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Committee Meeting October 2007 Minutes |  Back to News Index

Victoria Park Community Cricket League
Committee meeting
Monday October 15, 2007
7.15 pm
Held at Bert Vandermark’s flat

Bert Vandermark (Life President)
Rita Vandermark (First Lady)
Mick Reid (Chairman)
Tim Castle (Secretary)
Paul Williams (Committee member)
Steve Hill (Committee member)

Peter Hollman (Committee member)
Nigel Richards (Committee member)
Gary Horsman (Committee member)

The meeting was called to review the 2007 season and to discuss the way forward on various issues.

The meeting was quorate under Rule 5 of the league constitution: “The Hon. Secretary shall notify all Committee members of the date and venue of Committee meetings. Five members are required to form a quorum at meetings.”

In summary, we agreed:

-         There should be at least two committee meetings over the close season, in October and February, to review the season and to consider proposals for rule changes ahead of the AGM in March. The February meeting to be held at least one month ahead of the AGM.

-         Proposals for rule changes must be submitted in time for the February committee meeting to consider them

-         Seconders for AGM motions will be sought ahead of the AGM

-         Pitch 2 needs completely relaying – Steve Hill to organise meeting with Colin Stewart, head of parks, to discuss

-         Proposed a change to rain rule (no.17) -  a representative from both teams must turn up, whatever the weather, before a decision can be made on proceeding with the game (but see M Reid’s comments below)

-         Proposed a rule to deal with late players - “If a player is going to be late it should be declared in advance” (see below)


-         That T Castle will stand down as secretary/webmaster at the AGM. A replacement is needed

-         There will be a café open next to changing rooms next season

Review of season

-         too much aggro in some games

-         some of this follows late starts and subsequent disputes over poor light (particularly at the start and end of the season)

-         issue of late starts needs resolution

-         Problem of teams not agreeing to reduce overs when there is no chance of getting a full game in before dark. Teams to reminded about this again at AGM

-         also issue of players coming late – disputes later in game would be eased by the captain informing the other team that one of his players will be joining later

-         proposed rule: “If a player is going to be late it should be declared in advance.”

-         Disputes over rain – “most of the time you can get a game in” – S Hill; “has to be torrential for a VP league game to be called off” – S Hill

-         Agreed that rain in itself is not a health and safety issue, unlike bad light

-         Proposed to rewrite Rule 17, so that a representative from both teams must turn up, whatever the weather. Only if there are reps from both teams can a game be declared off for rain, otherwise it will default to team that turns up.

-         NB M Reid adds “What I meant by 'must' was that to be sure it was best to turn up unless the agreement had firmly been struck by phone not to play because of rain but not that we need a rule change. My 'must' was that with certain teams over time, if you don't turn up they will and claim sunshine when there might be floods.”

-         Defaulted games – team that does turn up should be given a credit for next season

-         Stumps – Problem of teams assuming that Bert will bring them stumps from changing rooms when they are on pitches 1 & 2. This is not Bert’s job. Teams to be reminded that each is responsible for bringing one set of stumps to each game. Bert will bring stumps for pitch 3 on request in advance

-         Problem raised of late receipt of cheque from Treasurer to cover cost of balls

-         Paul Williams raised question – what is legal implication of a league official advising a team that it is safe to play on in reduced light and a player then getting hurt?

-         Trophies – there should be rule to decide who is winner of leagues when teams are tied on points

-         Medals – used to be handed out to teams – but are they wanted?

Thanks to Bert and Rita for hosting meeting, and for sandwiches and refreshments.




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