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Committee ruling sent to Layton Worghs, captain of Contenders

October 15, 2010

Contenders' final number of points league points for 2010 are halved and that they are suspended from the league for 1 year ( i.e. 2011 season).

This is in response to the unprecedented number of complaints from various teams against Contenders including: intimidation of umpires, players and supporters, brandishing of bats at the opposition to intimate impending violence, non-batsmen aggressively entering the field of play and interrupting proceedings, knocking stumps over upon dismissal.

Precedent for such a drastic measure has been set by the league when the final points of Sleek and Sky were halved following ONE incident in their final league match in 2004 denying both Sky and Sleek the title, for Contenders it was felt the added punishment of a one years suspension was also justified. This gives Contenders some time to think on the issues and most importantly how the VPCCL would like cricket being played by its members.

This measure will send out a strong message to the league on how we expect members to behave and what sanctions they can expect otherwise.

Rizwan Siddiqui
Victoria Park Community Cricket League


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