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Committee Meeting February 2010 Minutes |  Back to News Index

Victoria Park Community Cricket League
Committee meeting

Tuesday 8 February 2011,
Held at the White Swan, Highbury Corner

Rizwan Siddique (Sky), Chairman
Nigel Richards (Victoria Park), Treasurer
Tim Castle (Old Fallopians), Secretary
Peter Hollman (Pacific), Fixtures
Steve Hill (Island)
Saj Rehman (Caledonian Conquerors)
Bobby Hillman (Wrong’uns)

- The March 8 AGM, including format, guest speaker
- Finances, including fees for this season
- Fixture list, including maximum number of teams, pitch bookings
- Candidate teams
- Future of the website
- Results reporting
- The committee itself (we need some replacements)
- Any rule changes
- Balls – pink/orange/red?
- Disputes procedure

We agreed:
1 – AGM
To start at 6:30 pm Tuesday March 8 at Royal Inn on the Park.
Guest speaker Alan Flook to give 15 minute talk on umpiring, followed by 15 mins Q&A.
Follks to be preceded by introduction and summary of season by Rizwan.
Usual reports, team election, rule changes and committee elections to follow.

Tim to suggest to teams they send an extra delegate to hear the umpiring discussion. Tim also to ask captains in advance to send in examples of umpiring decisions that can cause disputes

Trophies: noted that agreed at previous committee meeting that trophies will be retained by the president, and will only appear for photos with the winning league and cup teams after their decisive match and at the AGM.

2 – Fixtures and fees
Agreed to stick to 27 teams, same divisional structure as last season. Fees to reduce to £300 per team, plus £25 for new teams
Noted that Contenders are suspended for 2011 and London Wanderers have withdrawn. Agreed that London Tigers be excluded after four successive defaults at end of season.
Agreed that both Contenders and London Tigers could enter the cup.
Peter Hollman to book the pitches.

3 – Candidate teams
Tim Castle detailed the list of candidates
(in order of application)
TMC Old Boys/Eikons – a team from Reuters that played in the cup last year
Hackney Downs CC – a youth development team, also in cup last year
East 8 – team founded by ex-Junoon player Abby Molvi
“Slade” – east London team, captain Robin Slade
The Gentlemen – team based round The Florist pub, captain Tom Porter
“Yasir” – team captain Yasir Ghayas, his brother was in Globe Town CC (a former VPCCL team)
“Tong” – a London business school, organiser Graeme Tong

Also waiting to hear from New Boys, West Ham and League of Ordinary Gentlemen, who also played in cup last year. And Whitechapel College, who said last summer they wanted to join.

With only three vacancies so far, agreed to invite remaining candidates to play in the cup.

4 – Future of the website
Tim Castle said he would continue running the website for one more year as Results Secretary, but would be standing down as League Secretary.

5 – Committee
Saj Rehman agreed to be put forward at the AGM as Secretary.
Steve Hill will also need to be replaced as he will be standing down at the AGM

6 – Rule changes
Agreed to propose rule suggested at last committee meeting
“A team that defaults on their matches three times in a season will be suspended immediately from the league.”

7 – Balls
Agreed we should play with pink balls all season. Rizwan to tell Bert.

8 – Disputes procedure
Agreed to continue with existing procedure. Committee to be firmer in cases where disputants are taking too long to respond




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