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Cup: East London Community v Sky

Tuesday 31 May 2011, Victoria Park

East London Community won by 17 runs

East London Community won the toss and chose to bat first

East London Community: 156 for 6 in 16 overs
Altaf Bhat: 11
Iqbal Miah: 16
Ibrahim Mulla: 4
syed Habib: 15
Yasir Ghayas: 43
Ajmal Pathan: 6
Abdul Vahid: 27*
Ilyas Mankda: 9*

Sky: 139 for 6 in 16 overs
Sarfaraz: 1
Nozmul: 35
Aleem: 11
Shakeel: 10
Nomaan: 13
Waqar: 22
Rizwan: 30*
Abdul Vahid: 4 0 21 0 Ibrahim Mulla: 4 0 30 2 Altaf Bhat: 4 0 31 2 Ilyas Mankda: 3 0 30 1 Yasir Ghayas: 1 0 5 1

Pressure built up on ELCCC after the 1st over which was maiden, bowled by Rizwan. ELCCC had slow start until Yasir came and smashed around the park and scored 43 runs. Key point of the inning was the last wicket partnership of 45 runs between Vahid and Ilyas.

Sky had a slow start and pressure kept building up when Vahid and Ibrahim were attacking from both end. Sky lost wickets on a regular interval. In the end it went easy for ELCCC as Sky needed 24 runs from 6 balls.

Submitted by Abdul Vahid of East London Community



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