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Sleek v Rose & Crown

Monday 19  May 2003, Victoria Park
Rose & Crown won
Rose & Crown 96 all out
Sleek 93 all out (15.1 overs)

Mick Reid of Rose & Crown writes:

Sleek won toss and elected to field.

Rose and Crown got off to a disastrous start losing two wickets in first two overs in rather unfortunate circumstances. 

Patrick Heaphy, having deftly turned a ball to leg off his hips for four runs backward of square, disturbed his legstump and the bails by dint of his back foot slipping backward on the wet mat. 

Only a few balls later, Iain Heaphy, number three bat, was deceived by a gently looping and seemingly unintended full toss which plopped onto middle stump. 

Sean Feeney scored a swift and elegant 31 including two on-side sixes with Daniel Heaphy contributing to a fruitful partnership of some fifty runs. 

Mick Reid and Tim Brown then put together a grafting, nudge and nurdle 25 runs or so; the innings then ending some three overs short of the allotted sixteen with tail-enders John Mortimer [run-out] and Dave Monaghan [bowled] assisting towards a seemingly inadequate total of 96 runs all out.

It was an evening of unsettled weather; sunshine intertwined with huge blue, purple and blackish clouds which took turns in dumping heavy rain upon the participants and spectators in short, regular bursts. 

Nice to be there but not pleasant playing conditions at all; the ball very soon a dull plum-coloured wet yet heavy rag.


Sleek, before a short break in play for a marbles-sized hailstorm, lost three quick wickets. 

Dave Monaghan bowling the opening batsman with the very first ball of the innings. 

Five balls later the other opener lobbed a gentle catch up to John Mortimer at mid-off.

The first ball of Dave's next over saw another wicket fall with a run out. 

It must be said, with continuing rain, that Sleek had got the worst of the conditions for batting though, as is often stated, it was also difficult for the bowling side.

There evolved a thrilling climax to the game with Sleek requiring 30 runs off five overs with 2 wickets in hand; whittling down to 21 off four, 14 off two with a further wicket falling. 

Sleek began the penultimate over requiring four runs to win with one wicket remaining. 

Mick Reid came on to bowl, the first delivering being scooped out of the blockhole towards cow corner where it was snaffled comfortably by the waiting and still-headed Sean Feeney.

Game over to see the Rose and Crown gain their first victory of the season.

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