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Tower Cavaliers v Victoria Lounge

Wednesday 11 July 2012, Victoria Park
Tower Hamlets won by 6 wickets

Tower Cavaliers lost the toss and were put into field

Victoria Lounge: 71 for 6 in 16 overs
Elbridge 13 not out
PHIMORE Johnnie WALKER(blue label) 3-19 Alkesh LORD LUCAN Solanki 2-15 Steve NOW IN RECEPIT OF HIS VISA Williams 1-10

Tower Cavaliers: 73 for 1 in 11.5 overs
Steve WAITING FOR HIS VISA Williams 44 not out
Kenny I LIKE 20p's MARSHALL 9 not out
Rob CIVIL Waugh 9

The Cavaliers last league game of the season was a battle between 1 and 2 in DIVISION 3. The Rain and Thunder were also participants in this sporting theatre.

Skipper WILLIAMS lost the toss on behalf of his men and were given the direction to field by VL. The Lounger's were bowled out for 71 after a keen display all round.

It helped the Cavaliers that opening VL bat, Joe, was the recipient of a golden duck - 1st baller, Bowled Willaims caught Solanki - the one handed el bandito.

Atkinson was hitting the ball hard and walloped 27 until succumbing to the cunning leftyness of whiskey in a jar man PHILMORE WALKER. Clean bowled!

Solanki continued his superlative bowling this season by taking 2 good wickets and was unlucky not to get a couple more.

Nigel Richards prepped the VL's score with a very good partnership with HEAVY METAL ROCKER C. Elmbridge - who's bloodfest' extra cover driving deserved plenty of runs but was met head on with the might of a huge WAUGH effort, RobbiE!

The DARK KNIGHT, M. AHMED Esq.OBE & Bar, whilst fighting crime still managed to pitch in with a couple of overs that deserved a wicket - LORD LUCAN slipped when it mattered the most. NB..20th JULY - the DARK KNIGHT RISES!

The 20pence DUKE - Kenneth Marshall had a good day in the office with some clean glove work. And Phil the POWER Price was is his usual 10 out of 10 in the field. Batting wise, visa in pocket, Skipper Willaims lead by example and from the front - which makes sense as he was opening.

He saw off the tricky Atkinson and batted really bravely. A good WAUGH effort and penny pinching stance by Marshall assisted in knocking off the runs. And the sun shone for a little while - "The nights are gettin' warmer it wont be long Wont be long till summer till summer comes Now that the boys are here again"

A mention must be made to the DEADLY one, Andrew Dickson, who was in the pavallion waiting to come in at #4 - he is new TOWER CAVALIERS GOLF CHAMPION 2012, after last year being runner up to the might and exceptional talent of club el Presidente, Keith Watson.

So bravo DEADLY, bravo. NOW! It all befalls on the MARTIANS vs VL. Can the men from Mars beat the VL's - if they could it would a result that is not of this Earth.

And on that bombshell........siging out is Mickus Maximus Muratus - the MMM. Founder member of Tower Cavliers Cricket Club & current 1st Team fitness & fielding coach.

Submitted by Mike Murat of Tower Cavaliers



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