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Tower Cavaliers v Thomson Reuters

Thursday 14 June 2012, Victoria Park

Tower Cavaliers won by 8 runs

Tower Cavaliers won the toss and chose to bat first

Tower Cavaliers: 72 for 6 in 11.2 overs

Thomson Reuters: 64 for 5 in 12
Thatch Maroof Ahmed 3-21 off 3 overs.
Big Al(kesh no Cheque) Solanki - The Lucan Lord 1-15 off 3 overs.
King Duncan (Captain) 1-20 off 3 overs

Stealing THUNDER! Well that is exactly what happened in a 12-over-a-side special edition.

Inclusive of the wind swept cold and blustery Vikki Park, the rain took a rain check (f'nar f'nar) until the game ended.

By then the Cavaliers defeated the TR's in a very tense finale. And so to the point, the finale.

Cain KING Duncan ended his career as a Cavalier with a fine victory as Honoury Captain for the day.

However this swansong was all about the RISE of the Dark Knight, the master thatcher, Maroof Ahmed. He bowled with aplomb for his Cavaliers and certainly won the game when it looked like the TR's were confidently chipping away at the Cavaliers total.

Dark Knight's 3 crucial wickets as well as Kenneth Marshall (LAW)'s fine bit of glove work released the pressure as the TR's hung on in their until the end.

Farewell and adieu old chum King Duncan; you will be missed and that goes without saying. Hobbits now lurk in his new pastures, and pastures being the operative word dare I suggest.

The POWER of the hobbits. Kiwi NZ bon voyage. It was pleasure to present Cain his memento in the pub after the game as it has been a very long time since I had to dust off the cobwebs to wear my Presidential Blazer. El Presidente, T.C.C.C. K. Watson Esq OBE & Bar.

Submitted by Keith 'El Presidente' Watson of Tower Cavaliers



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