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Dynamite Ducks v Bengal Tigers

Monday 23 April 2012, Victoria Park

Dynamite Ducks won by 4 wickets

Dynamite Ducks lost the toss and were put into field

Bengal Tigers: 86 for 4 in 14 overs
George. 15
Cook. 21
Boom boom. 2 0 14 1 Z
hussain. 2 0 10 1
Nabeel. 2 0 5 2

Dynamite Ducks: 87 for 3 in 8 overs
Sibet. 50*
Zia. 16
Boom Boom. " Quak Quak "
McDonald 2.2 0 2 21
Tim. 1. 0 1. 7

Dynamite Ducks ..... Landed safely into Victoria park on a damp and muddy outfield, though conditions were forcasted as rainy and cloudy, in the end suited the ducks.

Toss was easily lost.. ( no suprises there ) .. Dynamite squad was put into field on a very very wet outfield... Sometimes it felt as the Ducks were swimming in the outfield....

Boom Boom opened the devastating opening attack , with his front stroke action.. Could have easily been mistaken for a member of the Olympic Water Arobics team ..

Tigers found hard to to score boundaries with the wet ball and Ducks practicing their swimming techniques on the field, and were restricted to a defendable target.

Batting was opened and wrapped up the dynamite sibet, displayed some fine unorthodox shots, seemed like he's been watching the gayle force in IPL.

Game played in conditions which would only suit the park ducks and in good spirit.

Submitted by Zia hussain of Dynamite Ducks



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