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Dynamite Ducks v London Fields    

Tuesday 12 July 2011, Victoria Park
Dynamite Ducks won by 6 wickets

Dynamite Ducks lost the toss and were put into field

London Fields: 140 for 3 in 16 overs
Jason 47*
Ben 39
Z Hussain 2 0 2 13

Dynamite Ducks: 144 for 1 in 13 overs
Sibet Hussain 54*
Husnain 50*
Habbas 19*
Paul 2 0 1 24

Dynamite Ducks came into this game having already lost to London Fields in the CUP game earlier in the season, and turned the scorboards around. Tight line and lenght, for the first 10 overs kept the fields batmen to 6 an over, but in the last six overs the fields batmen stepped on the gas and achieved a defendable target, solid batting by Jason and Ben after losing the openers cheaply.

The Ducks batting lineup is backup to its full strength and that showed, as the openers Ahmad (The BomB) and (Dynamite) sibet, stepped onto the battlefield. Bomb's fuse went off early and took a blast on the first ball to keep the Ducks name shining, 'QUAK QUAk'.

In came the 'Little Blaster' Husnain, and once again the cluster Bombing started on the field. Exquiste batting display from both sibet and little blaster , clean solid hitting kept the score above 10 an over, with sibet 'Dynamite' reaching his fifty on successive 666's in the 10 over.

Ducks have finally began their assault on the league trophy.

Submitted by zia hussain of Dynamite Ducks



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