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Suleman Vesamia     


One of the league's two remaining original members, Homerton CC (formerly Chats Palace) is mourning one of its most cherished members Suleman Vesamia who sadly died this week after a long and painful illness, at the young age of 47 - leaving a wife and three young children.

Solly, (as he was affectionately known) was the kind of character for whom the league was formed.

Of quite limited skills in any department of the game, his presence on Homerton's team sheets went without saying, due to his endless humour, enthusiasm and support for others trying their best within a difficult game.

Solly joined Homerton CC about 6 years ago, bringing a few key friends along with him, including the league Chair, Riz, who occasionally guests for us on a weekend.
Solly's family often came to watch him play.

Although he rarely played in the league, due to his business responsibilities, last season he planned to be an omni-present league player, but reported feeling 'strangely exhausted' after an early pre-season match.

He never played the game again.

Solly was also a much respected shopkeeper and local stalwart of the Chatsworth Road community, having first opened a fishing tackle shop in Chatsworth Road over 25 years ago, before moving on to a bicycle sales and repair business on the same road.

Solly will be sadly missed, and fondly remembered by many!

VPCCL can proudly claim him as one of their own, as he may well not have played the game without its existence.

Gary Horsman
May 3, 2013





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