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Regents v Mad Morrocas  

Wednesday 2 May 2012, Victoria Park
Mad Morrocas won by 5 wickets

Regents won the toss and chose to bat first

Regents: 65 for 7 in 10.5 overs
Walsh - 15
Farmer-Carver - 9
Salmon Jr - 9
Shorts - 2-5-2 Hair - 2.6-13-2

Mad Morrocas: 66 for 2 in 12 overs
Cahrlie - 17*
Robbie - 15
James P - 9
Appleby - 2-7-1 Dinesen - 2-12-1

Both teams had late arrivals, with some volunteers filling in for Mad Moroccas until their last players had arrived.

Gloomy and overcast, the ball was swinging from first ball to last, and tough to pick up out of the bowler's hand at times.

Scoring was difficult all match, with the atmospheric conditions added to be the exceptionally long grass in the outfield - only 6 boundaries were scored over both innings.

Regents suffered from regular losses of wickets, and finished well short of batting out the adjusted 14 overs. Two broken bats didn't help matters - maybe Donnellan should have pinched one of those decent looking bats at the start...

Excellent early bowling from Walsh and Salmon Jr restricted the Moroccas to 1 after the first 2 overs, and 11 after 4, but the Moroccas' batsmen kept close enough to the run rate of the modest target, and made their wickets in hand count in the final overs.

The game was sealed by a vicious in-dipping yorker, which narrowly missed everything, and scooted away towards the boundary. Had Regents taken a couple of chances, the chase may have been different, but these early games will bring these mistakes.

Game was played in great spirits, much like last year's between these two.

Bring on Sky.

Submitted by Jake of Regents


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