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Committee Meeting February 2008 Minutes | Back to News Index

Victoria Park Community Cricket League
Committee meeting
Monday February 11, 2008
7.10 pm
Held at Bert Vandermark’s flat

Bert Vandermark (Life President)
Rita Vandermark (First Lady)
Mick Reid (Chairman)
Tim Castle (Secretary)
Peter Hollman (Fixtures Secretary)
Steve Hill (Committee member)
Rizwan Siddiqui (Committee member)
Paul Williams (Committee member)

Nigel Richards (Committee member)
Gary Horsman (Committee member)

The meeting was held to review preliminary decisions made at the October committee meeting, prepare for the AGM in March, consider proposed rule changes and to discuss the way forward on various issues.

The meeting was quorate under Rule 5 of the league constitution: “The Hon. Secretary shall notify all Committee members of the date and venue of Committee meetings. Five members are required to form a quorum at meetings.”

The meeting started at 7.10 p.m.

Secretary duties

There was discussion of possible ways of lightening the load of the secretary/webmaster, given Tim Castle’s decision to stand down at the AGM.

TC said he would look at ways of simplifying the recording of matches on the website.

There was discussion about whether all teams should be able to enter their own results, or whether this responsibility should be devolved to a number of committee members

The possibility of a professional revamp / administration of the website – with the extra costs covered by a rise in league fees 

Pitch 2

Steve Hill said Tower Hamlets had been waiting for the conclusion of a strategic playing fields review before taking a decision on repairing Pitch 2.

That review concluded two weeks ago.

Steve Hill said contractors had been to inspected the damaged pitch as well as one at Millwall.

Apparently a decision had been made that Pitch 2 needed relaying, but contractors were waiting for the go-ahead from the council.

SH said everyone he spoke to said the pitch would be relaid by the start of the season, but he would keep chasing the council to make sure it was.

Rule 17 – Rain

The committee agreed that the following new Rule 17 be proposed at the AGM:

All games must be played on the evenings allotted. In the event of factors beyond the control of either Team preventing a match from going ahead then it will not be replayed (other than cup matches).

Each Team will be awarded one point.

Teams are expected to play through short periods of rain, and even longer ones.

In inclement weather, consideration should be given to the prospects of the game starting at some point during the evening and the likelihood of it being possible to then conclude the game before darkness falls.

No game can be called off for rain unless both teams are present to inspect conditions on the night, except by prior mutual agreement. If one team wishes to play, the game will go ahead.

In the event of only one team turning up, that team will be awarded the game.

This wording reverses the force of the previous rule (which gave a veto to the team that didn’t want to play) in favour of a positive presumption that in most cases of wet weather a match is possible.

At this point Rizwan Siddiqui left the meeting (giving apologies, to collect his son)

Players arriving late

It was agreed that captains should inform their opponents when they expected a player to arrive late. If they in the meantime replaced them with a substititute, that should also be declared. The substititute would not be able to bat, bowl or keep wicket.

The following new rule was agreed to be proposed to the AGM:

If teams start a game with a side which includes one or more substitutes, this must be declared in advance (for example, if a player is late arriving). Substitutes cannot bat, bowl or keep wicket.

Late starts – Rule 4

The committee agreed that the best way to prevent disputes over bad light was to prevent them happening in the first place by ensuring, firstly, that matches started earlier, and secondly, had overs reduced when they did start late.

The following revision to Rule 4 was agreed to be proposed to the AGM:

All teams are expected to turn up in good time for a 6 p.m. start to enjoy the best opportunity of playing a full game.

No team may start a game with fewer than 5 players.

a) In April, May and August:
Games are to start no later than 6:15 pm.
Any team not ready to commence by 6.15 pm forfeits the toss.
After 6.15 p.m. the overs must be reduced by one over for every five minutes.

For example:
Games starting after 6.15 but before 6.20 – 15 overs
Games starting after 6.20 but before 6.25 – 14 overs
Games starting after 6.25 but before 6.30 – 13 overs
Games starting after 6.30 but before 6.35 – 12 overs
Games starting after 6.35 but before 6.40 – 11 overs
Games starting after 6.40 – 10 overs

Teams not ready to start by 6.45 will forfeit the game and be charged the full cost of hiring the pitch (see rule 8).

b) In June and July:
Games must start no later than 6:30pm.
Any team not ready to commence by 6:30 pm forfeits the toss.
Teams not ready to start by 7 pm will forfeit the game and be charged the full cost of hiring the pitch (see rule 8).

