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Homerton v Old Fallopians

Wednesday 30 May 2012, Victoria Park
Homerton won by 59 runs

Homerton won the toss and chose to bat first

Homerton: 135 for 4 in 16 overs
Lawrence DG 37
Ted M 30
Gary H 26 not out
Lawrence H 1
Marcus 18
Ned W 5 not out
Mat Asquith 1w 13r 2o; Will Ross 1w 19r 3o; Tim Castle 1w 27r 3o;
John shaw 1w 28r 4o

Old Fallopians: 76 for 6 in 13 overs
Will H Hill retired hurt 20
Will Ross 19
Ted H 0w 14r 4o; Lawrence D 2w 22r 3o; Marcus 2w 2r 1o;
Lawrence H 2w 6r 1o

“Homerton gave Old Fallopians a hell of a beating” quote by Gary Horsman capt Homerton.

On a wonderful sunny evening or cricket two old foes met. Homerton won the toss and chose to bat & got off to a fab start 55 for 1 off 5 overs, Ted M 30 off 15 balls. A quick 2nd wicket gave Old Fallopians hope, but Lawrence DG 37 & Gary H 26 not out pushed Homerton to 135 for 4 off 16 overs.

Old Fallopians reply started well with the help of a wayward 9 wides in the first overs, sorry Ned. Then Homerton tightened the bowling with Ted 14 off 4 overs and three braces Lawrence D 2w for 22 off 3, Marcus 2w for 2 off 1, Lawrence H 2w for 6 off 1, leaving Old F 76 for 6.

It might have been different if Will Hopson-Hill did not have to retire for 20 to A&E with a cut lip (hope you ok Will). With this and the three Golden Ducks did not help the Old Fallopians in the run chase. A good natured game played by two teams who respect each other’s history

Submitted by stuart mckean of Homerton

Pictures, report and scorecard on Old Fallopians website here...


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