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Tower Cavaliers v Martians

Tuesday 3 July 2012, Victoria Park

Tower Cavaliers won by 3 wickets

Tower Cavaliers lost the toss and were put into field

Martians: 76 for 7 in 11.4 overs
SID 22
SID 2-18 AMON 2-13 HARRY 1- 37

Tower Cavaliers: 77 for 4 in 10.2 overs
STEVE McQueen WILLIAMS 27 not out
KENNETH MARSHALL Law (Mr Copydex) 12
PHIL the power PRICE 4
ROB WAUGH and Peace 7
PHILMORE Johnnie WALKER 6 not out
STEVE McQueen WILLIAMS 4-18 ALKESH Lord Lucan SOLANKI 1-17 ANDREW Deadly DICKSON 1-9 ROB WAUGH and Peace 1-3

Cavaliers beat the Martians with the dark knight fighting crime and also assuming his 12th man duties. A fine performance by the skipper STEVE McQueen WILLIAMS who was omni present with bat, bowl and field.

But was closely followed by the performance of grey beard ROB WAUGH and Peace. ALKESH Lord Lucan SOLANKI managed to drop a catch, rip his hand up and also throw a run out ALL IN ONE BALL!! You had to be there to truly appreciate the level of talent on display on this occasion.

A visit to the hospital inclusive of a 7 hour wait was what awiated the LORD that night. The skipper gave the POWER a chance to open the innings - alas he was very unlucky to miss a straight one. Bowled. Clean.

The highlight of the night was the exceptional showcase of talent portrayed by the lefty elegance that is PHILMORE Johnnie WALKER. His classical batting was reminiscent of a bygone era a'la Cowdrey, Dexter & Ramdin.

PHILMORE'S leg glance for 4 was a joy - a joy that Cavliers 1st team coach Fred Benn was unable to witness due another engagement with a couple of Peters Ale & a 'will.

The Cavaliers will have to hope that the Lounger's of Victoria slip up to have any hope of silverware this season.....ITS ALL UP TO THE MARTIANS!

So come on the MARTIANS - play out of this planet!

Submitted by President Keith Watson of Tower Cavaliers



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