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The Laws of Cricket will apply with the following Competition Rules & Regulations. Where applicable VPCCL rules will also apply.

See also - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Super_Over#Rules


Standard VPCCL Covid protocols apply - see here for details

Social Distance Restrictions must be adhered to at all times.

All teams will set up their own base while keeping distance from other teams. Players may not enter another teams bubble.


In the interests of our cricket community, please self regulate with integrity & adhere to the spirit of cricket at all times & this will be a fun & enjoyable tournament for all.


Teams will be 8 players.

A team may register a squad of up to 12 players.

A player can only play for one team in the comp.

Matches are one over long.

Group stage 2 points for a win 1 for a tie. In the knock-out stage if a game is tied the team who came higher in the group will be named as winners.


All players will do their utmost to begin games on time.

Each over should take no longer than 5 minutes.

A match should last no longer than 15 minutes.


Three batters will be nominated for each game.

If two wickets are lost the innings will close.

Each game must have a different opening pair. There is no restriction to the No.3 batter who comes in after the fall of the 1st wicket.

Each match in the group stage must have a different pairing of opening batsmen. This will be reset for the knockout stage.

For example:
Group stage - opening batsmen
Game 1: Ali & Bob
Game 2: Ali & Chris
Game 3: Dave & Ed
Game 4: Chris & Faisel
Game 5: Gary & Ali
Game 6: Hamza & Dave
Game 7: Hamza & Chris
Game 8: Dave & Bob
Game 9: Ed & Bob
Game 10: Hamza & Ed

Knockout stage - a fresh start, so any of the above opening batsmen combinations can be reused, or new combinations can be used

Each team must use at least four bowlers in rotation, i.e. the same bowler cannot be employed until three different bowlers have been used in the following three matches. This restriction will be reset for the knockout stage.

For example:
Group stage - bowlers
Game 1: Ali
Game 2: Bob
Game 3: Chris
Game 4: Dave
Game 5: Ali (or Ed)
Game 6: Bob (or Faisel)
Game 7: Chris (or Gary)
Game 8: Dave (or Hamza)
Game 9: Ali (or Ed)
Game 10: Bob (or Faisel)

Knockout stage - a fresh start, so can open 1st game with any of the bowlers.


Matches will be umpired by fwo of the batting team who are not designated as batters in that game.

In the knock-out games if possible umpires will be unaffiliated to either team. Games will be scored by another unaffiliated batter & ideally another member of the fielding side’s squad & scores ratified.

Scores will be messaged to the Central Scorer at the end of each game.




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