 100% record.

However Contenders held their nerve and Sky lost their heads as wild swipes instead of controlled run chasing meant a succession of dot balls leaving 12 needed of the last over, this was whittled down to 8 off the last four but once again poor shot selection allied to even poorer running between the wickets meant that Sky had handed the game to Contenders, who to their credit never gave up and did pull off a couple of boundary saving dives in the final over.

The match, as expected, was highly competitive, however both teams have a healthy respect for each other which manifested itself in a great game without any untoward incidents. - Rizwan Siddiqui

Submitted by Layton Worghs of Contenders and Rizwan Siddiqui of Sky


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