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Wrong'uns v Tower Hamlets College

Wednesday 5 May 2010, Victoria Park
Wrong'uns won by 13 runs

Wrong'uns won the toss and chose to bat first

Wrong'uns: 123 for 4 in 14 overs
Spike - 50*
Bobby - 20
Paddy - 15
Terry - 9
Bear - 1
Allan - 0*
Rahul 4-0-19-0

Tower Hamlets College: 110 for 6 in 14 overs
Tamil - 33
Shak - 20
Rahul - 12
Rayhan- 9*
Shoab - 7
Kalim - 3*
Amzad - 0
Hasan - 0
Spike 4-0-24-0

A vital victory start for The Wrong-uns', played in great spirit by both teams. Won the toss and chose to bat as a player was late. Lost a wicket in the 1st over but then progressed steadily from there. Game was reduced to 14 overs each due to light, and the run rate was accelerated towards the end, giving us a respectable total of 123 for 4. Spike hit exactly 50, from running 3 off the last ball, which didn't even leave the square. Good contribution from Paddy, Terry and Bobby. My only contribution was a comedy heave that rewarded me with a square on hit in the box.

Tower Hamlets College came in and also made a steady start, with good batting from Tamil, and from Shak later on. The game was on a knife edge at the 7 over mark, as THC had reach exactly half way to the victory total. Then a very strange moment when the batsman (not sure who, sorry) tried 'a Dilshan' on one of our more military bowlers, and spooned an easy catch to the wicket keeper. Oh the exuberance of youth! Some corking bowling form Spike at the other end in combination with the control from Bobby at the other and the screw was turned. 18 was needed off the last over, and it never looked likely. Thanks to THC for a good game and we wish you luck.

Submitted by Allan Young of Wrong'uns


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