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Cup: Wrong'uns v Regents

Wednesday 18 May 2011, Victoria Park
Wrong'uns won by 7 wickets

Wrong'uns lost the toss and were put into field

Regents: 75 for 7 in 10.3 overs
Farmer 22
Salmon 20
Matt Ames 2.3-13-3 Chris Parker 3-14-1 N Woolff 2-16-1 S Harby 2-16-1

Wrong'uns: 76 for 1 in 8.5 overs
Nibble Woolff-36
Spike Harby-22
Walsh 3-26-1 Linay 3-18-0

The Wrong'uns and Regents huddled under a tree in the middle of Vicky park wondering if the pub would allow us to play a game of cricket at the bar rather than the miserable, wet and cacky weather both teams were facing on pitch 3.

The idea of "we're going to get soaked anyway so lets try to get 12 overs in rather than 10" was endorsed by both teams. Regents won the toss and put the Wrong'uns into the field.

The inform Farmer played well for his 22, facing uneven bounce and watching regular wickets fall at the other end until He accompanied by Salmon (wearing a sun hat!) started to dig in. The Wrong'uns made the breakthrough when Farmer hit a shot to deep mid-wicket.

Normally the ball in the dry would of gone for a one bounce four, not this wet lump of rock, it sailed into the safe hands of Parker 30 yards from the crease. Wrong'uns kept the pressure on with some tight bowling and "hollywood" fielding with Ames being on a hatrick at one stage and every bowler picking up at least 1 wicket.

Regents had put on 75 all out, the Wrong'uns felt this could be defended in the poopy weather but sadly for Regents, Mother Nature smiled on the Wrong'uns and the rain stopped. Assured batting from Nibble and Spike saw the Wrong'uns home with plenty to spare but not before a golden duck for Incledon off Walsh (well, it was good weather for ducks).

Regents are a credit to the league with plenty of bubbly enthusiasm. The whole of the Wrong'uns wish them well for their forthcoming league campaign. Let’s hope no one dies from pneumonia in the meantime!!

Submitted by B Hillman of Wrong'uns



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