Paragraph b) does not apply for games scheduled to start at 7pm after junior cricket practice on the same pitch

Defaulted games

Agreed to the proposal that there should be a credit for teams that miss a game because their opposition defaults. The credit would equal half the match fee (pitch cost + ball).

This would amend Rule 8 as follows:

 Any team failing to fulfil a fixture will forfeit the match and 2 points will be awarded to their opponents. Such non-fulfilment will be reported to the League Committee. The team forfeiting the game will also be charged the full cost of hiring the pitch. The team which misses the game because of their opponent’s forfeit will be credited with their match fee (half the cost of the pitch hire and the ball).


Agreed that teams would be reminded about bringing stumps at the AGM

Teams tying on same points

Agreed to a proposal to change rule 20 so that teams tying no longer share the championship. Agreed to follow method currently used for deciding which league teams progress to in the second half of the season.

New rule 20 agreed to be proposed to the AGM as follows:

In the event of two or more teams tying on points at the top of the league after all matches are played, the league championship title shall be based on the following criteria

1. The result of the game between the relevant sides
2. The amount of wins achieved
3. The result against the team who comes 1st; if still the same then 2nd, then 3rd etc until a difference is noted
4. If still the same, the toss of a coin UNLESS the teams involved wished to arrange a play off or bowl out.


Medals used to be presented to players of the championship side. Agreed no longer wanted.


Agreed these should be returned by clubs at the AGM for engraving at the league’s expense.

This would change Rule 19 of the Constitution. Agreed that this rule should be in the Rules, not the Constitution.

 Wording for the proposed change to Rule 19 was agreed as follows:

Teams must respect the trophies they have won & ensure they are looked after. The trophies must be returned by the AGM after which they will be engraved at the league’s expense. Failure of any team to ensure this could result in their expulsion.

 New teams for 2008

TC reported that Darji and East End Cavaliers had withdrawn from the 2008 season. All other teams from last year had replied to say they would participate, except for four teams which had yet to reply: Central London, Fives, Hendon & Edgware and Masiha.

Three new teams had so far confirmed they wished to join, Goodmayes (who have played at least twice in the cup), and two others fronted by a Callum Lee and a Kevin Cook.

Squirrels, who also played in last year’s cup, had said in January they were considering asking to join. TC/PH to chase.

TC said other new team replies were still awaited.

Bert said a team based in the Vic Park nets, the Contenders, thought they had already applied to join. Bert said he would get them to reapply through the website.

White Balls

Peter Hollman said Pacific would like to use these as an experiment with teams that agreed (who would have to wear dark clothing. Noted that white balls were not excluded under the rules (9 & 10). Agreed that Pacific would provide the balls.

White clothing

Agreed to remind captains at the AGM of their responsibilities under rule 9

All teams are expected to play in white tops and trousers. In particular, in matches with red balls, bowlers must wear white or a light colour or the Captain must not let them bowl. Metal spiked shoes must not be worn by bowlers or batsmen.


Agreed that sides should exchange a list of the full names of their eight players with their opposition at the start of each match, to aid scoring and the compilation of league batting and bowling averages.

The following new rule was agreed for proposal at the AGM:

Teams must exchange a list of the full names of their eight players at the beginning of each game, to aid scoring and the compilation of league batting and bowling averages.

Playing matches at Wray Crescent and other venues

Peter Hollman proposed that teams who were willing could play games against Pacific at Wray Crescent as a way of relieving fixture congestion. He said he wanted to avoid having to turn new teams away because the league was at capacity at Victoria Park.

PH had drafted a fixture list with 27 teams, which he said was the upper limit, but this included playing Fridays.

Bert said Fridays would be difficult for him as he often went away then for weekends.

Steve Hill said the league had to decide if it was to remain based round Victoria Park, and remain a local community league, or expand to a number of venues and in effect become an East London League.

He said his preference was to remain a local league at Victoria Park. He noted that he was in discussion with authorities on the Isle of Dogs about setting up a Twenty20 evening league there, possibly starting in 2009. If that league took off, Island might play in both leagues or just one.

Paul Williams proposed that the constitution explicitly state a maximum number of teams in the league and cup, as a way of establishing that the league was restricted to a certain size and would remain based soley at Victoria Park, except in exceptional circumstances (such as vandalism to a pitch).

It was agreed to propose an amendment to the constitution stating the league maximum as 24 and the cup, 32, as follows:

The league will consist of a maximum 24 teams. The cup will be played with a maximum 32 teams. All games will be played at Victoria Park, except when unavoidable circumstances force play elsewhere (for example, while a pitch is awaiting repair after vandalism)

The meeting closed at 10.15 pm with a vote of thanks for Bert and Rita for hosting the event and providing refreshments.


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